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First of all, I really hope that this ”found iPhone-how to unlock” article won’t be used by people who steal iPhones but from those who somehow found and iPhone (you wouldn’t believe me if I started telling you in which strange places an iPhone was found) and don’t know what to do with it. So get ready to learn everything about Found iPhone-How to unlock-How to Check-Who to trust. Everything you will ever need to know is here!

”Found iPhone-How to unlock-How to Check” tutorial

Many of our visitors ask us about Found iPhone-How to unlock-How to Check-Which Unlock service provider to trust. In fact, it is an everyday phenomenon.

When you find an iPhone the are certain things to check before start looking for ways to unlock it. Let’s see what you need to do when you have found an iPhone.

I found an iPhone. Now, what?

I need to repeat that I truly hope that none of you have stolen an iPhone. Somebody stole mine 2 years ago and I know how painful this can be, believe me.

Anyway, the first thing you need to do is turn it on. You will probably need to charge it first. If you still can’t turn it on then the iPhone you found might have a hardware issue. You can spend a small amount of money and check it to a store for hardware problems.

When you finally turn it on, you need to put your SIM card and try to make a Phone Call. If it doesn’t accept your Simcard or you can’t make a Phone Call, then the iPhone is Network Locked. And this is only the beginning!

What do I need to know, when I have Found an iPhone and I want to unlock it

The most important things that you need to know about an iPhone you found are:

1.The SIM lock Status (Found iPhone-How to unlock tutorial):

When an iPhone is SIM locked then you can only use a specific Carrier’s Simcard. Click here if you want to find out more about ”What SIM Lock is

2.The iCloud Lock status (Found iPhone-How to unlock tutorial):Found iPhone-How to unlock-Activation screen

If you have turned on the found iPhone and you are looking at a similar message on the Home Screen then the iPhone is iCloud Locked. The only way to unlock iCloud is by finding the original owners contact information. Sometimes you can find Apple ID contact information on this same screen but what happens if it isn’t there?

If you want to know more about iCloud Lock click here

3. Blacklist Status (Found iPhone-How to unlock tutorial):

When an iPhone is reported to Apple or a Mobile Network:

  1. As Lost or Stolen
  2. As involved in fraud activities
  3. Its original owner has unpaid contract bills
  4. It is still under contract
  5. Some other extremely rare cases

Then it is BLACKLISTED and no one can use that iPhone. The exact opposite is a CLEAN iPhone but keep in mind that it can still be locked.

If you want to now more about an iPhone’s Blacklist status click here

But how can I  know all this stuff?

There is no other way than a Full IMEI Check Service. The only thing you need is the iPhone’s IMEI number. You can get it easily by dialing *#06# with the found iPhone’s phone app (it doesn’t need to be connected to a mobile network). With this service you will get a detail report with:Found iPhone-How to unlock-UnlockSpector

  • Found iPhone’s SIM Lock Status
  • Which Mobile Network locks the found iPhone
  • Found iPhone’s Contract Status
  • Found iPhone’s Financial Status
  • Found iPhone’s iCloud lock Status
  • Found iPhone’s Blacklist Status
  • Found iPhone’s Find My iPhone status
  • Found iPhone’s Apple’s Warranty Status
  • Found iPhone’s All technical info (like color, serial number, storage etc.)

This is the only way to know the unlocking answer to the ”Found iPhone-How to unlock” question!

Our number one choice for IMEI Check Services is UnlockSpector: The only provider that gives you a full IMEI report almost instantly in the price of a simple IMEI report.

->Get your found iPhone Checked<-

The ”Found iPhone-How to unlock” part

Now that you know every little detail about the iPhone that you found you need the right method and services in order to unlock it. The only iPhone unlocking method that can get the job done is the Official IMEI Unlock Method. To use this kind of service you will only need the:

  1. Found iPhone’s IMEI number (dial *#06#)
  2. Found iPhone’s model
  3. Found iPhone’s Blacklist Status
  4. In which Carrier the found iPhone is locked to

But you already know these 4 things with the IMEI check service.

What happens if the found iPhone is SIM locked?

This is the easiest case. You will only need an Official IMEI Unlock Service also known as Factory Unlock

What happens if the found iPhone is Blacklisted?

This case is also unlockable but you will need a Premium IMEI Unlock Service!

What happens if the found iPhone is iCloud Locked?

This is the worst case scenario. The only solution is to get the original owner’s contact information and ask him/her to remove the iCloud Lock from the found iPhone. Don’t let anyone scam you. Only the original owner can turn off the iCloud Activation Lock.

 Which is the best provider of such services?

The team of Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU has searched and tested the best IMEI Unlock service providers based on:

  1. Unlock SuccessFound iPhone-How to unlock-sitejabber
  2. Speed of services
  3. Customer Support
  4. Satisfied Customer reviews
  5. Price
  6. Full compensation in case of unlocking failure

and found the best of the best: iPhoneUnlock.Zone!

Summary of ”Found iPhone-How to unlock” tutorial

If you found an iPhone and you want to unlock it all you have to do is

#1. Check a found iPhone with an IMEI Check Service

#2. Unlock a found iPhone through iPhoneUnlock.Zone

Did you manage to unlock your found iPhone? Do you need to ask us anything else about iPhone Unlocking? Don’t hesitate to leave your question or comment below. We are waiting for you!

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