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Verizon Carrier is one of the 3 most preferred Mobile Networks in the USA. There is a great number of iPhones in the States that are locked to Verizon, and in this article, I will show how to Unlock Verizon iPhone 100% guaranteed or get all your money back!

The best way to Unlock Verizon iPhone is called Official IMEI Unlock Method and I will explain to you exactly how it works!

I will also show you how to Unlock Verizon iPhone, using Verizon’s services (though things might be a little confusing in this case)

In any case, ”Unlock Verizon iPhone” is here!

Using IMEI Unlock Method to Unlock Verizon iPhone

Despite the fact that all Verizon iPhones are sold unlocked after iPhone 5s there are cases, a recently bought second hand Verizon iPhone is locked. And also there are many people that still use iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5!

When you want to Unlock Verizon iPhone fast, simple and 100% guaranteed, the Official IMEI Unlock method (or also known as Factory Official Unlock Method) will get the job done!

This method is approved by Apple and Verizon and has access to Apple’s GSX databases and Verizon’s servers. Official IMEI Unlock Method finds the iPhone inside these servers and databases and changes the lock status from locked to UNLOCKED.

To use the Official IMEI Unlock Method you will need:

  1. The Verizon iPhone’s IMEI number (dial *#06# or check out all the ways to find an iPhone’s IMEI number)

  2. The Verizon iPhone model
  3. The Verizon iPhone’s Blacklist Status
  4. The Carrier that locks the iPhone is also necessary but in this case is Verizon

The only thing you need to be extra careful is the Verizon iPhone’s Blacklist Status (I will tell you more about this case in the next paragraph).

If you are not sure about the Verizon iPhone’s Blacklist Status an iPhone IMEI Check service is crucial BEFORE you Unlock Verizon iPhone. In fact, an IMEI Check will uncover ALL hidden issues that might ruin the unlock procedure but I will also tell you more about this later on!

As long as your Verizon iPhone is NOT blacklisted, Official IMEI Unlock Method:

  • Unlock Verizon iPhone-Official IMEI Unlock MethodWill Unlock Verizon iPhone in 1-4 days, permanently and safe
  • You will be able to use any Mobile Network Worldwide
  • There are no restrictions (iPhone model, iOS version, Baseband, Country)
  • NO need to jailbreak and if the iPhone is already jailbroken it will remain jailbroken
  • NO suspicious software installation or modifying your iDevice
  • iTunes and iOS updates work perfectly. In fact, the last step, when the unlocking process is completed, is to sync your iPhone with iTunes or restore your iOS
  • PayPal is supported and as long as you do an IMEI Check Service before you unlock Verizon iPhone, you will get ALL your money back if the Verizon iPhone Unlock fails

iPhoneUnlock.Zone is my recommendation to Unlock Verizon iPhone with Official IMEI Unlock Method. iPhoneUnlock.Zone offer the IMEI Check Service for free because the cost of the IMEI Check is deducted from the final price of the IMEI Unlock Service (the offer is not applied for iCloud Contact Information Services)

Blacklist Status & Unlocking Verizon iPhone

A Verizon iPhone CANNOT be unlocked by any method (not even Official IMEI Unlock) when it is blacklisted for LOST/STOLEN/FRAUD ACTIVITIES reasons!

But when the Verizon iPhone is blacklisted (also known as GREYLISTED) for previous UNPAID CONTRACT BILLS, you CAN Unlock Verizon iPhone with a Premium IMEI Unlock Service.

Keep in mind that with this service you will be able to use any Mobile Network inside your country and all around the world, except Verizon!

Only if the Unpaid Contract Bills are paid then you will be able to use Verizon again!

IMEI Check and Unlock Verizon iPhone

Unlock Verizon iPhone-IMEI Check-report
+ 10 more hidden issues

An iPhone IMEI Check Service will not only show you the iPhone’s Blacklist Status before you Unlock Verizon iPhone but also all the info on your right:

Many scammers sell used Verizon iPhones on online stores like Amazon, Craigslist or eBay, while the iPhone:

  • is still under contract
  • is still protected by Apple Warranty, AppleCare+ or Insurance Plan (and Insurance claims can be made)
  • is iCloud Locked
  • has a replaced IMEI number
  • has more hidden issues

You can even buy a seemingly unlocked pre-owned Verizon iPhone, pay more money because you think it is unlocked, use it normally at first and a few days, weeks or even months later the iPhone might get locked because of a hidden problem like the above!

The IMEI Check Service will make sure that nothing will go wrong with your Verizon iPhone Unlocking, you won’t pay for a needless IMEI Unlock Service and on top of that, you will now the true market value of the iPhone you are holding in your hands when you decide to resell it!

iPhoneUnlock.Zone and UnlockSpector, two of the best Official IMEI Unlock Providers, authorized by Apple and all Mobile Networks and personal favorites for the past 4 years, offer their IMEI Check Services for free as long as you Unlock Verizon iPhone with them (the money spent on the IMEI Check Service are used as a deposit for the IMEI Unlock Services and the offer is not supported for iCloud Locked iPhones).

Both of them, will Unlock Verizon iPhone and any iPhone or Carrier or you will get a full refund in case of failure (as long as you did the free of charge IMEI Check first)

Verizon and Unlock Verizon iPhone

You can also try to Unlock Verizon iPhone with Verizon itself. But there is a perplexing procedure to follow and things are even more complicated when you want to unlock a used Verizon iPhone!

You will need:

  • Original owner’s name and account number
  • The Verizon iPhone’s IMEI
  • Original owner’s phone number
  • Original owner’s social security number or password
  • Original owner’s finished contract and/or the iPhone payment plan
  • If you are serving in the military, you are still serving on an expedition and want to unlock Verizon iPhone before your contract ends (ok this info is for Verizon iPhone’s original owners but still useful) you will need overseas deployment papers

Unfortunately, Verizon doesn’t support an online process to SIM unlock Verizon iPhone, so if you want to follow this path you will have to call 1-800-711-8300!

Summary of how to Unlock Verizon iPhone

When you want to unlock Verizon iPhone, Official IMEI Unlock Method is the fastest, simplest and guaranteed way to do it! The only thing you need to be extra careful is the IMEI Unlock Provider you will choose because not all of them are the same. UnlockUltrasnow is not selling services, was made by people who were scammed in the past by iPhone Unlock Companies (like me) and exists to provide help to anybody with iPhone Unlocking problems. After countless tests and extensive research, we highly recommend two IMEI Unlock providers to Unlock Verizon iPhone or any iPhone or Carrier:
  1. iPhoneUnlock.Zone
  2. UnlockSpector

Did you find this article useful? Do you have any question about iPhone Unlocking? Do you want to share your iPhone Unlocking experience with us and the rest of the visitors?

Just leave a comment below and I, or another member of UnlockUltrasnow Team, will get back to you ASAP. Take care!

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