Identify what's wrong with your iPhone

What is iPhone SIM-Lock?

Forget what you knew about the iPhone SIM Unlock. After 10 years of iPhone Unlocking experience, our team has decided to offer you the best guide you can possibly find online.

sim-locked vs unlocked
Blacklisted iPhone

What is iPhone Blacklist?

When you get the “no service” message and you are absolutely sure there is no hardware or SIM card issue then you probably hold a Blacklisted iPhone.

But don’t rush to use the first iPhone Blacklist Removal service that you will find online because there are many factors that you have to seriously consider.

What is iCloud Lock?

If you can find similarities on your iPhone’s screen with one of the messages below, you can safely assume your iPhone has the iCloud Activation Lock enabled.

Find out how to remove the iCloud Lock from an iPhone, iPad, iPod and iWatch in 2020.

iPhone iCloud Check - Activation Lock status

How to Unlock an iPhone - 3 available methods

Software Unlock Method #1

This page is a reference guide for iPhone Unlock Software. Here you will find all UltraSn0w versions for your iPhone model and the right iOS update.

Keep in mind that iPhone Unlock Software Method supports only iDevices up to iPhone 4 so, for example, you won’t be able to unlock an iPhone Xs this way. But of course, at the end of this article, I will give the best SIM Unlock solutions in 2018.

Hardware Unlock Method #2

Hardware SIM Unlock for iPhones made its appearance back in 2008 and it was used for the first time on iPhone 2G.

Smartphones and especially iPhones SIM Lock proved to be quite persistent against Hardware Unlock and pretty soon Software Unlock was the next big thing. I will show you if Hardware SIM Unlock can still bring results and which is the best way to unlock an iPhone nowadays.

IMEI Unlock Method #3

The iPhone IMEI Unlock Method is the most popular permanent SIM Lock removal service for a very simple reason. Any iPhone can be unlocked regardless of the mobile network unlocking policy.

The beauty of the iPhone IMEI Unlock is the way it works! Official providers have somewhat authorized access to Apple’s GSX and Carriers GSMA databases, that can change the Locked status to Unlocked!