What is Apple GSX Database? How iPhone IMEI Check & Unlock Services use Apple GSX servers?

Apple GSX Database contains almost all the necessary info to determine an iPhone’s lock and overall status!

Legitimate and authorized IMEI Check Service & iPhone Unlock Providers use Apple GSX Database to deliver their services!

In this article, I will show you what is the Apple GSX Database exactly and how it interacts with iPhone IMEI Check Service and Official IMEI Unlock Method!

Everything about Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX)

Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) is a tool capable of single service, repair and order management. Apple partners use GSX to pull together various service business with Apple worldwide.

  • GSX Web Services is a data exchange which Apple’s partners use to integrate their applications with GSX.
  • OnSite helps you instantly access the Apple GSX database for warranty and service parts lookups. You enter the iPhone IMEI number and OnSite accesses the Apple GSX database for the warranty status and the parts that can be ordered for repairs.
  • There is also Lightspeed OnSite and Can Access Web Services privileged account

Ok, this stuff is for companies that want to cooperate with Apple! What is really interesting for us, the iDevices users, is the kind of info an IMEI Check Service get us through Apple GSX database so let’s get into that!

Apple GSX Database info & iPhone IMEI Check Service

Apple GSX Database-imei check sample
Get your GSX Check report now

The most important part of iPhone Unlocking and iPhone buying is the iPhone IMEI Check Service!

This service uses the iPhone’s IMEI number (All the ways to find an iPhone’s IMEI number) to instantly uncover:

But where all this info is coming from?

We have to thank Apple GSX Database and Carriers’ Servers for that!

Example of info provided by Apple GSX Database

So, the IMEI Check Report will contain crucial info about the iPhone, extracted from Apple GSX Database and Mobile Networks’ servers! Let’s take a look at how it will look like!

IMEI: The only info you have to provide
Serial: 12-digit code
MAC: 12-digit code
ICCID: Also, known as iPhone UDID number
TableModel: iPhone model, color, storage, Carrier
iOS Version:
Unlocked: True or False
Unbricked: True or False
Activation Status: Yes or No
Purchase Country:  
First Unbricked Date: The first time a SIM card worked with this iPhone
Last Unbricked Date: The last time a SIM card worked with this iPhone
Warranty Status: Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare+ or none
Warranty Status Days Remaining:  
Sold To: Mobile Network service
Initial Activation Policy: Policy, Carrier & country
Applied Activation Policy: Policy, Carrier & country
Next Tether Policy (Carrier):  
Sim Lock: Unlocked Locked or Unlocked
Find My iPhone: ON or OFF

And that’s not all because other info, like blacklist status, insurance claims, replaced IMEI number and more, will be extracted from the right Carriers’ servers!

iPhone Unlocking and Apple GSX Database

There are two ways to SIM Unlock an iPhone!

The first one is to get in touch with the Carrier that locked the iPhone but this requires a lot of paperwork, has many limitations and if the iPhone you bought is refurbished, it is almost impossible to be able to provide the necessary info (for example you might even need the security number of the iPhone’s previous owner).

The other and only alternative is the Official IMEI Unlock Method!

This service is approved by Apple and all Mobile Networks and access Apple GSX Database in order to change the iPhone’s SIM lock status to unlocked!

So, Apple GSX Database is for sure the key part of iPhone Checking & iPhone Unlocking!

If you still have questions about iPhone Unlocking, leave a comment below and I will help you ASAP!

Take care!

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  1. Mac BB says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am interested by unlocking the iPhones with GSX method, but I am still lack of knowledge to do this, I used to work with a method that has banned, So I am asking if there is any hints you can help me with, I will be very thankful.

    Thank you

    1. Makis ( User Karma: 11 ) says:

      Hi, Sir!
      I suggest you visit iPhoneUnlock.Zone, one of our favorite iPhone Unlock providers and ask them for this kind of info and get more detailed answers! (it is better to use the email)

      I hope, I’ve helped!
      Take care!

  2. Alonso says:

    Hi Sir,
    How to get the access to apple-gsx-database if I’d like to build a service to provide API to querying iPhone’s information with IMEI?

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Alonso,

      You need to meet certain criteria in order for Apple to allow you to use their GSX database. You can read more from their website.

  3. Artur says:

    I’m looking somebody who can help me. I live in Poland, I have a small repair-shop. Now I have a lot of iPhones to check, some are blocked, some with sim-lock, some with iCloud. I want to do business with somebody who has gain to gsx.

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