Beware of Unlock iCloud Generator: Which is the only way to disable iCloud Activation Lock?

A few weeks ago, I exposed the whole truth about iCloud Remover 1.0.2 and now it is the turn of Unlock iCloud Generator!

Despite the fact that all iCloud Lock Removal tools are illegal, some of them used to work until iOS 8.

Since iOS 9 the iCloud Activation Lock was merged with Find My iPhone feature and it is almost impossible to bypass iCloud Lock!


Before proceeding with an iCloud Activation Lock Removal it is very important to know the iCloud Status (Mode) of your iPhone (or other iDevice), because it can (and will!) determine the Success or Failure of the iCloud Unlock.

CLEAN devices are easier to unlock whereas LOST/STOLEN/ERASED are extremely hard!

Check the CLEAN/LOST/STOLEN/ERASED iCloud Status of your iPhone

Will Unlock iCloud Generator remove the iCloud Activation Lock?

And if none of the Unlock iCloud Hacking Tools work how can I deactivate the iCloud Activation Lock from an iPhone?

All the answers about iCloud Unlocking are here!

Can Unlock iCloud Generator bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

Let’s start with the basics before continuing with the truth about Unlock iCloud Generator!

iCloud Activation Lock (we can also call it Find My iPhone Activation Lock since iOS 9) is almost unhackable!

I’m saying ”almost” because there are situations (as UU.EU visitors reported) that an iPhone was stolen or lost and when the original owner tried to use Find My iPhone feature to track down the stolen iPhone, discovered that iCloud Activation Lock was disabled!

Did the thief (or the person who found the iPhone) used Unlock iCloud Generator to remove the iCloud Lock?

Does Unlock iCloud Generator work?

I started researching and testing these iCloud Unlocking Tools a few years ago and until iOS 8 some of them worked!

Even then, my problem was that all Bypass Activation Lock Tools are ALL ILLEGAL and this is natural because, at the end of the day, you would remove the Find My iPhone Activation Lock from a stolen iPhone without original owner’s permission!

Would you like that if the stolen or lost iPhone was yours?

But ok. You are not the thief. A thief scammed you into buying an iCloud Locked iPhone!

You spent hundreds of dollars or EURO or Pounds or YEN or whatever and now you can’t activate the iCloud Locked iPhone without original owner’s Apple ID and password!

Unlock iCloud Generator is FAKEYou are desperate and google iCloud Unlock! Immediately, you will find dozens of iCloud Unlocking tools with similar names:

  • Unlock iCloud Generator
  • Unlock iCloud Generator v3.2.1
  • Unlock iCloud Generator v5.2.1
  • iCloud Remover 1.0.2
  • iCloud Unlock just £19.99
  • iCloud bypass for all iDevices
  • iCloud bypass activation

The name makes no difference! Unlock iCloud Generator and all other Hack iCloud Activation Lock Tools are FRAUDS.

So, the answer is: Hell, NO!

But let me explain more!

Why Unlock iCloud Generator is a scam

My first question is this: How Unlock iCloud Generator works?

No one is telling you! You will just visit sites that have a button to click on and most of them will redirect you to another site and then to another site and then somewhere else (you understand already what is really happening) and then they will provide you with a link to download a special software named Unlock iCloud Generator or a similar name (like above) and you might even have to pay for $170! FOR WHAT?

I have no idea! No one does because they don’t work! Some of them might bullsh#t you with ”factory” removing the Bypass iCloud Account Activation Lock!

NO! Factory Official iPhone Unlock is totally legal and works 100% but it only removes the SIM Lock from your iPhone (which is awesome) and nothing more!

But ok, I’m just one random guy you found on the internet, like them, and in the end, I will expose you the only way to remove iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone (you bet I will but it won’t be what you are thinking right now)

Let’s take a look at what people report about Unlock iCloud Generator on SiteJabber:


Go ahead and do your own research on any review site! Write Unlock iCloud Generator or just iCloud Unlocking!

You will find no reviews, other times a bunch of fake good reviews and ALWAYS a ton of pissed off customers who were scammed by any iCloud Lock Hacking tool!

So, how can I disable iCloud Activation Lock when Unlock iCloud Generator is a con?

I already told you that there is a way to unlock an iCloud Locked iPhone, so here it is: FIND THE IPHONE’S ORIGINAL OWNER

The original owner is the only one who can disable the iCloud Activation Lock from the iPhone!

If you can see a phone number or an email on the screen, use it and contact the original owner!

If you can’t see a message with original owner’s contact information on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen, then you must somehow find him/her! How?

With an iCloud Contact Information Service!

This service has authorized access to Apple’s iCloud Databases and will get you ALL contact information of the Apple ID account which iCloud locked the iPhone

Unlock iCloud Generator is a fraud, use an icloud contact information service. This is how your report will look like

To use this service, you will need:

  1. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s IMEI number (press the ”i” icon on the top right corner of the screen or check out all the ways to find an iPhone’s IMEI number)
  2. The iCloud Locked iPhone’s UDID number (click here to learn how to find your iPhone’s UDID number)

Now you can reach the iPhone’s original owner, explain what happened and from what visitors report on our blog, as long as you are not the thief and you can provide proof that you were scammed into buying this iPhone, the original owner will gladly iCloud unlock the iPhone!

Even if the original owner is not responding, you can use this info to make a Formal iCloud Lock Removal Request to Apple!

Unlock iCloud Generator won't work. Get an iCloud contact information service right now
It is always wise to do an IMEI Check first because the iCloud Locked iPhone will be also 99% SIM Locked, Blacklisted or have another hidden issue

I really hope you read this article before losing you money on a useless Unlock iCloud Generator Tool! If you still have questions about iCloud Unlocking or iPhone Unlocking in general, leave a comment below and I will help you ASAP.

Take care!

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