What is the iPhone’s Blacklist Status? How to Unlock/How to unbar a blacklisted iPhone

iPhone’s Blacklist Status is something that many iPhone users don’t get. In this article, I will show you everything about an iPhone’s Blacklist status, how an iPhone gets blacklisted, how you can unlock a blacklisted iPhone and if there is a way to ”unblacklist” an iPhone. No more iPhone’s Blacklist Status query for you!

Creation of iPhone’s Blacklist Status

It all started back in 2002 in Europe. Something had to be done with stolen phones and the general idea was to create a shared database, the Blacklist!

In 2004, GSMA increased the efficiency of tracking stolen phones in Europe. In 2013 Canada developed CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) Blacklist and the USA joined CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association) Blacklist.

Also in 2013, Apple launched iCloud Activation Lock a security measurement that makes an iPhone useless without the original owner’s Apple ID and Password!

Now it is 2016 and every country has its own Blacklist and some of them even share their Blacklists

What is the iPhone’s Blacklist Status?

As you already understand the Blacklist is a large database, shared by all Carriers inside the country.

Every iPhone has a unique IMEI number. When an iPhone gets Blacklisted, the Mobile Network import the iPhone’s IMEI number inside the Blacklist!

All Mobile Networks inside a country share the same Blacklist. When an iPhone gets inside the Blacklist it can’t use any SIM card by any Carrier inside the country. Keep in mind that some countries share their Blacklists and this means that the iPhone can become blacklisted in more than one country at once! Of course, as long as your iPhone remains blacklisted, you won’t be able to use it anywhere in the world (not before you use a Factory Premium Unlock)iPhone's Blacklist Status-The Blacklist

  • When an iPhone get Blacklisted then the iPhone’s Blacklist Status is BLACKLISTED
  • When an iPhone is not blacklisted then the iPhone’s Blacklist Status is CLEAN

When the iPhone’s Blacklist Status is CLEAN it doesn’t mean that the iPhone is also UNLOCKED. Be careful!

How an iPhone becomes Blacklisted?

There are 4 main reasons that can turn the iPhone’s Blacklist Status to Blacklisted from Clean

  1. When the original owner reports an iPhone as LOST or STOLEN to a Mobile Network. This iPhone enters the blacklist and can’t be used by any Carrier inside the country (and of course, in other countries if the blacklist is shared)

  2. When there are pending Contract Bills. We also say that this iPhone gets GRAYLISTED because when you unlock it with a Premium IMEI Unlock Service it can’t use SIM cards ONLY from the Mobile Network that money is owed!

  3. When the iPhone is involved in fraud activities. This iPhone also enters the blacklist and can’t be used by any Carrier inside the country or countries that share this blacklist

  4. When the iPhone’s IMEI number was replaced

  5. When there was an Insurance Claim

There are some other extremely rare situations which can make an iPhone’s Blacklist Status become Blacklisted but there is no reason to dive into this!

How can someone unlock a Blacklisted iPhone?

A Premium IMEI Unlock Method can Network unlock a Blacklisted iPhone but this iPhone will not be able for usage inside the country (or countries) it was blacklisted at first place! (Unless it was blacklisted for pending contract bills)


The iPhone is SIM Unlocked but it is still Blacklisted in this country (or countries)!

How can someone unblacklist a Blacklisted iPhone?

The only way to remove the blacklist status of an iPhone is to make sure that the blacklisting reason no longer applies (which is impossible unless there are only contact bills left unpaid) or use an Unbar/Unblacklist iPhone Service. With this service you can unblacklist iPhones from the Wireless Networks above:

  • USA: T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon
  • UK: Orange, EE, PCS Wireless, T-Mobile

Keep in mind that you have to get your Blacklist Removal Service before you use Factory Premium Unlock!

Unfortunately, if your iPhone was not blacklisted by one of these Mobile Networks (or for pending contract bills), you will never be able to use this iPhone inside the country it was Blacklisted. But you can always sell it to anywhere else in the world as fully Unlocked and get your money back.

How can someone check the iPhone’s Blacklist Status?

The iPhone’s Blacklist Status knowledge is necessary to use an Official IMEI Unlock Method

An iPhone IMEI Check Service will tell you the exact iPhone’s Blacklist Status and ALL other Locking and Hidden issues of the iPhone. Now you can avoid buying a blacklisted or locked iPhone and if the damage is done you will be 100% sure that the Factory Unlock Service will be successful and the iPhone Unlock Company won’t try to scam you to use a needless unlock service and pay more money for NO reason at all!

iPhone's Blacklist Status-Blacklisted-iPhone

Summary of iPhone’s Blacklist Status

Now you really know all you need to comprehend the iPhone’s Blacklist Status! An IMEI Check will ensure that you won’t buy a blacklisted iPhone and if you already did it will show you all the necessary info to use a Premium IMEI Unlock Service without getting scammed ever again!

Did you find this article useful? Do you want to ask anything else about an iPhone’s Blacklist Status? Do you have any other questions about iPhone unlocking?

Ask a question and I or another UnlockUltrasnow teammate will email you ASAP. Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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  1. Sally says:

    ok we bought an iphone 6 and it wasnt locked when we bought it but i wanted my son to use it so i erase all data or im not sure wat its called.Now it has an icloud locked and i been searching and its been blacklisted for non payment from previouse owner.Now no one cant help me on where to go about this.cus im stuck with a phone i cant use anymore! What do you recommend me doing? people tell me that website icloudimeiulock cus a friend unlock her phone from a carrier and her phone was blacklisted for the reason as mine..

  2. Suman Poudyal says:

    i bought the iphone 6s+ in us and im currently in nepal and i suddelny found that my phone is blocked and blacklisted. And the person from whom i bought iphone is out of contact. Is there any solution that i can unlock tha phone and use it???

  3. Sheikh says:

    Hello ultrasnow.I have buy a iPhone5 from my friend and my friend was buying from someone he never know and it was working network everythings but when I reset the phone with iTunes,now the iPhone want icloud and when check the imei of my iPhone5 is showing my iPhone clean,so you please help

    1. Jason ( User Karma: 54996 ) says:

      So, you do not know the Original Owner of that iPhone right? If you have the original purchase receipt of that device, you can call Apple, persuade them that you are the original owner, and they might be able to help you. Or, you can try to find the Original owner of that device, and contact him/her. Do you know in which network this iPhone is activated with?

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