A Complete Guide on How to Unlock iPhone 8

Congratulations if you already own the enviable iPhone 8. The chances are that you are looking for ways to unlock iPhone 8, to get out of a limited or substandard carrier service.

unlock iPhone 8Everyone Apple enthusiast must have witnessed the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. It happened during Apple’s 10th anniversary, and they also gave us a sneak peek of the even more enviable tech-enhanced iPhone X. However, most iPhone users cannot wait to own the revamped iPhone 8, and most already do! As we all know, it is only a matter of time before most start searching for information on how to unlock iPhone 8.

Like with the iPhone models released before it, the iPhone 8 comes at a significantly high upfront cost. The price of the iPhone 8 starts at $699 for the 64GB option and $849 for the 256GB version. You can’t blame the number of iPhone users who choose to get the iPhone 8 from a cell service provider.

The problem is that a carrier locked iPhone 8 limits your ability to use it as you please. You want an unlocked iPhone 8  to get full value for your money. We recommend checking your iPhone 8’s full status to find out about the network that has locked it and then use the unlock guide from the How to Solve iPhone Carrier Lock Ebook.

Why Most Apple Users Go For The Carrier-Locked iPhone

We can agree that the iPhone 8 does not come packing a punch like most of us expected. In fact, some iPhone users would prefer to wait and upgrade to the iPhone X. It does not mean that the iPhone 8 has not created a buzz or it will not have astonishing sales. The iPhone 8 buyer is the person who wants an iPhone trade up but cannot handle the $999 price tag for the iPhone X.

Why iPhone gets locked? Unlock iPhone 8To get your hands on the iPhone 8, you either buy it unlocked from an Apple store or through a carrier. Another option is to get one of these iPhones from Apple at full price, but with financing.

Apple’s iPhone upgrade program offers a 24-month installment option. It allows existing users to upgrade to a new iPhone every 12 months.  In the case of the iPhone 8, existing iPhone users can expect to pay $34.50 every month for the 64GB version and $40.75 per month for the 256GB option.

Buying an iPhone 8 from a carrier is still the most affordable way to own an iPhone. You can expect to pay anywhere between $23 to $29 per month for the 64GB iPhone 8 and $28 to $33 for the $256GB iPhone 8. Some carriers also have trade up programs, giving back as much as $300 off the new iPhone cost. They give back the amount in the form of credits used to cover service bills for up to 24 months. A few service providers, also, do not require an upfront amount to get the iPhone 8.

The bottomline is that most people will go for the affordably priced carrier locked iPhone 8.

Do you have an iPhone but you are not sure about its carrier lock status? Use the UnlockSpector services to find out

The Problems With the Carrier Locked iPhone 8

Despite the affordable costs of a carrier locked iPhone 8, phone service providers still charge some ridiculous service fees. It is always the same old stories; carrier locked iPhone owners complain about the poor network and wanting customer service. Frequent travelers get the bulk of the hit because they have to deal with extremely high international roaming fees.

Problems of Locked iPhones - unlock iPhone 8The solution is to unlock your iPhone 8 and gain back control over the device.

Phone service providers place a SIM lock on iPhones they sell through such packages. The point is to lock you from using the device with another carrier during the duration of the contract. It is an entirely reasonable model, only that most cell service providers end up offering minimal service with these contracts.

With an IMEI unlock iPhone 8 service, you can remove the SIM lock restriction preventing you from using the iPhone with another carrier.

If you need an iPhone 8 unlock service provider, use the services of the iPhoneUnlockZone.

Typically, iPhone users encounter three network unlocking processes. Important to note that only one method works as a safe, reliable, and permanent solution to unlock iPhone 8.

Unlock iPhone 8 Method 1: Software Unlock Process (Works only if you have an iPhone 3G or lower model)

unlock iPhone 8 with Software methodWhen Apple released the first couple of iPhone models, most users were too caught up in the device’s prestigious status to care much about the carrier lock problem.  When newer iPhone models came into the market, users started realizing that they wanted more out of their iPhones. It gave rise to the need for iPhone unlock services. The iPhone software unlocking method was amongst the first of such services to crop up.

The software unlock method came about with the release of the iPhone 3G. It made use of a hardware loophole that enabled shifting the phone between carriers. It was not long before Apple caught on to this loophole and closed it.

The software unlocking process is outdated and does not work for iPhone 4 to iPhone 8.

Unlock iPhone 8 Method 2: Hardware Unlock Process (An unreliable and dangerous unlocking method that voids your iPhone warranty)

unlock iPhone 8 with Hardware methodWhen iPhone 4 came into the market, the unlocking software used before no longer worked. Next in line as the most sort unlock method was the iPhone hardware unlocking processes. The image that comes to mind, at least from online accounts, involves paying a dodgy looking guy at some dingy location to open up your iPhone and play around with the internal hardware.

The hardware unlock method aims at shifting some of the iPhone’s hardware around so that it accepts SIMs from other carriers. Not only does it put your life at risk by meeting with someone you do not know at a dingy location, but the process never works. It only has a 25% success rate and often ends up damaging your iPhone hardware in some way.

No one wants to argue with the suspicious chap who damaged their iPhone. At this point,  iPhone users find out the hard way that they have voided their warranty. It also sounds like too much trouble to go through only to end up damaging your $600 to $800 iPhone 8.

Unlock iPhone 8 Method 3: IMEI Unlock Process (The most reliable, safe, and permanent solution to unlock iPhone 8)

unlock iPhone 8 with IMEI methodFinally, there is the IMEI unlock process that has a 100% success rate in unlocking all iPhone models. The IMEI functions as the unique identifier used to distinguish your iPhone from the rest. Apple’s database lists the identifying codes of all iPhones ever produced, alongside other descriptive information about the devices. Some of the other information about a particular iPhone found in the Apple database includes its model number, storage size, production year, and the iPhone’s particular network lock status.

An IMEI unlock process works by shifting your iPhone’s IMEI from a locked to an unlocked state in Apple’s database Apple, as well as all mobile service providers, approve this unlock method. It does not alter your iOS files, does not compromise the hardware, and the process happens virtually.

Using the Services of an IMEI Unlock Provider

Naturally, since the IMEI unlock service became popular, multiple providers set up shop online. With new iPhones released every year, the IMEI unlock industry has risen in demand, and more iPhone users will need the service to unlock iPhone 8.

As an iPhone 8 user with a locked iPhone, you probably want to know about the best IMEI unlock provider to use.

Which IMEI Unlock Provider Should you Use?

It comes down to the quality of service and reliability when choosing an IMEI provider to unlock your iPhone. We went back to history and based our assessment on the experience working with different IMEI providers to unlock iPhone 6+, 6s, 7, & 7+. It is because the iPhone 8 is still very new in the market, and few users have gotten to the unlock stage.

unlock iPhone 8 through iPhoneUnlock.ZoneWe also got some help from online reviews from actual iPhone users who have used different IMEI unlock services. Some of the review sites we visited include Sitejabber, TrustPilot, and Ripoff Report. These sites made it easy to narrow down to the best iPhone 8 IMEI unlock provider.

We finally settled for the top provider based on their unlock success rate, the number of iPhone models they unlock, customer service response, speed, and cost. That is how iPhoneUnlockZone ended up taking the top spot when it comes to IMEI unlock services.

The Experience Using the Services of iPhoneUnlockZone

When you access the iPhoneUnlockZone, you find a list of services they provide outlined on their homepage. Their list of services include:

  • Removing iPhone carrier SIM lock
  • Instant report delivery to your email
  • 100% online, timely, and efficient services
  • Help with selling unlocked iPhones
  • Fixing iOS, App, and iTunes issues

A visibly clear button placed after the list asks you to “Unlock iPhone.” Clicking the button leads you to a page with a drop-selection form. You then need to enter the following information:

  • Your iPhone model (they perform unlocks on iPhone 2G to iPhone 8 as well as on other Apple devices).
  • The lock carrier (if unsure, there is a Network check option).
  • Your iPhone’s blacklist status (if unsure, there is a blacklist check option).
  • Your email address
  • IMEI number ( dial *#06#, check the back cover of the iPhone, or go to Settings>General>About). 

You then get an emailed copy of your order and an unlocked iPhone 8 in record time.

If you do not know your lock carrier or iPhone blacklist status, get the information using UnlockSpector.

To sum it up, here are some of the Pros and Cons of using the iPhoneUnlockZone services:

✓ iPhoneUnlockZone is amongst the few IMEI unlock providers that offer unlock services for all iPhone models. They also unlock iPhones locked to carriers in the US, Canada, U.K, and a wide selection of international carriers.
✓ The IMEI unlock provider has excellent customer support services.
✓ In case you do not know your iPhone’s lock network and blacklist status, they can help you get this information.
✗  The only drawback we could find with iPhoneUnlockZone is that they do not have a wide enough range of payment options.

Overall, iPhoneUnlockZone takes the top spot on the list of IMEI service providers because of their 100% unlock success rate, reliability, and affordability.

If you need an IMEI unlock iPhone 8 provider head on to iPhoneUnlockZone.

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