Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode: Remove the iCloud Lock

Did you recently bought an iCloud Locked refurbished iPhone that it is not blacklisted and want to find out how to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode?

Then you are at the right place!

I will show you all the ways to ”Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode” safe and permanently!

iCloud Activation Lock & Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode

I know how frustrating it is to buy a used iPhone from an online market as unlocked but the moment you are ready to turn it on; you find out that the iPhone is iCloud Locked!

The iCloud Activation Lock (aka Find My iPhone Activation Lock) is the best security measurement a smartphone ever had!

When the iPhone’s original owner enables the iCloud Activation Lock, the iPhone need original owner’s Apple ID and password to get activated!

So when someone steals an iCloud Locked iPhone:

  • Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode-find-my-iphoneIt can be used without original owner’s Apple ID & password
  • The original owner can use the ”Find My iPhone” feature to track down the iPhone
  • The original owner can erase remotely all iPhone’s data and settings
  • Only the original owner can deactivate the iCloud Activation Lock

The best part: iCloud Activation lock CANNOT be hacked!

Thieves can’t use iCloud Locked iPhones but they can sell them to unsuspecting victims! And this how the iCloud Lock Scam works!

Blacklist Status & Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode

If you are lucky and the iPhone was not also reported as LOST or STOLEN to original owner’s Carrier, at least the iPhone is not also Blacklisted (the most difficult situation in iPhone Unlocking)

When an iPhone is not Blacklisted, we call it CLEAN! (learn everything about iPhone Blacklist Status and how to deal with it)

So you are holding an iCloud Locked CLEAN iPhone in your hands and want to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode!

iCloud Activation Lock Screen and Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode

So what happens when you turn on an iCloud Locked iPhone?

You are simply stacked on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen!

Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode-iCloud Activation Lock Screen

As you see above, in the first two examples of iCloud Locked iPhones, you can see that the original owner has left a message on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen with contact information!

But in the third example, original owner’s contact information is absent!

Let me show you how to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode in both cases!

Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode when the original owner has left a message

In this case, there will be a phone number or an email address on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen!

I already told you that there is NO WAY to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock!

Just get in touch with the iPhone’s original owner and explained what happened and how the iPhone got into your hands.

If you didn’t steal the iPhone and you were scammed in buying or just found it, you have nothing to be afraid of!

The original owner will either:

  • Turn OFF the iCloud Activation Lock
  • Offer you money to return his/her iPhone
  • Or refuse to remove the Find My iPhone Activation Lock

But there in nothing else you can do. Contacting the iPhone’s Original owner is the only way to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode (or Blacklisted Mode)!

So what happens when you don’t know how to find the original owner because there is no message with contact information on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen?

How can you find the iPhone’s original owner to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode?

How to find the original owner and Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode

  • If you bought the iPhone from an online market, then the seller was a thief! He/she won’t tell you who is the original owner
  • The online market has nothing to do with the iPhone seller. They only ensure that the item is delivered to its destination and the money transaction was made.
  • Apple won’t share original owner’s personal data with you or anyone else.

There is only one way to find the iPhone’s original owner when you can’t see a message on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen and Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode:

The iCloud Contact Information Service!

Certified iPhone Unlock Providers like iPhoneUnlock.Zone, which I highly recommend, have authorized access to Apple’s iCloud Databases.

The iCloud Contact Information service will get you this report below!

Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode-Contact Information service data

Now you have ALL original owner’s contact information and more!

Again all you have to do is to contact the original owner and ask him/her to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode!

But the best part of iCloud Contact Information service is that you now have one more option:

If the original owner isn’t responding you can send an Official Request for iCloud Lock Removal to Apple!

Apple will evaluate your request and will either disable the iCloud Lock or settle a meeting with the iPhone’s original owner!

Summary of how to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode

No one can say what will be the outcome of contacting the iPhone’s original owner but there is no other way to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode or Blacklisted Mode!

One thing I know for sure because I help dozens of people to unlock their iPhones every single day is that you will always find a solution with the iPhone’s original owner when you are not the iPhone thief!

So when you want to Unlock iCloud CLEAN Mode and you can’t see original owner’s personal info on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen, there is only one thing to do:

Use an iCloud Contact Information Service to find iPhone’s original owner 100% Guaranteed!

If you still have questions about iCloud Activation Lock or iPhone Unlocking in general, leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Take care!

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  1. Raghav says:

    Hi i bought a iphone 6 from olx .. but its icloud lock nd its n clean mode .. but i cant find owner for this so kindly helpme wit this

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Raghav,

      Do you have any other info about this iPhone 6? From where you purchased this iPhone? Do you have a purchase receipt for it? Do you know if the one that sold you this iPhone is the Original Owner?

  2. Pak Pedo says:

    I bought used iphone 5 from olx that the condition of iphone is dead / blank (no screen).
    After change the lcd (screen) then the iphone can turn it on but on the screen showing “Activation Lock”.
    I can not do nothing, I do not know who is original owner.

  3. Pete says:

    How do you contact the original owner when he’s buried 6 feet under?
    I can send you the link to his obituary, but don’t expect him to answer his email from the other side.

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Pete,

      This is a unique case, indeed.

      If you have proof about this tragic event, you can contact Apple and inform them.

      They should be able to assist you!

  4. Edo says:

    I’ve got iphone 6+
    Find my iphone: ON
    Icloud: CLEAN
    Is that unlocked iphone becaouse icloud and blacklist status are clean ?

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Edo,

      This means that your iPhone has an iCloud Lock (The Find My iPhone is ON and iCloud status is CLEAN), and the Blacklist status CLEAN means that it is not reported as LOST/STOLEN from a Mobile Network.

      This does not mean that your iPhone is UNLOCKED, since it does not contain any info about the Carrier status.

      If you want to check the network/sim/carrier lock of your iPhone, please get a full iPhone GSX IMEI Check Report.

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