What is a UDID number? Where you can find it and how to use it

iPhone’s UDID number is essential when you don’t have original owner’s contact info and you need to find him/her by using an iCloud Contact Information Service. We will see what UDID number really is, where can we easily find it and how to use it in order to find the original owner and remove the Find my iPhone Activation Lock.

What is an iPhone’s UDID number?

UDID is the acronym for Unique Device ID. It is a 40-digit alphanumerical serial number and it is impossible to hack it. It is a unique ID for every single iPhone. The iPhone user and even Apple can’t change the UDID number.

  • Apple Servers use the UDID number when a user attempts to activate an iPhone using iCloud or Setup app
  • iTunes also uses an iPhone’s UDID to detect it or interact with it while the iPSW firmware is restored
  • UDID number is used by Apple to assign iCloud ID and Apple ID to an iPhone
  • Eventually, UDID number is the key to Find My iPhone Activation Lock status

How can I find the UDID number of an iPhone?

There are three ways to find an iPhone’s UDID number and you will need a Windows or Mac computer in order to get it!

UDID number-windows

1. Find the UDID number on Windows

  1.  Use a USB cable and Plug in your iPhone to your computer
  2. Right click on My computer and then go to Properties > Select Device Manager
  3. Navigate to the bottom where you can find “Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  4. Right click on the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver and select Properties
  5. Go to Details tab > Device Instance Path .
  6. After the last “\” you can see 40 characters. This is your iPhone’s UDID

2. Alternative way to find UDID number on Windows

  1. Use a USB cable and Plug in your iPhone to your computer
  2. BEWARE: Modify NOTHING!
    If you change the registry you can also break the Windows installation.
  3. Click on the Start button, go to the Search field and type ”RegEdit”
  4. Navigate to ”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB
  5. Now you can see all USB devices
  6. Find which one of them is your iPhone. Most times it will say “Apple iPhone”
  7. There is a folder on the level below with a 40-character string
  8. When you select the folder it will say “Friendly Name” = “Apple iPhone”.
  9. Just copy (and don’t modify) that name (right clicking and select “Copy Key Name”
  10. Paste it in a text editor. The UDID is the last 40 digits.

UDID number-os-x

3. Find the UDID number on OS X

  1. Use a USB cable and Plug in your iPhone to your computer
  2. Go below Apple menu and select “About this Mac”
  3. Click on “More Info…”
  4. Click on “System Report”
  5. “System Information” will open
  6. Use the left sidebar to navigate to the “USB” section and select it
  7. Now you can see your iPhone

  8. There is a “Serial Number” with 40-digits text string for your iPhone. This is the iPhone’s UDID.

How to use UDID number in order to remove the iCloud Lock?

iCloud Lock is the best security feature out there. You need original owner’s Apple ID and password when you want to activate an iCloud Locked iPhone. This means that only the original owner can remove the iCloud Activation Lock so if there is no message on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen with original owner’s contact information, then you need the iPhone’s IMEI and UDID number to use an iCloud Contact Information Service to track down the original owner and ask him/her to disable Find My iPhone Activation Lock.

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