iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock iPhone 7+/7/6s+/6s/6+/6/5C/5s/5/4s

iOS 9.3.5 is the latest and last iOS Update for iOS 9 series! Despite the fact that almost 50% of iPhone owners already updated to iOS 10.0.2, iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock remains a major question!

Is iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock possible?

Of course, it is and in this article, I will tell you everything about iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock and on top of that, I will show you which iPhone unlocking methods CANNOT be used for iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock and save you from spending money aimlessly!

How iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock work

Many people still believe that iOS version is related with iPhone Unlocking and I totally understand it!

This confusion exists thanks to the older methods and countless scams that someone can find with a quick Google Search (I will tell you everything about them later on)!

The truth is that you can use only one iPhone Unlock Method for iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock and this method is called Official IMEI Unlock Method!

Official IMEI Unlock Method is recognized by Apple and Carriers and it traces the iPhone you want to SIM unlock, inside their servers in order to change the iPhone Lock Status!

From locked to Unlocked!

With Official IMEI Unlock Method (or also known as Factory Official Unlock):

  • You will get PERMANENT iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock in 24 to 48 hours
  • You will be able to use all GSM Mobile Networks in the world
  • There are no limitations. Every iPhone, Baseband, iOS, Carrier can be unlocked in any country
  • There are no iPhone features limitations after the unlock.
  • iOS Updates and iTunes continue to work as always
  • Insurance Plan, Apple Warranty or AppleCare+ remain intact
  • Jailbroken iDevices remain intact
  • No Jailbreaking, No downloading Software, No modifications

In fact, the last part of Official IMEI Unlock Service is you! You will receive an email when the Official IMEI Unlock will change your iPhone Lock Status and the only thing left is you connecting to iTunes to restore your unlocked iPhone!

Official IMEI Unlock Service requirements

  1. iPhone Model
  2. IMEI number (how to find iPhone’s IMEI number)
  3. Blacklist Status
  4. Which Carrier locks the iPhone

IMEI Unlock Providers and iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock

Official IMEI Unlock Method is awesome but you have to choose a trusted provider to make sure that nothing will go wrong!

I always use and recommend iPhoneUnlock.Zone for IMEI Unlock Services!

The reasons I chose this provider after years of researching and iPhone Unlocking experience are listed below:

  • They offer you a free iPhone IMEI Check Service (the price of IMEI Check service diminished from the price of the IMEI iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock Service)
  • This iPhone IMEI Check Service also ensures:
    – You won’t order a needless or wrong iPhone Unlock Service
    – You will get a FULL REFUND if they fail to unlock your iPhone)
  • PayPal is supported
  • They are authorized by Apple and more than 100.000 Mobile Networks with total access to their databases
  • Awesome 24/7 customer support. iPhone experts help you and explain every little detail about iPhone Unlocking
  • You can also check what their 97% satisfied customers report to SiteJabber!

Other methods and iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock

I was scammed by iPhone Unlock Companies and fake iPhone Unlock Solutions and methods in the past!

After all, this is why we made this blog, the UnlockUltrasnow! Not only to help you unlock your iPhone 100% guaranteed but also to prevent you from making a bad choice, lose your money and on top of that, remain with a SIM locked iPhone!

Software Unlock Method & iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock

iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock-ultrasnow

This method was free, not permanent but still ok. You had to jailbreak your iPhone and download unlocking software like Ultrasn0w (Yes, this blog is named after this great Software Unlocking Tool) to Network Unlock your iPhone.

You had to repeat the process if you wanted to update or downgrade your iOS version and had Baseband and Firmware restrictions!

Anyway, Software Unlock Method was working up to iOS 6.1.6 so iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock is not possible with Software Unlock Method!

Hardware Unlock method & iOS 9.3.5 SIM Unlock

This method was the worst thing you could do to your iPhone. Modifying your SIM tray in order to squeeze 2 SIM cards inside it, at the same time (the SIM Card you want to use and a custom one).

With 30% success rate, spoiling Apple Warranty and in most cases, damaging or destroying your iPhone, this method ”worked” until iPhone 4s!

iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock-Hardware

So, you won’t succeed in iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlocking with Hardware Unlock Method!

”Free” Software Installation Unlocking tools

Ok, this is a major scam! These tools are not working and they aren’t free.

iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock-fake

Your iPhone won’t be SIM Unlocked but the worst part is that many of them use Malware and Spyware to gain access to your Credit/Debit Card account!

YouTube iPhone Unlock Tutorials & iOS 9.3.5 Network Unlock

You can find many YouTube Unlock Tutorials but unfortunately, none of them works. I really hoped that a ”free” iPhone Unlocking could be possible with at least one of them and spend too many hours trying almost all them out. At least, none of them is harmful to your iPhone

Summary of iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock

Official IMEI Unlock Method is the only method that will accomplish permanent iOS 9.3.5 Carrier Unlock safe, fast, easy and 100% guaranteed or full refund!

Leave a comment below if you still have questions about iPhone Unlocking and I will be more than glad to help you ASAP. Take care!

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