FAQs you want to know about iPhone IMEI check and unlock

If you’ve got a locked iPhone and you want to unlocked it but you don’t know how, I present you all the frequent questions that most people have when it comes to this task. You may be unsure about this process or asking yourself if it is worthy but let me tell you that it is a safe and easy option. Millions of people every day enjoy the benefits of iPhone IMEI check and unlock and now it is time for you to witness those benefits too.


iPhone IMEI check

What is an IMEI?

IMEI is the acronym of International Mobile Station Equipment Identity which, as the name says, is a unique code that identifies every phone worldwide. This code allows tracking the phone every time it connects to the network. This code permits some functions such as locking the phone in case of theft/loss or to prevent switching carriers. Likewise, phones can be unlocked through the IMEI code.




How can I get the IMEI code?

You can get IMEI code in many ways:

  • By dialing *#06# into your Phone app.
  • Searching on Settings>General>About.
  • On the back of the iPhone (few models only)
  • By tapping the info icon (i) of the iOS setup assistant (“Hello” screen)


What are the benefits of the iPhone IMEI check?

IMEI check can tell if your iPhone is locked or unlocked by providing the following information:

  • SIM lock status.

  • Carrier/Network lock status.

  • iCloud lock check.

  • Warranty status.

  • Blacklist (stolen) check.


What do I need to get an iPhone IMEI check?

You will only need your IMEI code and your email. Depending on the IMEI check service, it may be required to specify the iPhone model.


Can I unlock my phone after an iPhone IMEI check?

Yes, you can. It is the main reason why people get their IMEI checks for their iPhones. The unlock process times may vary depending on the service and the lock status of your iPhone.


Can I unlock my iPhone anytime?

Yes. Even if you’ve just bought the iPhone with a carrier (rate plan). You won’t have any problem later.


iPhone IMEI check

 If I unlock my iPhone, will I lose the warranty?

No. The IMEI unlock process is safe. Your iPhone will keep the Apple warranty after getting it unlocked.




May I lose the unlock if I update the firmware?

No. The IMEI unlock process is permanent. You will always be able to keep your iPhone updated with the most recent firmware version. It will be like having a totally new iPhone.


iPhone IMEI check

How long will it take to unlock my iPhone?

It depends on the carrier which has locked the iPhone. Usually, it takes a few hours, days or a week to complete the process.



Do I need to send the iPhone somewhere to get it unlocked?

No. There is no need to send the phone anywhere. You will only need to have the iTunes software and an Internet connection to complete the unlock process after making contact with the IMEI checker.


What do I need to start the iPhone IMEI unlock?

You need to have your iPhone IMEI check previously. Later, you will be given a lock status report which will tell you what is locking the phone. Then, the service will offer some options to unlock your phone.


iPhone IMEI check, UnlockSpector

What is the best iPhone IMEI check service?

We have been doing some research among customers to get their feedback and we came to the conclusion that the best option on the market is UnlockSpector which is the most popular IMEI checker nowadays.




What are the benefits of UnlockSpector?

  • UnlockSpector is a quick and safe iPhone IMEI check service.
  • You will get a report about your iPhone in real time directly from the Apple GSX server to ensure you get the most detailed information.
  • It verifies that the iPhone is clean and not blacklisted for secure and cheap unlocking services.
  • You will be guided through the unlock process by iPhone experts
  • They give you reliable unlock solution without any risk.
  • They provide accurate and verified recommendations for your specific iPhone model, iOS version, and Mobile Network.
  • You will get verified unlocking solutions. 100% guaranteed.
  • And the most important: Affordable!!

iPhone IMEI check, UnlockSpector


Now you know how easy is to get your iPhone IMEI check and unlock, you can start the process with UnlockSpector.




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