What is iPhone Insurance Claims?

There are various reasons that can ruin iPhone Unlocking. One of the most frequent is iPhone Insurance Claims.

I will show you what is iPhone Insurance Claims and how second hand iPhone sellers-scammers use them to get all your money and leave you with a completely useless iPhone!

The iPhone Insurance Claims and other warranty options

When someone decides to buy a brand new iPhone (for example the latest iPhone 7) and spend hundreds of USD for this, there are ways to protect the iPhone:

  1. Apple Warranty
    It’s free and lasts one year from iPhone purchase.
    iPhone Insurance Claims-apple-warranty
    You get a limited warranty on hardware for one year and Apple Store Support for 90 days. It doesn’t protect the iPhone from accidental damage, water damage, theft or loss
  2. AppleCare+
    You have to pay around $130 and it can only be purchased within 60 days since the new iPhone’s purchase. AppleCare+ lasts 2 years and offers a complete warranty on hardware and Apple Store Support.
    iPhone Insurance Claims-applecare
    As long as AppleCare+ is active, the original owner can break the iPhone or drop it into the water and get a replacement by Apple as long as he/she exchange the broken iPhone on the spot. AppleCare+ doesn’t protect the iPhone from loss or theft
    When it expands you can pay more and renew it every year.
  3. Insurance Plan & Insurance Claims
    An Insurance Plan with the Carrier or a third party Insurance company contains everything. Of course, it is the most expensive option but it makes no difference if you iPhone breaks, how it was broken or if your iPhone was lost or stolen. You will be able to get iPhone Insurance Claims in any case! But from the moment the iPhone Insurance Claims are completed, the iPhone that was replaced becomes useless!

What iPhone Insurance Claims mean for iPhone Unlocking

You need to be extra careful about the chance of iPhone Insurance Claims BEFORE you buy a refurbished iPhone and BEFORE you unlock a used iPhone.

There are scammers that exploit iPhone Insurance Claims for lost or stolen iPhones in a hideous way!

The scammer sells the iPhone while it is protected by an Insurance plan. At any time, before the insurance expires the original owner can report the iPhone as lost or stolen, make an iPhone Insurance Claim and get a replacement.

So what happens to the poor guy who bought this iPhone?

  1. If the iPhone was bought as unlocked (and paid even 200 USD more for the unlock status), this guy will wake up one morning and the iPhone will be LOCKED and BLACKLISTED permanently and worldwide.
  2. If the iPhone was locked (for other reasons) from the start and unlocked it with an IMEI Unlock Service, he will be disappointed for the second time cause when iPhone Insurance Claims take action the iPhone will be locked (and blacklisted this time) AGAIN and FOREVER on!

Check for iPhone Insurance Claims

This bad situation can be easily avoided with an iPhone IMEI Check Service.

iPhone Insurance Claims-IMEI Check

iPhone IMEI Check Service uses the iPhone’s IMEI number to uncover all hidden issues of an iPhone, the exact lock and blacklist status and of course if iPhone Insurance Claims can be made by the original owner.

iPhone IMEI Check Service ensures:

  • you will successfully unlock your iPhone
  • iPhone Insurance Claims or any other secret issue won’t spoil the unlock
  • you will never buy a problematic iPhone at first place

Summary of iPhone Insurance Claims

Don’t take iPhone Unlocking or second hand iPhone market lightly. If you aren’t careful, hidden issues like iPhone Insurance Claims will not only destroy the Unlock Process but also make your pre-owned iPhone completely useless. iPhone IMEI Check Service is the only way to avoid getting scammed and unlock your iPhone with 100% success!

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