SIM Unlock iPhone EE review: All the ways to unlock an EE iPhone

EE is one of the most popular UK mobile networks and many people are asking us every day about Carrier Unlock iPhone EE!

It is no secret that there are 2 ways of unlocking an EE iPhone:

  1. You can unlock iPhone EE with unlocking services of EE
  2. You can Carrier Unlock EE iPhone with Official IMEI Unlock Service (also known as Factory Official Unlock Service)

Anything else will fail miserably but when the EE iPhone is refurbished; Factory Official Unlock Method is maybe the only way!

In this article, I will show you both ways of EE iPhone Unlocking and you can use either of them with 100% guaranteed results!

How to Unlock EE UK iPhone with EE Unlocking Service

This service is mostly for EE iPhone’s original owners.  Here are the requirements of EE iPhone Unlocking Service:

  • You must be the account holder for this iPhone and phone number
  • You must have been a customer of EE for at least 6 months
  • There must be no pending contract bills and your account must be up to date
  • The iPhone must not be reported as stolen or lost

If you fulfill these terms, then the EE iPhone unlocking is free if the contract had ended or costs £8.99 if the iPhone is still under contract!

So, if you are the first person who bought this EE iPhone then probably you will be able to unlock your iPhone with EE!

But what happens if you are the original owner and EE refuses to unlock your iPhone?

What happens if you bought a second hand EE iPhone from an online market, local market or from another person?

How to unlock an EE iPhone with Official IMEI Unlock Service

When you don’t know personally the individual who sold you the refurbished EE iPhone, it is impossible to SIM unlock the iPhone with the Mobile Network’s Unlock Services!

But you don’t have to worry about it because there is an iPhone Unlocking Solution which works all the times: The Factory Official Unlock Service!

The requirements of Official IMEI Unlock Service are only four pieces of info:

  1. iPhone IMEI number (click here if you don’t know how to find your iPhone’s IMEI number)
  2. iPhone Model
  3. Mobile Network that locked the iPhone (This time is EE)
  4. iPhone Blacklist Status (click here and find out everything about iPhone’s Blacklists and what it means for iPhone Unlocking)

With this info, authorized IMEI Unlock Providers have access to Apple’s GSX databases and Mobile Networks’ databases! (and EE is not an exception)

The IMEI number will help the iPhone Unlock Provider to track down the iPhone inside these databases and Official IMEI Unlock Method will change the iPhone’s SIM Lock status from locked to UNLOCKED!

Get your EE iPhone Unlocked with Official IMEI Unlock Sevice
All you have to do is to restore your iPhone in iTunes when Official IMEI Unlock Service is completed

If you are not sure about the blacklist status of the iPhone or Mobile Network Identification, an iPhone IMEI Check Service will instantly tell you and moreover expose ALL hidden iPhone issues that might ruin the IMEI Unlock process

(In fact, you wouldn’t even buy a locked pre-owned EE iPhone if you had first IMEI Check it!)

Results and benefits of Factory unlocking EE iPhone

When you Network unlocking an EE iPhone with Official IMEI Unlock Service, this is what you get:

  • Your EE iPhone will be SIM Unlocked with ALL GSM Carriers worldwide
  • Factory Official Unlock is approved by Apple, EE and all other Carriers
  • The iPhone Unlocking is processed by Apple
  • It doesn’t spoil Apple Warranty, AppleCare+ or Insurance Plan
  • It doesn’t need iPhone modifying
  • It doesn’t need jailbreak
  • It doesn’t spoil Jailbreak
  • All iPhone features (like iOS updates, iTunes, etc.) will work perfectly fine after the unlock
  • You can resell the iPhone as unlocked for the highest market value

Which IMEI Unlock Provider to use in order to unlock iPhone EE

In a few days, a great research will be published on Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU with the form of iPhone Unlocking Comparison Pages!

We tested more than 40 popular IMEI Unlock Providers in order to create our top 10 iPhone Unlocking Solutions for the most popular Carriers worldwide and for all iPhone models!

(I will update this article, the first moment I will have the EE SIM Unlocking in my hands)

Of course, EE is included in this research but until UU.EU’s benchmarks are out there these are our number 1 choices

  1. iPhoneUnlock.Zone (Check out iUZ’s customer reviews on SiteJabber)
  2. UnlockSpector (Check out UnlockSpector’s customer reviews on SiteJabber)

If you still have problems with iPhone unlocking, leave a comment below and I will be more than glad to help you solve them ASAP!

Take care!

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