How to Activate Blacklisted iPhone 6

 activate blacklisted iPhone 6Several iPhone users keep trying to find out how to activate blacklisted iPhone 6. It is possible to unblacklist blacklisted iPhones if you go about it the right way.

iPhones are enviable devices to own, and some people choose to go about it the wrong way. In fact, in 2013, about 3.2 million iPhones ended up stolen only in the U.S. It showed just how much people want to get their hands on iPhones, and many more people still do. The stolen iPhone problem brought with it the issue of blacklisted iPhones.

This post explores how iPhones end up blacklisted and how to activate blacklisted iPhones (if you can unblackist the iPhone depending on its blacklist state). I recommend getting an iPhone blacklist status check. Understanding everything about your iPhone’s blacklist status can help identify the best way to unblacklist it.

Why is there an Explosion of Blacklisted iPhones on Sale?

So, if you got to this post because you want to activate blacklisted iPhone 6, it explores every information, you probably already know about blacklisting. There are iPhone newbies all around the world who end up in similar situations every other day. This post is for anyone who wants a better understanding about iPhones and blacklisting, and the iPhone unblacklisting process.

activate blacklisted iPhone 6The number of people who buy pre-owned/used iPhones could be higher than that of those who buy new iPhones. Think about it; when new iPhones come out, those who can afford the newer models will go for it. Most iPhone users choose to convert old iPhones back to cash.

With most iPhone users owning SIM/network -locked iPhones, it becomes more complicated when they want to trade up. Some offer their old iPhones as network locked iPhones for sale. Others may get the iPhone unlocked using third-party unlock services for a higher resale value.

The problem is that some iPhone sellers with iPhones bought from carriers fail to honor their contract payments once they sell these phones. The result, the mobile carrier blacklists the iPhone due to defaults on contract payments.

On the flip side, some iPhone users do not even get a chance to enjoy their iDevices because they lose them to pickpockets.  Stolen iPhones end up blacklisted, and then they find their way on E-markets like eBay and Craigslist for sale. One of the other reasons iPhones end up blacklisted is when the owner reports the theft to their mobile service provider.

Pre-used iPhone buyers who do not perform some due diligence end up unknowingly buying blacklisted iPhones.

How does Your IMEI Number Work?

Every mobile device, not only iPhones, has a unique set of 15 digits that identifies it. Think of it like your driver’s license, credit card number, or even your passport number; all these documents have unique sets of numbers identifying them and contain details about you – the owner. It works pretty much the same way with your iPhone’s IMEI number.

activate blacklisted iPhone 6An iPhone’s IMEI number identifies a particular iPhone globally and logs the user (you) data on Apple’s GSX servers every single day. Through your iPhone’s IMEI number, you gain access to diverse services including successfully activating a SIM card and making calls.

The IMEI number functions as an iPhone’s lifeline, and through it, carriers can remotely blacklist an iPhone.

Every time you insert a SIM card into your iPhone, the information goes to the GSX servers for authentification. IMEI numbers fall either on the GSX server’s locked or unlocked list, and if unlocked you can use the iPhone with any SIM card. Carriers use the information, in the same way, to allow you to make calls or send texts, as long as your account is in good order.

Mobile network providers have access to their region’s  GSM blacklist database, and they can place an iPhone’s IMEI either on the list of blacklisted devices. There are several reasons why carriers blacklist iPhones. Also, they can activate blacklisted iPhone 6 depending on certain conditions.

Each country has a blacklist, but most often share their lists of blacklisted devices across countries/continents.

What Could Get Your iPhone Blacklisted?

activate blacklisted iPhone 6When anyone loses their iPhone, just like losing their credit or debit card, they want to prevent access to their valuable data. They go about it in two ways; they activate the iCloud lock through the iCloud site and get their cell service provider to blacklist the iPhone. The reasons why carriers blacklist iPhones include:

  • Due to stolen/lost iPhone reports. The stolen iPhone owner can call their mobile provider and ask them to blacklist the iPhone at any time.
  • Network carriers can blacklist an iPhone that has unpaid contract payments. Many iPhone users buy iPhones through mobile service provider contracts, which requires that they pay monthly fees to service the iPhone.
  • In the case of iPhones linked to illegal activities. Network carriers can blacklist iPhones connected to fraud and other actions against the law.
  • An iPhone owner makes an insurance claim. Many iPhone owners take up insurance covers to safeguard their prized investment. When they lose their iPhones, the insurance cover can replace the iPhone, which then blacklists their previous iPhone’s IMEI.

How Does the Blacklist Affect Your iPhone?

activate blacklisted iPhone 6Mobile service providers permanently block iPhones from making calls or sending texts when they blacklist them. While you may still have access to the iPhone’s other functions and features, the inability to use it as a phone reduces it to an iPod status.

Most used iPhone buyers spend an average of $300 buying the iPhone, and finding out that it is blacklisted makes it a costly mistake. Few people would knowingly buy a blacklisted iPhone, and often, blacklisted iPhones also comes with an iCloud Activation Lock.

So, what options do you have to activate blacklisted iPhone 6?

How Can You Activate a Blacklisted iPhone 6

Yes, it is possible to remove blacklist from iPhones, and it depends on the iPhone’s particular blacklist state. Just like other types of iPhone locks, as explained, carriers blacklist iPhones because of different issues. When you find out why your iPhone ended up on the blacklist, it can help to figure out how to remove your iPhone from the blacklist.

It starts with going for an iPhone blacklist status check to find out the circumstances that led to the iPhone getting blacklisted.

Get a Reliable iPhone Blacklist Check  

You will find countless of websites offering iPhone blacklist check services that claim to activate blacklisted iPhone 6. Some are reliable, and others will take your money and run with it. Therefore, you should know how to identify a secure iPhone blacklist check or unblacklisting service provider.

activate blacklisted iPhone 6First of all, make sure that they provide legitimate premium blacklist checking services that will give you 100% accurate results about your iPhone’s blacklist status. You can determine it by looking into the certifications and recommendations of the checker they use.

Avoid free blacklist check services; everyone can tell you that there is no 100% legitimate service offered in the world that comes from free.

Before buying an iPhone online, always check if the iPhone has a clean or blacklisted IMEI. If you already purchased the iPhone, the blacklist check can help you figure out why the iPhone ended up blacklisted (stolen, insurance claim, or unpaid contract dues).

It is essential to understand that blacklisted iPhone check providers only give you information about an iPhone’s blacklist state, and they do not offer unlocking services. However, reliable service providers will provide you with recommendations of reputable blacklist unblocking methods.

With these guidelines, I recommend the services of iPhoneUnlock.Zone, because they meet and exceed all the expectations and have an exceptional customer support team.

Troubleshoot your iPhone’s Blacklist Status to Unblock it

Worth mentioning, Apple cannot unblacklist iPhones because they are not the ones who blacklist the devices in the first place. Mobile carriers can only unlist an iPhone’s IMEI from the blacklist if the original iPhone owner makes the request and meets some obligations. Based on the different iPhone blacklist states, you can activate blacklisted iPhone 6 using one of these methods:

activate blacklisted iPhone 6

Based on the various iPhone blacklist states, you can activate blacklisted iPhone 6 using one of this technique:

 Activate Blacklisted iPhone 6 with the Original Owner’s Help

As much as you have already heard it; you need the original iPhone owner’s help to unlock a blacklisted iPhone. They can ask the mobile carrier to unlist the iPhone’s IMEI from the blacklist database.

So, the original iPhone owners can achieve this by either making unpaid contract payments or for stolen iPhones mediating in the situation if you bought it legitimately.

If the iPhone has an iCloud lock, the original owner might be understanding enough to remove the iCloud Activation Lock. Remember that it all depends on how you got the iPhone and if you bought it legitimately.

It can get awkward contacting an iPhone owner and telling them that you bought their stolen iPhone. What would you even say them and how would you convince them to help you unblacklist the iPhone? Get all the answers including information on how to reach the original iPhone owner from the Ebook How to Get an iPhone Unblacklist Legally.

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