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IMEI Pro Check for iPhoneAugust. Just a month to go before the launch of the new iPhone 8. We have all grown to love Apple products over time, right? Yeap! They have unrivaled features on offer that simply just entice one to make acquaintance of their products. However, what most people don’t know is that some iPhones are superior to others. Incredibly, they could even be of the same make! How is this possible? Well, there’s this little thing called iPhone locking. This article takes you to school on ways for you to perform an IMEI Pro Check for iPhone in order to realize just how performance worthy your iPhone is. This should make for a fun read! 😆

What’s an IMEI Pro Check for iPhone?

IMEI Pro Check for iPhoneHmm, an IMEI Pro Check for iPhone, sounds like something we’ve all heard somewhere in the rumor mill. But, what really does it mean?

An IMEI Pro Check for iPhone simply refers to the process of looking up your iPhone’s unlock status. What’s the reference point? Simple, Apple’s GSX servers. Sound’s interesting already doesn’t it? Yeah!

So, what’s this big deal about Apple’s GSX servers? Well, it so happens that not everyone has access to this database! Amazingly, we know just the right people who do 😉 Read along and we’ll reveal our little secret to you!

What You Need to Perform an IMEI Pro Check for iPhone

First things first, you need to have your iPhone’s IMEI. IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. So, how does and IMEI help? An IMEI is essential in that it uniquely identifies every iPhone from the next. You know, sort of like how fingerprints are unique. An even better example would be the stripes on a zebra! Fun fact, no two zebras ever share a similar stripe pattern!

How to Obtain Your IMEI in order to Perform an IMEI Pro Check for iPhone

IMEI Pro Check for iPhoneGetting an IMEI used to be a straight up and easy task on iPhone Models before the iPhone 6. The IMEI numbers were usually printed at the back of iPhone models. Thus, iPhone users could simply just flip their devices and check out their IMEI numbers with great ease.

However, once Apple realized that hackers took advantage of this feature, they stopped printing the IMEI at the back. Today, it is a bit harder for you to obtain your device’s IMEI since it involves you having to access the device. Our guide should prove handy enough though, we list down the many ways to perform an IMEI check as follows:

1. Dialing the code *#06# into the Phone app: IMEI Pro Check for iPhone

The IMEI code will be displayed on the screen. This is often the most used method when you want to know your iPhone’s IMEI, however, it has a limitation. Since an IMEI is a lengthy number, it would be easier if there was an option to actually copy the contents and later on paste them elsewhere.

2. Check the SIM Tray: IMEI Pro Check for iPhone

In versions of iPhone 6, the IMEI is not etched at the back of the phone. Another method to check if your iPhone is unlocked by checking the IMEI would be to check the SIM tray. The IMEI is written on the underside of the SIM tray in a rather small font.

3.  iPhone Settings App: IMEI Pro Check for iPhone

IMEI Pro Check for iPhoneThe IMEI number is also found in the iPhone Settings app. This method allows you to copy and paste the number. To do this, you need to

  • Open Settings
  • Tap General>About
  • Scroll down and locate the IMEI number
  • Tap and hold down the IMEI number to bring up a copy bubble
  • Tap Copy
  • You can now paste to any app like Notes for review later on.

4. Accessing iTunes: IMEI Pro Check for iPhone

IMEI Pro Check for iPhoneYou can also find the IMEI number using iTunes display. You need to:

Connect the iPhone to a Mac/PC using the USB cable

  1. Click on Devices in the top right section and choose iPhone
  2. Ensure that the Summary tab is highlighted
  3. Click on the Phone Number in the top box (located below the Capacity section and just above the Serial Number section). The display number will be changed to IMEI number.

From here, you can right click and copy the IMEI contents for paste purposes.

Next Steps: IMEI Pro Check for iPhone

IMEI Pro Check for iPhoneWe’re so close! 🙂 The only thing left now for you to have at the ready, is a valid email address. Who knew that an IMEI Pro Check For iPhone was that simple? We did!

Once you have your iPhones IMEI and a valid email, you can head over to Unlockspector in order to start the IMEI Pro Check For iPhone. We’ve been in the iPhone checking business for a while now, thus, we’re quite sure that Unlockspector’s services are unrivaled in the market. Most websites allege to offer the same services they do, however, there are a lot of hidden charges involved. Incredibly, we also managed to find lots of positive reviews online from other people who experience the same thrill as we did after accessing Unlockspector. Most comments focused on their amazing interface, plus lightning fast response time. You know, the two most essential things for businesses with an online platform.

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What Unlockspector Offers

Unlockspector offers iPhone checking for Unlock detection, iCloud locking detection, and Blacklist status notification. Additionally, you can easily find out which mobile network has locked your device in case you find out that your iPhone is locked! Thus, save lots of time by contacting them ASAP in order to begin the iPhone unlock process.

From one wise sage to another 😎 , we’d recommend you to check out Unlockspector today! You’d be surprised the kind of information you’ll find out about your iPhone!

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