How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone

If you already tried to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone using their unlocking services, you also found out that despite the fact that Straight Talk claims to be a No-Contract, No-Brainer Network, iPhone Unlocking is a completely different story!

In this article, I will show you:

  • The requirements in order to use Straight Talk’s SIM Lock Deactivation Services
  • What to do if you can’t Unlock Straight Talk iPhone with their unlock services
  • Why Factory Official Unlock (aka Official IMEI Unlock Service) is your only iPhone Unlocking Option
  • How to use an Official IMEI Unlock Service & unlock your Straight Talk iPhone 100% guaranteed

Unlocking Straight Talk USA iPhone with Straight Talk’s iPhone Unlock Services

Everybody knows that Mobile Networks don’t want us to SIM Unlock our iPhones and after all, they are the only reason SIMlock exists! Straight Talk Network is not different and the last 2 years, Straight Talk iPhone Unlocking became more difficult!

Straight Talk joined forces with a bunch of other Wireless Networks and shares the same iPhone Unlocking Policy with all the Wireless Networks below:

  1. NeT10 Wireless
  2. NeT10 Business
  3. Total Wireless
  4. Telcel
  6. SIMPLE Mobile
  7. SafeLink Wireless

When you want to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone or any other of these Carriers, these are the requirements you must fulfill:

  • The locked iPhone must be already activated on Straight Talk service for no fewer than 12 months
  • Redeemed air time cards in no fewer than 12 months
  • The iPhone’s telephone number must not be recycled or ported.
  • The customer must request the SIM unlocking service while the iPhone is active or within 60 days after active service days expire.
  • The iPhone cannot be reported stolen, lost, or associated with fraudulent activity.
  • Military personnel needs deployment papers.
  • Customers are eligible for iPhone SIM Unlocking only once every twelve months.

You can read more about Straight Talk’s Unlocking Policy in their Unlocking Compliance Page!

How to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone and Straight Talk's iPhone Unlocking Policy

So, you can try to use Straight Talk Unlocking services but you already understand that things get tricky, even if you are the iPhone’s original owner! But if you bought a refurbished iPhone and it is locked onto Straight Talk, it is almost impossible to use this kind of iPhone Unlocking services.

Factory Unlock Straight Talk iPhone

If you are still looking for ways to Unlock  your Straight Talk iPhone, then search no more because the solution is here and the name is Factory Official Unlock (it is also called Official IMEI Unlock Service)!

Factory Official Unlock is the only working 3d-party iPhone Unlocking Solution and if you try anything else like, Jailbreak- Software Method, Hardware Method, Software Unlocking tools or YouTube Tutorials you will fail for sure! On top of that, Software Installation iPhone Unlocking Tools are even more dangerous because many of them exist in order to insert Spyware and Malware and gain access to your credit/debit card account!

Official IMEI Unlock Method is totally approved by Apple, Straight Talk and all other Mobile Networks and SIM Unlocks any iPhone. How?

Factory Official Unlock Service has direct access to Apple’s GSX Databases and Straight Talk’s servers. It will track down your iPhone inside them and simply change your iPhone’s SIM Lock Status from Locked to UNLOCKED.

Which are the benefits of an Official IMEI Unlock Service?

  • It is 100% legal, safe and permanent iPhone Unlocking Solution
  • Works with ALL iPhone models, iOS versions, BaseBands and Carriers
  • Unlocks your iPhone to ALL GSM Carriers
  • Works with Blacklisted iPhones (click here if your iPhone is Blacklisted and see what changes)
  • Doesn’t spoil Apple Warranty, AppleCare+ or Insurance Plan
  • Doesn’t need to download anything, modify your iPhone or send your iPhone anywhere
  • All iPhone’s features and functions work perfectly fine after the unlock (iTunes, iOS Updates, etc.)
  • PayPal is supported by most IMEI Unlock Providers

Requirements in order to Unlock Straight Talk iPhone with IMEI Unlock Method

You will need 4 pieces of info in pursuance of Official IMEI Unlocking Service:

  1. The iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The iPhone model
  3. The iPhone Blacklist Status
  4. Which Carrier locked the iPhone

But if you want to be 100% sure that your Straight Talk iPhone:

an iPhone IMEI Check Service will provide you with all the details. Don’t forget that the 1st step of iPhone Unlocking is always iPhone IMEI Checking!

Unlock Straight Talk iPhone iPhone starts with an iPhone IMEI Check Service!
+ iPhone’s True Specs and Market Value

Which IMEI Unlock provider to use & Unlock Straight Talk iPhone

Many people believe that we are an iPhone Unlocking Company but the truth is that we are a blog that helps people to unlock their iPhones securely and 100% guaranteed. This is why we constantly check ALL Factory Unlock Providers in order to get you the best iPhone Unlocking Solutions.

For Straight Talk iPhone Unlocking Solution:


Leave a comment below and tell us what you think or seek our help! Take care iPhone Unlockers!

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  1. suke says:

    I live in Japan.
    I am not good at English, I bought a cheap iphone at ebayusa the other day.
    Sprint (Simple Mobile and Straight Talk) If you thought that sprint can be used because it is not locked in Japan … can not be used.
    I surfed a lot and reached here.
    Even with proven unlock factory, the above two units can not be handled.
    I bought a new iphone se. Activation is not over yet.
    Can you unlock this iphone now?
    If possible, consideration

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Suke.

      We do not offer iPhone Unlock services, we are a news blog about iPhones.

      However, I am not sure what exactly the problem is.

      Is it a Network Lock issue OR an iCloud Activation issue?

  2. azaliya says:

    my iPhone 7 is network locked to straight talk. And I don’t know to unlock it cause all the videos I see shows how to unlock the phone when it is not at the white set up screen and I’m really confused on how to unlock it. I bought it at best buy and I first went to straight talk but now I a switching to T mobile.

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Azaliya.

      All Mobile Networks allow their iPhones to get unlocked. You just need to know the contact information of the right department, else you will get lost with their bureaucracy!

      Click on the following link to sort things out: Network Unlock Request Generator

  3. Paul Smith says:

    I’m a bit confused about the process…: In checking the links above, one provides an e-Book, one claims to do it over WiFi, yet another appears to work behind the scenes for several days, after which it becomes unlocked…etc?

    Is there not simply a code provided, as it had been for years – – ? Thx

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Paul.

      The Straight Talk USA network is not supported by an Unlock service anymore.

      This is why we updated this article with the latest ways of removing the STraight Talk USA Network Lock. Those are the only Legal ways/methods, since no service can remove it (And it is almost certain that no service will get online again).

      I suggest reading the following article too which is for Straight Talk USA ->

  4. Daniel Houck says:

    I have two IPhone6s that were originally sold by Movistar Chile and locked to their network. These phones have NEVER been activated, they are new in box. They were represented as factory unlocked but are not, when you try to activate you get “Unauthorized device. This IPhone cannot be activated for service. Contact your carrier or AppleCare.”

    I contacted AppleCare who checked the IMEI numbers and confirmed the phones are not blacklisted or stolen. Who can I contact to unlock these new phones? I do not have SIM cards for either but could use my wife’s SIM card as she has a 6s too. I am not real computer savvy so I need really good instructions.

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      This is really weird, since Unauthorized device message, most of the times means that this is a WORLDWIDE BLACKLISTED device.

      Do you have Movistar Chile SIM-Cards to activate them with that network?

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Hiren.

      All Mobile Networks allow their iPhones to get unlocked. You just need to know the contact information of the right department, else you will get lost with their bureaucracy!

      Click on the following link to sort things out: Network Unlock Request Generator

  5. Furalinod says:

    Can you elaborate a bit of what information are included to this eBook? Are there other extra charges for removing the network lock from a Straight Talk USA iPhone?

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey Furalinod,

      This eBook is basically explains you what are the available methods for requesting a Network Lock removal from Straight Talk USA, without having to pay anything extra during the process.

      All the available contact means are included and also you will find special and formal Templates for Straight Talk USA which are necessary for requesting the network unlock (If you do not use those formal templates, the chances of getting your network unlock request rejected are high).

  6. George says:

    Hey I Have a Verizon iphone 4 I got the service switched to straight talk yesterday it’s has ios 7.1 it will not let me update my phone to the 9 neither will it let me install any apps.. Can you help

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hey George,

      iPhone 4 does not support iOS versions older than 7.1.2.

      So, you will not be able to update your iPhone’s 4 iOS, to iOS 9 version!

      Sorry 😀

  7. jesus gomez says:

    hello.. how are you guys.. my name es jesus, i am livining in venezuela and i bought an iphone 6 provided by straight talk in november, so i would like to use it here in my country, are you doing the unlock of this phone?? if, yes, how much would be that???

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Jesus,

      We are not offer any services, we are a BLOG which provides information about iPhone Unlocking, Unblacklisting and iCloud Unlocking.

      For Straight Talk USA network, we can suggest you the following service, which will offer you all Legal Network Lock removal methods for unlocking Straight Talk USA network (They will take care of the whole procedure).

      Request Network Lock Removal for Straight Talk USA Network

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      Hello Joy,

      It depends on the state of your iPhone.

      Do you know if your iPhone is still under contract? For how much time your iPhone is activated with Straight Talk USA?

      Take all those into consideration and then read our article again, and you will find some services that will help you.

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