How to Activate Blacklisted iPhone

activate blacklisted iPhoneThe last thing you imagined is that the iPhone you just bought could come with some hidden issues. Whether you purchased one from an Apple store or bought one off of an e-Store; you expect to start using an iPhone as soon as you buy it. However, some people discover that they first find a blacklist solution to activate blacklisted iPhone.

A blacklisted iPhone refers to a device that has its IMEI number blocked from making/receiving calls and sending/receiving texts. Several issues can land an iPhone on the blacklist, and each determines how to remove an iPhone’s blacklist.

Therefore, the first thing you always want to find out is your iPhone’s blacklist status. It will reveal the circumstances that led to your iPhone becoming blacklisted and the solution to unblacklist it.

Why do iPhones End Up Blacklisted?

Most people do not fully understand how the blacklist functions because it can affect your iPhone at any time. Also, another misconception is that the blacklist only affects refurbished or pre-owned iPhones.

While most cases of blacklisted iPhones usually are also pre-owned iPhones, even original iPhone owners can still experience a blacklist issue. Some of the reasons why your iPhone might become blacklisted include:

  • activate blacklisted iPhone - why iPhones become blacklistedYou bought the iPhone from a network provider, and you have a couple of pending payments. Depending on the terms, the service provider may blacklist your iPhone at any given time for defaulted contract payments.
  • Perhaps you lost your iPhone and had insured it. You could place a claim for a replacement, and when it goes through, the lost iPhone’s IMEI will become blacklisted.
  • Similarly, if you lose your iPhone and let your mobile provider know about it, they will blacklist the device.
  • Some iPhones also end up blacklisted if used for fraudulent activities.

Now you could end up with an iPhone blacklisted for any of the listed reasons when you buy a pre-used iPhone online. You might even use the iPhone for a while only for one day to find a “SIM not supported” iPhone message.

Other important things worth noting is that unlocked iPhones can still become blacklisted. Blacklisting is not a process isolated to only SIM-locked iPhones, and any of the reasons outlined above can place a blacklist on either a locked or unlocked iPhone.

How to Activate Blacklisted iPhone  

As you can see, figuring out the reason behind your iPhone’s blacklist is essential. It helps you determine if the iPhone’s blacklist can be removed and whom to approach to help with the process. Therefore, all roads lead to starting out with an iPhone status check to find out every underlying issue about your phone.

Once you know what specific reason led to your iPhone’s blacklist, you can seek help with unblacklisting your iPhone. More than likely, the first thing you did was contact the seller, but you might not have been successful. Particularly in the case of scams orchestrated by the seller, they may not cooperate to help with the matter.

unblacklist and activate blacklisted iPhoneIt leaves you to go through every possible option available to attempt to remove your iPhone from the blacklist.

Activate Blacklisted iPhone with the Mobile Provider’s Help

Another critical reason why you need an iPhone blacklist check is to find out which mobile carrier blacklisted your iPhone. This applies to anyone with a pre-owned iPhone who does not know this information. However, if you are the original iPhone owner, you should contact your service provider and figure out how they can unlock your blacklisted iPhone.

You will have to fulfill the mobile provider’s requirements to activate blacklisted iPhone. It means making pending contract payments so that they can help you solve the issue. For a pre-used iPhone blacklisted for a similar reason, you can still negotiate with the network provider to make the pending payments. If they agree they should also remove the iPhone’s blacklist after you complete the payments.

Worth noting is that only network carriers can blacklist and unblacklist iPhones. Apple does not control the blacklist, and therefore, when you contact them to help with a blacklist situation they will not be able to help you out.

When Will you Not Be Able to Activate Blacklisted iPhone?

activate blacklisted iPhone - blacklist status checkBased on the reasons discussed above, you might be able to activate a blacklisted iPhone or not based on the particular blacklist status. For unfinished payments, as explained, completing them might solve the issue.However, you may not be able to unblacklist stolen iPhones and iPhone’s blacklisted because of insurance claims or fraud.

The reason is simple; it is illegal to possess stolen items. It does not matter whether you bought it from an online market without realizing that it had a blacklist lock. You would have to return the item to its rightful owner. We know the situation often has layers of complications because the seller usually is not the original owner.

In some instances, the seller is the iPhone owner, but they report the iPhone stolen after selling it to you. They do it to place an insurance claim that gets them a replacement iPhone. It leaves you with an iPhone that you will never be able to use.

Other Things You Should Know to Activate Blacklisted iPhone 

activate blacklisted iPhone - stolen iPhoneYou will come across a lot of information about unblocking blacklisted iPhones. One claim is that blacklisted iPhones can work abroad and the blacklist only remains in effect in the country where the iPhone became blacklisted. While this may have been true in the past, currently blacklist databases are shared across borders.

Before every country embraced the blacklist, some iPhone users had success using blacklisted iPhones in foreign countries. However, now that mobile carriers share these databases it is next to impossible to bypass a blacklist geographically.

A stolen, blacklisted iPhone often also has an iCloud activation lock. It gives you the added challenge of solving two iPhone lock situations. Either way, only the original iPhone owner can unlock an activation screen lock and request their mobile provider to unblacklist their stolen iPhone.

Most people who bought pre-owned blacklisted iPhones often decide to cut their losses and sell the iPhone for what they can get. As long as you followed every possible option and failed, you can sell it off for parts. You will come across many people asking to buy blocked iPhones online.

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