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iCloud is well known for being the best mobile security service around the world. But, does that mean I can’t remove iCloud?  Sure, you can. Keep reading and you will find out how iCloud protects you and also I will show you a legal way to remove iCloud. I have tried this method and I must say I am quite happy. It helped me a lot last year and now it’s time for you.


Let’s start by explaining what iCloud is and what it does for you…


iCloud is more than storage.

remove icloud, unlock my iphone, how to unlock iphone, icloud unlockiCloud began as a cloud storage platform. But Apple did not take long to create functions that took advantage of this platform. Finding and/or locking the iPhone as well as transferring all personal information from one device to another are some of the most attractive features of this platform.

As iCloud stores data coming from all Apple devices, it is able to group all that data into a user account. This data is protected by the security systems of the devices themselves, such as the fingerprint reader, plus a password that allows you to access your account from any Apple device and from any other computer. 




Why is iCloud a good security service?

remove icloud, unlock my iphone, how to unlock iphone, icloud unlockiCloud is able to store data from all the apps of each Apple device. You can restore your iPhone in case of any inconvenience or breakdown of the device. This data can only be read by the users of the account. The security system of Apple servers is up to date to prevent malicious unknown attacks.

Also, you can look for your phone if it is lost. If you forgot where you left it, with iCloud you can get the exact location through the Find my iPhone option. This option allows you to find your iPhone through a sound regardless it is in silent/mute mode.

When Find my iPhone is activated, there is a complete lock until the person finds it and enters his password into the device. If no one finds the phone or if a third-party finds it but does not enter the password, it will remain useless with no option available to remove iCloud.


What if my iPhone is locked. Can I remove iCloud?

iCloud is designed to be unlocked with the Apple ID password only. If someone hasn’t this password, no one can unlock the device… till now. It is not safe to let an unknown person to unlock your device. It might get damaged. Also, other iCloud procedures services may be illegal. But don’t worry, there is a legal way to remove iCloud.

I will give you my recommendation if you have problems with this. Let me tell you my story shortly: I got an iPhone last year (iPhone 5S) which was locked and I found this good option after trying to remove iCloud unsuccessfully.

remove icloud, unlock my iphone, how to unlock iphone, icloud unlockWhat I bring here is a complete step-by-step iCloud unlock guideline, the same that helped me remove iCloud. It is an easy procedure. This guide has a couple of things that made me love it:

  • This has a very good customer assistance that really guides you in any question or doubt about the process.
  • This provides 100% legal unlock advice. This is the thing I like the most because many services out there promise to remove iCloud through illegal procedures such as changing the motherboard of the iPhone which may lead to system damage and the loss of the warranty (obviously!) or system hack that installs a fake version of iOS. 


Click on the link above and follow instructions. You will receive all the help you need to remove iCloud easily. There’s no need to have any technical knowledge. I could remove iCloud from my iPhone last year and I am not a tech-girl precisely lol. I thought I would lose my money when I found out it was locked but I am happy to have found that guide. Actually, I am using that iPhone now and I love it!



Summarizing, we have seen that iCloud is a good security service that helps you backup all the information of your Apple devices. Also, it protects your info when your device gets lost or stolen. You can find your phone instantly and lock it from any device. Finally, I gave you my recommendation so you can finally remove iCloud legally.


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If you have any question, please comment and I will reply as soon as I can 😉

I am always glad to help you guys!

See you!


Adriana Tamayo

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