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Till this date, the iCloud Locked iPhones are a real pain, not only because they are not accessible and usable, but also because the procedure of unlocking them is extremely complicated.

By saying extremely complicated, I mean that there are thousands of information on the internet with slight differences and most of them will not solve the issue for your iCloud Locked iPhone.

What is an iCloud Locked iPhone?

The “proper” term is called Activation Lock. This lock was introduced on 2013 with the release of the iOS 7 version. The Activation Lock (Or an iCloud Locked iPhone) is integrated with iCloud and Find My iPhone feature (Which I will explain it below). What the Activation Lock do, is to request for the Apple ID and password that is accosiated with this device, if someone tries to restore (iOS restore) an iPhone without disabling the Find My iPhone feature.

So, if an iPhone is already activated with an iCloud account and the Find My iPhone feature is ON, then after a restore (And other procedures, such as changing a SIM-Card or making changes to the settings of that iPhone) it will enable the Activation Lock, you will have an iCloud Locked iPhone and you will have to type in the Apple ID and the password to remove it.

This is a very good way to prevent thieves or people that found an iPhone, to use it for themselves or try to sale it.

Also, from the iOS 9 version, the Find My iPhone feature is a built-in application, which means that it cannot be removed (For extra security).

Find My iPhone – What is the relation with an iCloud Locked iPhone?

Find My iPhone featureThe Find My iPhone feature, which was formerly known as MobileMe, allows an iUser to track down the location of their iDevice. Using the GPS of your iPhone, you can see your iPhone’s location on a map, allow you to display a message (like your phonenumber or other information), make it play a sound (even if it is on silent mode), change your iPhone’s password and, as a last resort, remotely erase all its contents.

This feature (Find My iPhone) was available for free during the iOS 4.2.1 version release on November 22nd 2010. When the iOS 5 version was released, Find My iPhone was continued as a feature for iCloud. On iOS 6 version, the Find My iPhone started to support the “Lost Mode“, which allowed the Original Owner to mark his/her iPhone as “lost” (The person that found that iPhone, could call the original owner without unlocking the device).

So, the Find My iPhone feature, started as a way to be able to locate your device, and it evolved to a very sophisticated way to remotely lock your iPhone, make it unusable and eventually (If you are lucky) to get it back.

Is it possible to unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone?

Unlock iCloud Locked iPhonesThe whole purpose of all the above features, iCloud Lock/Find My iPhone/Activation Lock, is to prevent thefts of iDevices, and based on some studies, it actually made a difference.

The security behind the Find My iPhone and Activation Lock is extremely sophisticated, with many layers of extra security, which makes it impossible to “hack” it and remove it.

If the iCloud hacking was possible, it should be able to provide you the Apple ID and the password of the iCloud account which is associated with an iPhone, but this is simply impossible.

Many companies claim that they can remove the iCloud Lock from a device, but they are not explaining HOW they will do it. You can take my word that, those methods are far from legal (Not even shady, plain illegal).

How to avoid buying an iCloud Locked iPhone?

There is a way to remove the iCloud Lock from an iPhone, but I strongly suggest to avoid buying an iPhone with an Activation Lock. It will save you money, time and many headaches.

The only way to figure out if an iPhone has an Activation Lock is to perform an IMEI iCloud Status Check. In order to find accurate information for your iPhone, is to pick an IMEI Check company which has access to Apple’s GSX & iCloud databases, such as UnlockSpector.com.

By simply providing your IMEI number, they will be able to locate your iPhone inside Apple’s databases and see if your iPhone has the Find My iPhone feature enabled and also the status of your iPhone’s iCloud.

Please see the following combinations and meanings of Find My iPhone feature and iCloud status:

Find My iPhone & iCloud Results
OFF Not iCloud Locked
ON & CLEAN iCloud Locked
ON & LOST iCloud Locked
ON & STOLEN iCloud Locked
ON & ERASED iCloud Locked

You can check below a sample report for your iCloud Status from UnlockSpector.com:

iCloud IMEI Check service

What the Find My iPhone & iCloud Status combinations mean:

  • If the Find My iPhone is OFF, then the iCloud status does not have a value, and your iPhone is not iCloud Locked.
  • If the Find My iPhone is ON and the iCloud status is CLEAN, this most likely means that the original owner forgot to remove this device from his iCloud account. This is the most common reason and it turns out that after contacting the original owner, they immediately remove the iCloud Lock from their device.
  • If the Find My iPhone is ON and iCloud status is LOST/STOLEN/ERASED, then this iPhone has been lost or stolen from the original owner.

Depending on the results from the iCloud Status IMEI Check service, you will also be suggested with a service that can help you to make your iPhone usable again.


Learn the Find My iPhone/iCloud Status of your iPhone on UnlockSpector.com


Is there a legal way to remove the Activation Lock from an iCloud Locked iPhone?

So, what does that mean? Is an iCloud Locked iPhone useless or it can get usable again?

No, it is not useless, because there are two ways to remove the iCloud lock, which are legal and acceptable worldwide.

1 – Unlocking iCloud Locked iPhones with the help of the Original owner:

The best way to remove an iCloud Lock from an iPhone is through the Original Owner’s help. You need to contact the Original Owner, explain him the situation and ask him/her to remove this device from his/her iCloud account.

It may sound anorthodox, but not only you will be surpised of how many people actually managed to remove the iCloud Lock from their devices with the help of the original owner, it is also the proper, legal and correct way to remove an iCloud Lock from an iPhone.

The method is called iCloud Contact Information service (Actually it has many names) and it gives you a chance of removing the iCloud Lock from your device.

Basically what it does is to find the Original Owner’s Contact Information, so you can reach out to him/her and ask him/her to remove the iCloud Lock from that iDevice.


Find the Original Owner of your iPhone with iCloud Contact Information Service


2 – Unlocking iCloud Locked iPhones through Apple:

This method has a few requirements, so let me list them to you:

  • You need to show that you tried contacting the original owner
  • Have a purchase receipt of that iPhone (The first receipt is the ideal, which you can get from the original owner)
  • Prove that you contacted the Original Owner, by providing the full name, Apple ID and phonenumber [Those information are available through the iCloud Contact Information service]

All the above can be retrieved through the Original Owner, and if you do not know his/her contact details, then the iCloud Contact Information service is ideal.


Remove iCloud Lock through Apple with iCloud Contact Information help


What the iCloud Contact Information service provides:

iCloud Contact Information service data

As you can see from the image above, the following information will be provided to you:

  • Apple ID of the iCloud account – This is the e-mail of the original owner
  • Full name of the original owner
  • Address/City/Country of the original owner
  • Phonenumber of the original owner
  • If applicable: Archiving e-mail addresses and Security questions [Not the answers, only the questions]

All those information are more than enough to locate the original owner and work together for removing your iPhone’s Activation Lock.

How to find the original owner of your iPhone with iCloud Contact Information service:

In order to be 100% sure that the contact information of the original owner are accurate, you need to find a company with iCloud database access, and we recommend the iPhoneUnlock.Zone (Check their customer reviews – Over 96% positive reviews).

1 – Go to their iCloud Contact Information service page

2 – There you can read all the details about this service. What it will provide you, how you can use it and how it will help you with your iCloud Locked iPhone

3 – Scroll down to their Ordering form (See below):

iCloud Contact Information service Ordering form

4 – Type in your iPhone’s IMEI number (Dial *#06# to get it)

5 – Type in the UDID number of your iPhone (It is a 40-digit/char code)

How to get the UDID:

If you are on OS X:

A: Plug the iPhone into a Mac and use “System Report”:

  1. Using a USB cable connect your iPhone to any OS X computer.
  2. Go to “About this Mac” (under the Apple menu)
  3. Click “More Info…”
  4. Click “System Report” which will open “System Information”
  5. In the left sidebar navigate to the section “USB” and select it
  6. You should see your iPhone (or iPod or iPad) there.
  7. In the section of your device it says “Serial Number” which lists a 40-character text string. That’s your UDID.

If you are on Windows:

A: Plug the iPhone into a computer and use the registry

  1. Using a USB cable connect your iPhone to any Windows computer.
  2. IMPORTANT: in the following steps DO NOT modify anything, as changing the registry might break your Windows installation.
  3. Start Regedit (e.g. by clicking on the Start button, and typing “RegEdit” in the search field)
  4. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB (it’s basically a folder structure)
  5. You will see all USB devices in there — find the one that’s your iPhone. It might say “Apple iPhone”. However on the level below there’s already a folder with a 40-character string and by selecting that it says “Friendly Name” = “Apple iPhone”.
  6. Copy (DO NOT MODIFY) that name (e.g. right clicking and selecting “Copy Key Name”). When you paste it in a text editor, the UDID is the last 40 characters.

You can also check the following method:

Steps to Find UDID on Windows :

  1. Plug in your iPhone through USB with your computer
  2. Right click My computer > Properties > Select Device Manager
  3. In the bottom you will see “Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  4. Select Apple Mobile Device USB Driver , right click over it and select Properties 
  5. Here you will have to go to Details tab and then Device Instance Path .
  6. The 40 characters after the last “\” is your device identifier or UDID number .

6 – Type in a valid e-mail address, to receive all available iCloud Contact Information of the original owner.

7 – Proceed with the order (Only PayPal is supported to ensure 100% security and customer satisfication)

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Remove the iCloud Lock through the Original Owner


Summing Up: Unlock iCloud Locked iPhones / Find My iPhone / Apple ID / Locate Original Owner

Do you have anything to add? Did we miss anything important? Do you want help with your iDevice?

Leave us a comment and we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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