All you Need to Know About a Blacklisted iPhone

When anyone buys an expensive iPhone, the first thing that comes to the mind is to make sure that it is not a blacklisted one. And if your iPhone is in the blacklist, then what is the reason behind it? This article will explain everything you actually need to know about blacklisted iPhone and how you can check the Blacklist status?

What is a Blacklisted iPhone?

blacklisted iPhone

A blacklisted iPhone is the one that is reported as lost or stolen on a GSM network. These phones are then resold in the black market and the buyers are usually not aware that the phone belongs to someone else actually. This had become a common practice and in order to protect the buyers and carriers, the owners of the phone are given an option to block the 15 digit IMEI code if it is lost or stolen.

Once the IMEI code is blocked, the mobile is blacklisted and is of no use to anyone until it is removed from the blacklist. There is a common database shared by all mobile networks, so when a device is blacklisted from one network, it is quite possible that it will also not work on any other mobile carrier.

If you have bought a blacklisted iPhone, it may be activated and work for a while, but after some time it will stop working. Therefore, it is recommended that whenever you buy a handset; make sure it is not blacklisted.

How to check if the iPhone is blacklisted?

how to check blacklisted iphone?

The best way to figure out if the iPhone you bought is blacklisted or not, is through IMEI check. There are two ways you can get the 15 digit IMEI code of your mobile. One is to get it from the settings of your phone i.e Settings>General>About>IMEI. The other way is to dial #06# on your phone and receive the IMEI code of your handset.

Once you have the code, check online the IMEI status of the iPhone and you will get to know if the iPhone is blacklisted or not.

Who is controlling the Blacklist?Who controls the blacklist?

It is not Apple that has the power to control the blacklist of iPhones. It is, in fact, the wireless carriers that add the lost or stolen mobile phones to the blacklist. Apple has nothing to do with these mobiles that are stolen.

A database is created by the carriers and it has the IMEI codes of all the mobile phones. When an iPhone is reported as stolen or lost, it is added to the blacklist through its IMEI number. Another reason, why phones can be blacklisted is that the user has acquired the device by fraud or he is unable to pay for the contract.

Why are iPhones Blacklisted?

The main purpose of blacklisting mobile phone is to decrease the alarming number of mobile theft. A blacklisted mobile has lesser worth and almost of no use to anyone which makes it less of a target. It is easy for carriers to track the mobile phone through the unique IMEI code when it gets lost or stolen. And once the mobile is blacklisted, the resale is almost impossible. Buyers can also figure out before buying the phone that if it has been reported as stolen previously or they are buying from the original buyer. Therefore, blacklisting provides a security to the mobile owners and also reduces such crimes.

What can you do if you find out that the iPhone is blacklisted?

Once it is confirmed that you have bought a blacklisted mobile, now it’s time to look for a solution. Here are a few of the things that you can do to solve your problem:

  • Ask the seller for a refund or replacement. If you have bought the iPhone from a renowned mobile seller or online from Amazon or eBay, there is a fair chance that you would be getting a refund or replacement of the handset. But if you got it from some unknown resource, like you found a seller on craigslist or someone you met on the street, this might not be possible.
  • Contact the carrier associated with the device and requests them to reverse the blacklisted iPhone. Keep in mind that only carriers have the power to reverse the blacklisted phones. There are services that claim to clean the blacklisted number, but there is no guarantee that they can do it. Plus it is also illegal to hire any other service other than mobile carriers for such task.
  • Use the blacklisted iPhone as an iPod or gaming console. The phone will be connected to the wifi and then you can surf the Internet, watch videos, play games etc. The blacklisted mobiles only restrict what to do when the iPhone is blacklisted?the user from making and receiving calls. So if calls are not important for you, you can keep the handset and use it for other purposes.
  • Unlock the iPhone and sell it to foreigners. People who belong to a different country could be willing to buy such a phone as the phone is blacklisted locally only. If you offer a good discount to the foreigners, they might purchase it from you. But make sure the phone is unlocked; otherwise, it would be of no use to them also.

What Should you Do with a Blacklisted iPhone?

You can choose any option you like. But it is recommended that you contact the mobile carrier and track the original owner of the phone.

There might be a case when the original owner reported the mobile as lost but he found it back later. In such a situation, he would have to ask the mobile carrier to cancel it. It is definitely easier for the original owners of the handset to reverse the blacklisted mobile.

That’s all you need to know about the blacklisted iPhones. But in any case, it is always recommended to IMEI check the iPhone properly prior to making the purchase. Make sure it is not reported as blacklisted so that you do not have to face any trouble later.




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