How to uncover all iPhone Hidden Issues using only the IMEI number

You may think that an iPhone should only be checked for SIM Lock Status, Blacklist Status and iCloud Lock Status but in fact, there are many iPhone hidden issues you are not aware of and they

  1. Make a refurbished iPhone purchase proved a disaster
  2. Spoil any kind of iPhone SIM Unlocking process

Read this article carefully and find out which are these iPhone Hidden Issues and how you can easily uncover them all with an iPhone IMEI Check Service!

iPhone Hidden Issues: Beware!

Before I become an iPhone Unlocking expert, I had my share of used iPhone buying failures and spoiled IMEI Unlock Services! I know how much it hurts (both your pocket and your pride) when you are scammed in buying a second-hand problematic iPhone and on top of that, the frustration of trying to unlock it with no success! If I knew back then what I know right now, I would have saved hundreds of dollars!

The only way to uncover iPhone Hidden Issues is an IMEI Check Service

When I learned to use this service before any other move (buying or unlocking), nothing went wrong anymore!

The iPhone IMEI Check Service has certified and instant access (it will take 2-24 hours to get your IMEI Check report) to Apple’s GSX databases (only Apple co-workers can enter these databases) and Mobile Networks’ Servers! In there, you can find every little detail about any iPhone in the world and the only thing required from you is the iPhone’s IMEI Number (click on this link if you don’t know how to find the IMEI number of an iPhone)

Check for iPhone hidden issues with an IMEI Check Service

But let me tell you in detail what iPhone Hidden Issues, the IMEI Check report will instantly reveal!

What are these iPhone Hidden Issues that need to be checked?

Let me start with the obvious issues you can check with an iPhone IMEI Check Service. This info is also required and you want to use an Official IMEI Unlock Service

  1. iPhone hidden issues CheckSIM Lock Status Check: Is the iPhone really SIM Locked or not?
  2. Blacklist Status Check: Is the iPhone blacklisted or not? And why it was blacklisted?
  3. Initial Lock Network Check: Which Carrier locked or blacklisted the iPhone and in which country?
  4. iCloud Lock Check: Is the iPhone iCloud locked or not?

But these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Now let’s take a closer look at iPhone Hidden Issues

  1. In-Contract Status Check: You really need to know if the used iPhone you bought is still under contract with the previous owner. As long as the iPhone is in contract, the previous owner can report it as lost or stolen or stop paying the contract bills and this means only one thing: Your recently bought iPhone can become simlocked or blacklisted at any time. Moreover, you might already use an iPhone Unlock Service but the iPhone can get relocked or blacklisted again!iPhone hidden issues Check
  2. Financial Balance Check: An extra layer of protection. Find out if the original owner has not paid all his contract bills. Even if the refurbished iPhone you bought is out of contract, it can become blacklisted at any given time!iPhone hidden issues Check
  3. Apple Warranty Check: Buying an iPhone which is still protected by Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ is never a good idea. First of all, it is a good indicator that the iPhone is still under contract and secondly what will happen if you want to purchase your own AppleCare+ or an Insurance Plan?iPhone hidden issues Check
  4. Insurance Claims Check: Find out if the iPhone is still protected by an Insurance Plan. If this is the case, then the previous owner can report at any time that the iPhone was lost or stolen and get a replacement. This means that your iPhone will become blacklisted and SIM locked immediately! This is a huge scam and many iPhone sellers do that in order to get a brand-new iPhone for free and your money in the end!iPhone hidden issues Check
  5. Replaced IMEI number Check: Apple and co-companies with access to Apple’s GSX databases can replace an iPhone’s IMEI number by another one. If you try to factory unlock an iPhone with replaced IMEI number, the procedure will fail because you need to provide the original IMEI number the iPhone had at first! Now you can find the first IMEI number out!iPhone hidden issues Check
  6. Replaced iPhone Check: All Mobile Networks will refuse to unlock an iPhone which was replaced by Apple due to hardware issues to the previous owneriPhone hidden issues Check
  7. iPhone True Specs: You can see the description of an iPhone when you buy it from an online market, but now you can be 100% sure that the iPhone you’ll get will be the one you see!
    Model, type, color, storage and serial number are now accessible to you!iPhone hidden issues Check
  8. iPhone True Market Value: You don’t have to guess the right price for the iPhone model you are interested in buying or selling. The iPhone IMEI Check Report will tell you exactly how much an iPhone costs. No one can rip you off anymoreiPhone hidden issues Check

Summarizing iPhone Hidden Issues

Knowledge is power and from now on, there is no iPhone issue that can remain hidden from you! An iPhone IMEI Check Service ensures:

  • You will buy a fully functional and unlocked iPhone
  • Your IMEI Unlock Service will be successful without any chance of getting relocked
  • You will use the right Factory Unlock Service and avoid useless ones

That was all I have to give my friends! I really hope you read this article before you do the same mistakes I did before I learn all this stuff (the hard way)!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you still have questions about iPhone Unlocking or iPhone Checking!
Take care!

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