What is iCloud Lock & how to remove it

iCloud Lock is the most difficult situation when it comes to iPhone unlocking. iCloud Lock and ”Find my iPhone” Activation Lock are the main reasons for someone NOT to steal an iPhone or selling a LOST iPhone via an online store.

  • But why is that?
  • What is iCloud Lock exactly?
  • Is there a way to bypass iCloud Lock?

What is iCloud and what is iCloud Lock?

In general, iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage that was released on October 12, 2011. With iCloud, users can store photos, music, documents and other data on remote servers! Then they can share or send data to other users!

Moreover, an iPhone user can also wirelessly back up his/her iPhone straight to iCloud and without using iTunes on Mac or Windows computers.

Last but not least the iCloud is also known for the iCloud Activation Lock and Find My iPhone features. In fact, they are the same and you can’t have one without the other after the release of iOS 9!

What is iCloud Activation Lock exactly?

A primal form of iCloud Activation Lock was launched with iOS 3 and it was a paying feature of MobileMe users. The iCloud ActivatiiCloud Lock-Activation Lock Screenon Lock of Find My iPhone we introduced, as we know the today, with the release of iOS 7 back in 2013. After the release of iOS 9 iCloud Lock and Find My iPhone cannot be removed because became built-in apps.

When the iCloud Lock and Find my iPhone features are enabled, then the iPhone Activation is LOCKED after restoring it in DFU or Recovery Mode.

In simpler words, when someone turns on the iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Screen appears and the iPhone needs the original owner’s Apple ID and password in order to get activated.

On top of that the iPhone owner can:

  • Turn ON the Lost Mode: Whoever finds the iPhone will immediately see on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen that the iPhone was Lost or Stolen. The original owner can also place a message with his/her contact information. The best part is that the original owner can track down the lost or stolen iPhone on a map!
  • Erase iPhone: The original owner can remotely erase all iPhone’s content and settings.The Activation Lock screen will state the iPhone was erased! This is extremely useful when the original owner believes that the iPhone will never be found. Of course, if he/she does find it, can always restore the iPhone to its previous state!
  • Play Sound: When this feature is remotely enabled, the iPhone starts playing a sound at maximum volume and the screen flashes repeatedly. Extremely useful when you don’t remember where you placed your iPhone

How can someone bypass iCloud Lock?

iCloud and Find my iPhone Activation lock are the best security measurements ever.

Only the original owner can disable the iCloud Lock from an iPhone

If you already tried iCloud Lock Hacking tools like Unlock iCloud Generator or iCloud Remover 1.0.2 then you know that the iCloud activation lock CANNOT be hacked!

So whoever finds the iPhone must at all cost, reach the original owner! If there is no message with original owner’s contact info on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen, then there are iCloud Contact Information Services in order to find and contact him/her and ask for iCloud Lock removal!

To use the iCloud Contact Information Service you will need:

  1. The iPhone IMEI number (just tap on the ”i” button on the top right corner of the iCloud Locked iPhone’s screen)
  2. The iPhone UDID number (All the ways to find an iPhone UDID number)
iCloud Lock-Contact Information service data
This is what an iCloud Contact Info Service will get you!
  • If you were scammed and bought the iPhone from an online or local store without knowing that it was iCloud Locked (and most probably stolen), the original owner will probably disable the iCloud Lock (for free or maybe he/she will ask a few bucks more to disable the Find My iPhone Activation Lock)!
  • In case the original owner isn’t responding, you can also send a formal iCloud Lock Removal request to Apple with the original owner’s contact info. Apple will either unlock the iPhone or regulate a meeting with the original owner.
  • You can also be compensated by the original owner for returning the iPhone to him/her!

Bottom line: The only way to deactivate iCloud Lock is to find the iPhone’s original owner with an iCloud Contact Information Service and ask for iCloud Lock Removal!

The iCloud Lock can be only deactivated with an iCloud contact information service


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