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iPhone Unlock FAQ – Answers to Most Common iPhone Questions

Here are the most common questions we received from our visitors which are related to iPhone IMEI Check, iPhone Unlock, Blacklisted iPhones and iCloud Locked iPhones.

What is the iPhone IMEI Number?
Every iPhone has a unique 15 digit number which is called International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI). Depending on the country you live you may also know it as ESN or MEID number. All IMEIs are stored inside GSX and GSMA databases and include all info about an iPhone.
How to find IMEI Number?
The easiest way is to call *#06# with your phone app. You can read all others on How to Find IMEI number.
What is the iPhone IMEI Check?
The process when you check an iPhone using an IMEI Checker. The IMEI info will uncover all iPhone hidden issues such as SIM Lock, Locking Mobile Network Identification, Blacklist Status, iCloud Lock Status, Contract Status, Financial Balance Status, Warranty Status, Replaced IMEI/Serial Status and iPhone Specs.
What is the iPhone Unlocking?
When you remove the SIM Lock from your iPhone. We also call it Network Unlock, Carrier Unlock or SIM unlock. After unlocking your iPhone you will be able to use all Mobile Networks worldwide without restrictions.
What is a Blacklisted iPhone?
An iPhone becomes blacklisted when it is reported as lost or stolen to a Mobile Network, flagged as replaced or involved in fraud activities. A Blacklisted iPhone won’t operate in the country it was blocked.
What is a Blacklisted iPhone Unlock?
You can remove the SIM Lock from a Blacklisted iPhone and use it with any Carrier you want outside of the nation it was initially blacklisted. Those services are called Premium IMEI Unlock and they can be applied to specific Mobile Networks.
What is a Blacklist Removal?
The only way to use an iPhone inside the land it was Blacklisted is to remove the Blacklist Status. Unfortunately, you can only unblacklist iPhones from specific Mobile Networks.
What is iCloud Unlock?
iCloud Unlock is the process of removing the Activation Lock Screen from an iPhone. An iPhone will get iCloud Locked when the original owner activates Find My iPhone. The same goes for all iDevices (iPad, iPod, Apple Watch). You can iCloud Unlock an iPhone through Apple Support or the original owner.