What is the Official IMEI Unlock Method? How to SIM free your iPhone

If you recently bought a SIM Locked or Blacklisted iPhone then this article about IMEI Unlock Method is what you need!

Are you still trying to unlock your iPhone using older or fake iPhone Unlocking methods with no success?

Make no mistake, there are only 2 ways to unlock your iPhone

  1. Contacting the Carrier which Network Locked your iPhone
  2. Using an IMEI Unlock Method for permanent iPhone Unlock without restrictions

You know the first, so let me show you everything about IMEI Unlock Method!

SIM Lock, Carriers & Official IMEI Unlock Method

IMEI Unlock Method-Mobile NetworksSIM Lock is the most common feature of all GSM mobiles and iPhones are GSM! This feature exists to make sure that you won’t be able to use other Mobile Networks’ SIM Cards as long as your iPhone is under contract with a Carrier!

SIM Lock usually lasts 2 years since the first day you signed a contract with a Carrier (every Mobile Network has a different unlock policy) but even when that period of time expires, you might not be able to unlock the iPhone with the Carrier’s Unlock Services due to paperwork and limitations!

The biggest problems with SIM Lock begin when you buy a used iPhone and discover that it is actually Carrier Locked!

In most cases, you need to be the iPhone’s original owner (or know his/her personal data like the security number) to contact the Carrier and ask to unlock your iDevice!

If you can’t unlock the iPhone with the Mobile Network that locked it there is only one effective, legitimate and permanent way to do it:

The iPhone IMEI Unlock Method also known as Factory Official Unlock!

How IMEI Unlock Method works

The beauty of IMEI Unlock Method is the way it works! Certified IMEI Unlock Method providers have authorized access to Apple’s GSX databases and Mobile Networks’ servers!

Certified IMEI Unlock Method providers have authorized access to Apple’s GSX databases and Mobile Networks’ servers!

Every iPhone’s IMEI number in the whole world is placed in these servers and databases and it determines the iPhone’s SIM Lock and Blacklist Status!

IMEI Unlock Method enters these databases and servers and changes the SIM Lock Status from Locked to UNLOCKED! PERMANENTLY!

The only thing left for you to do is wait for 1 to 7 days for the completion of IMEI Unlock Service!

You will receive an email when it’s done and then you will use iTunes to restore your unlocked iPhone!

From now you will be able to use ALL GSM Networks worldwide!

IMEI Unlock Method-Satisfied-customer

Requirements of IMEI Unlock Method

The Official IMEI Unlock Service needs 4 pieces of information to work:

  1. The iPhone IMEI number (How to find the iPhone IMEI number)

  2. The iPhone model
  3. The iPhone Blacklist Status (What is the iPhone Blacklist Status)
  4. The Mobile Network that locked the iPhone

If you are not sure about the Carrier and the iPhone Blacklist Status you will need and IMEI Check Service!

This service will not only provide you accurately with this info but will also uncover any other issue that might ruin the unlock process!

IMEI Unlock Method-IMEI check service
IMEI Check Service guarantees that nothing will go wrong with the IMEI Unlock Method and you will get ALL your money back in case of failure

Advantages of IMEI Unlock Method

  • It is approved by Apple and all Carriers
  • Unlock won’t mess up with Apple’s warranty, AppleCare+ or Insurance Plan
  • iPhone Unlock is completed using iTunes and it is processed by Apple
  • You can use all GSM Mobile Networks worldwide after the unlock
  • You can use local SIM cards when you travel abroad and completely avoid roaming fees
  • You can go for another Carrier contract (as long as you keep paying your current one or the iPhone will become blacklisted)
  • It is usable on all iPhone models regardless of baseband, bootloader or iOS firmware version
  • Works with All iOS versions (iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • No additional software to install
  • You can Upgrade or Downgrade to any iOS version without losing your iPhone’s unlock status
  • All iPhone features will work normally (like iTunes)
  • Unlocks without jailbreaking your iPhone
  • It won’t undo your Jailbreak (if your iDevice was already jailbroken)
  • 1 to 7 days unlock product delivery (it might take more if the iPhone is blacklisted)
  • Unlock is 100& guaranteed or your money back (as long as you provided the correct info or used an IMEI Check Service)

Trusted IMEI Unlock Method Providers

IMEI Unlock Method is superb but there are many iPhone Unlock Scams in this case also!

Many IMEI Unlock Method providers might charge you for needless unlock services (for example they will tell you that your iPhone is blacklisted when it isn’t) and others may not even use IMEI Unlock Method (in this case the iPhone Unlock will 100% fail and there is no chance to get your money back)

We tested more than 30 trusted IMEI Unlock Method providers (and soon you will be able to see our results in detail) and our top recommendation for Official IMEI Unlock Services is iPhoneUnlock.Zone because

  • Supports PayPal payments (your money is safe until the unlock is completed)
  • Provides full refunds (in case of iPhone unlocking failure)
  • Gives customer support throughout the unlock procedure (and after it’s done!)
  • Supports a wide variety of mobile networks
  • They’re available for consultations (learn all you need to know before ordering the iPhone Unlock service)

You can also check out their customers’ reports on SiteJabber!

 Do you still have questions about iPhone Unlocking or another iPhone issue? Leave a comment below and let me help! Take care!

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