iPhone Scams: How to recognize and fend off iPhone Frauds

There are so many iPhone Scams out there and this means that you need to be extra careful when you buy a brand new or second hand iPhone!

In this article, we will see how to detect iPhone scams, the first moment we see them and all the ways not to become a victim of any iPhone seller-scammer!

A must read post BEFORE you buy or sell an iPhone!

The HUGE problem with iPhone Scams

There is a common rule to the market: For every product you see, there is at least one scam!

There are countless scams for every product you want to buy. Some of them are deadlier than you think and target your Credit/Debit card accounts or even your security number!

iPhones are no exception to this rule!

You probably saw one of the iPhone Scams I’m about to show you and dodged the ”bullet” by chance!

But luck won’t be always on your side. Read the next lines carefully to avoid ALL iPhone Scams!

The “Brand New” iPhones plague

This is the most common of iPhone Scams and you can easily fell into it when you try to buy a new iPhone from an online market like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.

The seller will tell you that the iPhone you are going to buy is brand new. It seems like a good investment and you will save the $100-$200 you had to pay more if you bought that iPhone from an Apple Store!

The bad news is that when the iPhone arrives at your doorstep, it is just the box with rocks, soap or any dead weight inside!

iPhone Scams-Dead-weight-in-the-box
At least you can play with the box’s inside

How to avoid the brand new iPhone Scams

  1. Take a good look at the picture and spot if the box is shrink-wrapped! It is a start but keep in mind the scammer might have a shrink-wrapper (Pro-scammers do)
  2. When the iPhone arrives at your home, don’t just pay the guy and get inside. Open the box before you pay and check if the iPhone is real and of course if it works! If the iPhone is new it won’t be Carrier Locked or iCloud Locked and it will work with your SIM card immediately. Do that and then pay the delivery guy!
  3. If you buy the brand new iPhone from a person or a local store with refurbished iPhones, DO THE SAME!

I will also tell you in the end of the article how to deflect any of the iPhone Scams 100%!

”iPhone” clones from China

Did you search for an iPhone on the net and for example found a ridiculously cheap iPhone 6?

You are most probably looking at an iPhone Clone from China!

iPhone Scams-iphone-clone
Can you spot the difference???

These iPhone clones look almost the same but they have nothing to do with real iPhones! Most times, they are cheaply-made duplicates and they don’t even fully work!

Their interface is like iOS but it is not iOS and this makes things even more difficult!

How to avoid iPhone copycat Scams

  1. It makes no difference if you bought the clone from an online market, a local store or a random guy!
  2. Take a good look at the box and see if there are suspicious signs indicating that the iPhone is a clone
  3. Open the box and investigate the iPhone clone. Something will be slightly different. Maybe there is no Apple logo or iPhone trademark on the back side of the iPhone!
  4. In the end of this article, I will show you a way to know 100% if the iPhone you are holding in your hands is original!

Stolen iPhones and iPhone Scams

Ok, this is maybe the older of iPhone Scams. Someone steals an iPhone and sell it on an online market!

Sometimes stolen iPhones (you won’t know they are stolen) will be cheap but other times are as expensive as the real deals!

The best anti-theft security measurement of iPhones, the iCloud Activation Lock is unhackable and the thief will never be able to use the stolen iPhone without original owner’s Apple ID and Password but nothing stops the thief from finding an innocent victim and sell the stolen iPhone!

iPhone Scams-iCloud Lock
iCloud Locked?

Even if the iCloud Activation Lock is disabled the iPhone will be blacklisted because original owner has reported it as LOST or STOLEN to his/her Mobile Network!


iPhone Scams-Blacklisted-iPhone

How to avoid Stolen iPhone Scams

This scam can only be dodged 100% with an iPhone IMEI Check Service! Skip to the end of the article to find out more about this service!

Buying a SIM locked refurbished iPhone without knowing it

Another common scam is buying a Network unlocked used iPhone from an online market and discovering later that the iPhone is Carrier Locked because you get the ”invalid SIM card” message with your SIM card!

This is like the Stolen iPhone Scams and I will show you at the end of this post how to avoid buying a locked pre-owned iPhone!

iPhone Sellers and Desperate Buyers

Ok, this one is easy to detect! You want to sell your iPhone on an online market and a desperate buyer appears.

The buyer will offer you more money than you ask with the excuse, he/she need your iPhone right away!

Then the buyer will send you a check for an even bigger amount of money than the one you agreed ”by mistake” and ask you to send the remaining money back!

I can’t understand why people still fall for this but mark my words:

The Check is fake! Don’t sell your iPhone to people who pay with checks, especially not to buyers who offer more money for no reason!

Jailbreak and iPhone Scams

Jailbreaking is free but if you find it difficult to accomplish you can pay a company $30-$50 to jailbreak your iPhone for you!

Some of these companies sell their jailbreaking services with a twist! In the middle of the jailbreak procedure, they will ask you for money to complete the process!

DON’T DO THAT. Jailbreak your iPhone on your own! It is not so difficult it seems!

Here is a step-by-step iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Tutorial or visit dev team’s official website!

How to avoid ALL iPhone Scams at ease

I told you that there is only one way to be 100% sure that you won’t step into any of the iPhone Scams!

The greatest weapons against iPhone Scams are the iPhone IMEI Number (click here to find it) and an iPhone IMEI Check Service!

This service checks the iPhone’s IMEI number inside:

  • Apple’s GSX databases (all iPhone IMEI numbers worldwide are in there, indicating if an iPhone is SIM Locked or not)
  • all Carriers’ servers worldwide (it is the only way to know if an iPhone is Blacklisted)
  • Apple’s iCloud Databases (the only way to know if an iPhone is iCloud Locked without turning it ON)

And there’s more!

iPhone Scams-IMEI check service
+10 hidden issues, iPhone scammers exploit
  • The iPhone might have an Active Insurance plan, AppleCare+ or Apple Warranty
  • The iPhone might be still under contract
  • The iPhone might have a replaced IMEI number
  • Many other secret problems

There are iPhone Scams that will explode in your face and LOCK your iPhone even after months, despite the fact that when you bought the iPhone everything was OK!

We tested almost all IMEI Check Service Providers (yes there are scammers or bad quality providers in this case too, remember the rule: ONE product = at least ONE Scam) and Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU top pick is UnlockSpector!

Anyway, this was all I have to give about iPhone Scams for now! If I find a new iPhone Fraud, I will update this article and you will be the first to know!

You can also aid me in my crusade to exterminate ALL iPhone Cons by leaving a comment below and share with everyone here your experience with iPhone Scams!

Take care!

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