How do iPhone IMEI checkers work and Are they worth it?

Anyone interested in either buying an iPhone or unlocking one often asks the same question: how do iPhone IMEI checkers work and are they worth it? Many iPhone owners never quite understand why they should get an IMEI check and its importance. Some do not even know where they can get these services, if it is reliable, and if it is legal.

Well, this post is for anyone considering an IMEI check. The post explores how iPhone IMEI checkers work, what you need for an IMEI check, and what information you get from it.

iPhone IMEI Checkers: How do they work?

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Everyone needs the services of good iPhone IMEI checkers at some point. The check reveal all the information related to an iDevice. In this case, we are focusing on the iPhone IMEI check in particular.

The check providers get these details from the Apple GSX server. The server lists the IMEIs of all iPhones in existence. It also contains details about the history of each iPhone’s operative life. Usually, the IMEI check service provider will ask for your iPhone’s IMEI number to get these details.

Each IMEI provider requests for different information. The IMEI number is often the common aspect they all use for the check.

IMEI number: What is it and why is it important?

The IMEI is a 15 digit code that functions as a unique identifying code found on mobile phones. This code uniquely identifies each iDevice worldwide. For your iPhone to access various services, it transmits the information to the network for authentification. It is a virtual process that happens in a matter of seconds. It mostly does not affect your ability to use your iPhone.

The database logs all the information related to a particular iPhone on a daily basis. For instance, if an iPhone inserts a  SIM they can either achieve connection or fail to connect to the network. The GSX server contains details about the iPhone’s SIM/network lock status, which enables an iPhone to use several SIM cards from different carriers or locks them to use a SIM provided by one particular carrier.

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When an iPhone connects to the server for the first time, the device sends this information to the database. The server then logs the information including registering the initial record date, the carrier, the country, and details of the user who activated the device.

You can quickly get this information from General> About under the iPhone settings. Alternatively dial *#06# to get your iPhone’s IMEI number. You could also check the back cover of your iPhone or underneath the SIM tray for your IMEI number.

Does it affect your privacy?

iphone imei, iPhone imei checkers, imei check, privacy, iphone unlock, data disclosureYou must now have a better understanding about your IMEI and how it interacts with the GSX Apple server.  Many iPhone users have raised concerns about whether or not they lose their privacy to the server.

The server does log every single detail about your iPhone, you can think of it as your iPhone’s online diary. However, Apple’s privacy policies protect iPhone user’s data, and they do not disclose the information contained in the database.

iPhone IMEI checkers cannot access user identity data. The only data that these services can access are those related to the status of the iPhone. It includes the iPhone’s  carrier lock state, iCloud, warranty, contract and blacklist status. The process does not reveal the user’s identity.

You can also check if the device is under insurance or if an authorized store modified it. So, don’t worry, IMEI checkers DON’T invade your privacy at all.

The database does not register any change made through unauthorized stores such as the modification of internal components or external structure. Thereforeiphone imei, imei check, privacy, iPhone imei checkers, iphone unlock, how to unlock my phone, these processes are not legal procedures and hence the reason why they void your Apple warranty. Therefore, when buying a refurbished iPhone, look for an authorized store so you can have a warranty.

The Legal Status

The law protects user data and does not allow the disclosure of this data even in criminal cases. Law enforcement professionals who want this information often have to go to court to get subpoenas allowing them to access such information. While these conditions are worth reviewing to promote security and guarantee the state of justice, the users’ privacy is the standard by which Apple acts.

Protecting users’ privacy is the standard by which Apple operates.

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For more information about how to unlock iPhones, you can have a look at this post: Unlock iPhone 6+, 6s, 7 & 7+ – Why You Need a Check IMEI Service.

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