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How to Unlock your Blacklisted iPhone in 2 simple Steps – Guide for Unlocking Blacklisted iPhones


Unlock Blacklisted iPhoneWhen you get a “no service” message on your iPhone and you believe that it is not a hardware or SIM-card issue then probably you are holding a blacklisted iPhone in your hands.

Maybe you are trying to find an iPhone Blacklist Removal service that will allow you to fix your iPhone

In this article, I will show you how to unlock your blacklisted iPhone with a blacklist check which will indicate what solution you really need and if it is available at the moment.

What is a Blacklisted iPhone?

Each iPhone is recognized by a unique IMEI number and that information is stored in GSMA and GSX databases. GSMA is owned by Mobile networks and GSX is owned by Apple.

Maybe you are thinking that an iPhone only becomes blacklisted when it is stolen or lost. Although this is the case, there are more reasons than this.

  1. The original owner reports an iPhone as Lost or stolen to its carrier.
  2. When an iPhone is replaced due to insurance claims or illegal hardware replacement.
  3. When the iPhone is involved in fraud activity. This could happen if your device is involved in illegal activity, for example in a bank robbery.

So if any of these cases apply to your iPhone, the iPhone IMEI will become bad, and the signal will be lost. But do not worry, there might be a solution.

The restrictions of a blacklisted IMEI

So when an IMEI is reported as blacklisted, the iPhone does work with the country that is blacklisted in. At the same time, it may be fully functional in the rest of the world if the SIM of the iPhone is unlocked.

Let me give you an example. If your iPhone in the USA is blacklisted by the carrier Verizon then it will not work in the USA, but it might be functional in Europe, Australia, Africa, and the rest of the world.

Note: The USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico share their blacklists so that means it is also possible that once an iPhone gets blacklisted in one of these countries, it won’t work in any of the others. In that case, you will have to activate it in order to start using your blacklisted iPhone.

The difference between blocked and blacklisted

Before I go ahead I have to emphasize the confusion between blocked and blacklisted iPhones.
When unpaid bills are accumulated (usually more than 2) then the network blocks the iPhone until they are paid off.

So let’s make it clear, once and for all, that in this case the iPhone is not blacklisted but blocked and can be handled with an Unbar or a Semi-Premium IMEI Unlock service.

Blacklisted iPhone is not the same with blocked iPhone

Having covered all the details and since we understand what the blacklisted iPhone really is, the time has come to see how we will deal with it.

Step 1: iPhone Blacklist Check

A good beginning makes a good ending. This is why an IMEI eligibility blacklist check should be always our first move before choosing any service. 

No service does not always mean that an iPhone is blacklisted. But even if it is that information is not enough.

iPhone Blacklist Check

No Service is not enough to identify a blacklisted iPhone

We must definitely know:

If the IMEI is actually blacklisted

You probably already bought a used iPhone without checking it out before the purchase and so you ended up in this unpleasant position. Just don’t make the same mistake again if you are not absolutely sure about the actual device status. On top of that, the SIM Lock Status is also a game changer in combination with the country you live in

From which network

The availability of services is indispensable to the provider that blacklisted your iPhone. You see there is no generic iPhone Blacklist Removal or Unlock service but separates for each Mobile network.

For what reason

As I explained there are 3 blacklist reasons. There are many services for stolen iPhones, less for frauded, and only a handful for replaced devices.

In which country

Extremely important since it will determine if you need an iPhone Blacklist Removal or a Premium IMEI Unlock Service.

What services are available at this time

As you understand, although it’s not illegal to unlock or unblacklist an iPhone, this doesn’t mean that networks allow it but instead do everything to prevent it.

This is completely understandable, since if we can do it the same goes for the thief.

Anyway, all services come and go without prior notice so, it’s essential to know our options if they are currently available and of course, someone tells us when they come back online.

Finally, if all of the above is not enough to convince you about the importance of an iPhone Eligibility Blacklist Check, then there’s one more thing: It’s the only way to get your money back if the service fails.

But let’s see what services I am talking about all this time.

Step 2.1: iPhone Blacklist Removal

A blacklisted iPhone can become clean again if the reason no longer occurs. This is completely impossible unless you are the original owner and for example, you report that you have found your device.

Thankfully, an iPhone Blacklist Removal service will solve our problem.

  • The Blacklist Status will be removed
  • If the iPhone is SIM Locked you will be only able to use the locking Carrier (but you are now able to use an IMEI Unlock Service for CLEAN iPhone which is way cheaper)
  • In case the iPhone is already SIM Unlocked then you will be able to use all GSM Networks worldwide

As I explained, iPhone Blacklist Removal is necessary ONLY if you live in a country where the device was blacklisted or if you intend to visit it often. Moreover, a prior eligibility blacklist check will reveal the availability of services.

As far as I know, right now in the USA, Verizon and T-Mobile iPhone Blacklist Removal Services run smoothly.

Step 2.2: Premium IMEI Unlock

So, if not using the iPhone in the country of blacklist is not a problem, then Premium IMEI Unlock is what you need.

  • The SIM lock will be permanently removed
  • It enables you to use it with any GSM network you want worldwide (except for the blacklisted country’s local network)

iPhone Blacklist Removal or Premium Unlock

What to do when you can’t wait for an available service

Like it or not, services for blacklisted iPhones are not always available when we need them and there is nothing we can do about it. They may come back online in a few days or a couple of months. I totally understand you have already spent hundreds of dollars to buy a blacklisted iPhone you can’t use and maybe you don’t have an alternative cellphone right now.

In this case, you have the following options.

Ask the iPhone seller to refund you

If you used an online market like Amazon or eBay to buy the Blacklisted iPhone, there are procedures that you need to follow and eventually receive a refund. The same applies to local retailers.

On the other hand, if you used Craigslist or a personal transaction then that might be impossible.

Sell it for spare parts

This is also practical. Of course, you will not do much, but at least you will cover a part of your loss.

Sell it after SIM Unlocking it

In many cases, it is preferable to use a Premium IMEI Unlock service and remove the SIM Locks and sell it afterward. This will maximize your profit.

The selling price difference between unlocked and locked blacklisted iPhones can even reach $300 in the latest models.

Use it as a Wi-Fi entertainment Console

The signal is lost forever on a black iPhone (if also SIM-locked), but there are many other uses that we simply can’t ignore.

  • You can use it as a gaming station
  • Download or watch your favorite movies and TV series
  • You don’t have to buy a new mp3 player or iPod

In fact, you can literally do whatever you want online … except for making or receiving calls.

A final piece of advice

Dealing with a blacklisted iPhone is not the easiest thing in the world but I gave you all the available solutions you have at your disposal.

But let me give you the last tip. I saw some sites still suggest changing the logic board from a Blacklisted iPhone with a clean one as an Unblacklist/Unlock method. Please DO NOT use this piece of crap because even if it works for a few days, the iPhone will become blacklisted again as replaced due to the illegal hardware replacement.

And this time Premium IMEI Unlock or iPhone Blacklist Removal won’t be an option.


Can blacklist iPhone be unlocked?

Yes, a blacklisted iPhone can get unlocked with a premium IMEI unlock service. However, the blacklist status will not be removed with a premium unlocking service. This means that after a successful unlock of a blacklisted iPhone the device will remain blacklisted.

Can an iPhone or IMEI be removed from blacklist?

Yes, it is possible to remove an IMEI number from the blacklist. This can be done either from the carrier that added this IMEI to its blacklist or from a third-party IMEI Unblacklist service.

Can you unblacklist an iPhone?

It is possible to unblacklist an iPhone with a third-party IMEI Unblacklist service. However, it is highly recommended to first contact the carrier that blacklisted your iPhone and request an unblacklist.

Is a blacklisted iPhone stolen?

It is not always the case that a blacklisted iPhone is also stolen. There are three reasons why an iPhone gets blacklisted. It is reported as Lost, it is reported as Stolen or it got blacklisted due to non-payment.

Can an iPhone be blacklisted?

Yes. Mobile networks and Apple are able to blacklist an iPhone based on specific reasons. The owner of an iPhone can instruct their mobile network to blacklist the iPhone by stating the reason (lost or stolen).

Can a blacklisted phone be used?

It is possible to use a blacklisted iPhone without any restrictions as a WiFi device. This means that you can use its apps and browse the internet. However, you cannot receive or make phone calls and connect to a carrier.

Can you jailbreak a blacklisted phone?

Yes, you can jailbreak a blacklisted phone without any issues. Jailbreaking an iPhone has nothing to do with the carrier and the iPhone’s blacklist status.

What happens when an iPhone is blacklisted?

The IMEI number of the iPhone is shared among all carriers of that country (and possibly to other neighboring countries) and it is forbidden to connect to ANY of those carriers. This means that it will not be able to receive and make phone calls.