Unlock iPhone in iTunes after Factory Official Unlock: Guide

This is the ultimate guide of how to Unlock iPhone in iTunes and complete the Official IMEI Unlock Method.

Official IMEI Unlock Method will SIM Unlock iPhone 7+, 7, SE, 6s+, 6s, 6+, 6, 5C, 5s, 5, 4s, 4 permanently but the last part of the iPhone unlocking procedure is YOU unlocking your iPhone in iTunes!

In this article, I will show you how to get a Factory Official Unlock and finally how to Unlock iPhone in iTunes, simple and fast!

Before you Unlock iPhone in iTunes

When you want to Network Unlock your iPhone 100% guaranteed and permanently, the Official IMEI Unlock Method, also known as Factory Official Unlock, is the only way to do it!

Authorized by Apple and ALL Carriers worldwide, IMEI Unlock Providers like iPhoneUnlock.Zone or UnlockSpector, offer the best IMEI Unlock experience.

To get an Official IMEI Unlock Service, the info below is necessary:

  1. iPhone model
  2. iPhone’s IMEI Number
  3. The Carrier which is locking the iPhone
  4. iPhone’s Blacklist Status

If you are not sure about the information above, both recommended IMEI Unlock providers will IMEI Check Your iPhone for free because the money needed for the IMEI Check Service will be deducted from the IMEI Unlock Service’s price! (Keep in mind that the free IMEI Check is not available for iCloud Contact Information Services)

Official IMEI Unlock Method will track down your iPhone inside Apple’s GSX databases and Carrier’s servers and change the iPhone’s locked status to UNLOCKED!

  • There are NO iOS, firmware, iPhone model, Carrier, Baseband or country restrictions
  • You can use any GSM Mobile Network worldwide
  • The iPhone Unlock is permanent and 100% guaranteed or your money back (as long as the IMEI Check has been done before you unlock)
  • In most cases, your iPhone is unlocked in 24-48 hours. But if the iPhone is Blacklisted the procedure might take longer (most times 4-7 days)
  • Paypal is supported
  • iOS Updates and iTunes work normally because the last step of Official IMEI Unlock Service includes you to Unlock the iPhone in iTunes

How to Unlock iPhone in iTunes

When the Official IMEI Unlock Service finish the iPhone unlock and the procedure is processed by Apple, you will receive an email informing you that your iPhone is unlocked.

You iPhone is unlocked indeed but to fully complete the process you have to Unlock iPhone in iTunes!

Many users complain that they get confused when they try to Unlock iPhone in iTunes after Factory Unlocking. In my opinion, it is not so difficult but if you experiencing any problems with unlocking your iPhone in iTunes, the complete and easy step-by-step ”Unlock iPhone in iTunes” GUIDE below will help you to get the job done in NO time!

How to Unlock iPhone Without Restoring in iTunes

Step 1: Plug your iPhone into your computer and open the latest iOS version iTunes

Step 2: If your iPhone is, for any reason, working on iOS disconnect your iDevice after iTunes finds it. Wait for 10 seconds and reconnect your iPhone. You will see the Congratulations message.

Unlock iPhone in iTunes-Congratulations

Note: If your iPhone is not updated to the latest iOS version, you may need to update your iPhone first and unlock iPhone in iTunes without restore.

Voila!!! You successfully unlocked your iPhone in iTunes without restoring

How to Unlock iPhone in iTunes with restoring

Step 1: Place a non-supported SIM card in your iPhone

Step 2: Be 100% sure that iCloud’s ”Find My iPhone” option (Settings – iCloud) is deactivated.

Unlock iPhone in iTunes-Find My iPhone

Step 3: Make sure you have the latest iTunes version on your computer (Mac or Windows). If you don’t download it!

Step 4: Plug your iPhone into your computer and connect it to iTunes.

Step 5: Do a full Backup of all of your documents in iCloud or iTunes.

Step 6: When the Backup is completed, click on the Restore button.

Step 7: Be 100% sure that when the restoring process is completed you will choose the ”Setup as a new iPhone” option:

Unlock iPhone in iTunes-Set up as new iPhone
Step 7: Click on the Continue button and activate your iPhone.

Step 8: When the process is completed you will get the ”Congratulations” message! Well done. You have Unlock iPhone in iTunes with restoring!

Note: Sometimes the ”Congratulations” message is absent. There is no problem because as soon as you get the signal, your iPhone will be able to make calls with ANY SIM card!

iOS 8 & Unlock iPhone in iTunes

If for any strange reason you are still using iOS 8 follow the steps below and you will Unlock iPhone in iTunes with no problems. But do yourself a favor and install iOS 9 or later iOS versions!

Step 1: Wait until you receive the email informing you that your iPhone has been unlocked

Step 2: Take out the original SIM card that was locked by the Carrier and put another SIM card by another Carrier (or simply the SIM Card you are going to use with your iPhone)

Step 3: Make sure there is an active Wi-Fi connection

Step 4: On your screen, there will be the ”Activation Required” message

Step 5: It is time to connect the iPhone to an active WiFi Network and iOS will complete the process for you and activate the unlocked status

Step 6: When your iPhone is activated, install the latest iOS version using iTunes or WiFi

Troubleshooting & Unlock iPhone in iTunes

I pointed out most of these tips before but if you still have problems to Unlock iPhone in iTunes, I gathered everything that might blocking the process here

  1. Insert a Carrier’s SIM card which was not supported when your iPhone was locked.
  2. Always update to the latest iOS version.
  3. When the Congratulation message in iTunes is not displayed just wait for your iPhone’s network/service status bar
  4. In case, iTunes ”freeze”, disconnect the iPhone from your computer, close iTunes, plug in your iPhone again and repeat the procedure
  5. If none of the above is working and you get the ”No Service or Searching…” on your iPhone’s status bar:
  • turn the Airplane ON and immediately OFF
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Networks

Unlock iPhone in iTunes-Reset Network Settings

  • Then go to Settings > General > Cellular and turn Cellular Data OFF and immediately ON and then enable 3G and instantly disable it again

Unlock iPhone in iTunes-Cellular Data-3G

This will make iPhone Unlock in iTunes work, 100%!

Summary of how to Unlock iPhone in iTunes

As you see, nothing is really difficult when you Unlock iPhone in iTunes after Official IMEI Unlock Service!

Get an Official IMEI Unlock Service right now and SIM Unlock your iPhone, once and for all!

Did you find this article useful? Do you still have questions about iPhone Unlocking?

Bring them on by leaving a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP. Take care!

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