What is an Apple ID?

One of the problems, when you want to unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone is the requested original owner’s Apple-ID on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen. So what is Apple ID exactly?

What is the Apple ID?

It is a chargeless universal account for various Apple’s online systems.

When an iPhone owner creates an Apple ID, from My Apple ID webpage, must also provide a valid email address and also a personal password with at least 8 digits (numbers or letters)

Subsequently, the iPhone user will instantly receive a verification email from Apple with a URL to follow to complete the Apple-ID account activation

Apple also created the Two-Factor Authentication back in March 2013! This feature adds a second layer of protection with another 4-digit password under certain conditions
Users are able to modify the password and personal info also from My Apple ID Webpage! If for any reason a user forgets the password, can get it back by answering the security questions he/she had set on iForgot.

Keep in mind that Apple NEVER resets an Apple-ID account’s password for security reasons

Where can I use Apple ID?

  • iOS personalization: iPhone Settings are associated with Apple-ID
  • Faster Setting up a new iOS iDevice
  • Apple hardware Registration
  • Apple Care Protection Plan Registration
  • Apple Genius Bar
  • Apple Discussions
  • Apple Online Support
  • Schedule a call from Apple technical Support
  • Apple RebateApple ID-apps
  • Facetime
  • iPhoto and Aperture app
  • Apple Beta Channel
  • Apple Online Store
  • Apple Digital stores
  • iTunes Store
  • App Store
  • iBookstore
  • Newsstand
  • iCloud

iCloud Lock and Apple ID

iCloud Lock (aka Find my iPhone Activation Lock) is the greatest security measurement of iPhones. Only the original owner’s Apple-ID and password can remove the iCloud Lock.

So if an iPhone is lost or stolen whoever finds it must contact the original owner because the iPhone is useless if you don’t know the Apple-ID and password!

If there is NO message from the original owner with a phone number or an email address on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen then you need to use an ”iCloud Contact Info Service”  in order to reach him/her.

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