The Only iPhone Activation Lock Hack That You Should Use

You got here because you are now looking for an iPhone activation lock hack that works. When you wanted an iPhone terribly, you may not have fully known what it means to own one. Yes, it probably gave you that bragging rights status amongst friends and family.  You relish being an Apple, device owner. It probably all went well, but then the problems start. You can no longer use it unless you activate it using an Apple ID and password.

iPhone activation lock hack - locked iPhoneIt doesn’t take long to figure out that you have an iCloud locked iPhone on your hands. If you are not too sure about the particular lock state of your iPhone, an IMEI check will sort this out. Naturally, you go online trying to search for an iPhone activation lock hack.

You find out that you have to contact the original iPhone owner to activate iCloud locked iPhone. The only problem is that you bought the iPhone online and the seller is not responding to your emails about the iCloud locked iPhone situation.

The whole situation is enough to drive anyone up the wall. It shouldn’t because this iPhone activation lock hack guide can help you troubleshoot and unlock your locked iPhone.

iPhone Status Check

The Role Of The iCloud Activation Lock On Your iPhone

iPhone activation lock hack - activation lockIf you have successfully activated a new or pre-used iPhone that you recently bought, you must have had to set up the iCloud Activation Lock. However, if you are relatively new to Apple devices and may not be familiar with it, the iCloud Activation lock was introduced by Apple back in 2013 as an added security measure for Apple devices.

 When the Activation Lock is on, you will have to enter your Apple ID and password to gain access to your iPhone. The iCloud Activation Lock is turned on automatically when you activate the Find My iPhone feature.

The Find My iPhone feature is accessible through Settings >iCloud>Find My iPhone. When you turn it on, it automatically requires anyone who wants to gain access and use an iPhone to enter an Apple ID and password linked to the iPhone.

To sum it all up, say a thief steals your iPhone, and you had the iPhone Activation Lock on, it will essentially be something useless to them. The activation lock prevents the thief from gaining access and using the iPhone if they are unable to enter your Apple ID and password. So, the iCloud Activation Lock makes an iPhone useless to anyone else who isn’t its original owner.

How Will You Know If Your iPhone Is Activation Locked?

When you power on an iPhone and slide to unlock it, if it asks you for a passcode or the home screen appears then the iPhone has not been erased by its previous user. The chances are that if the original iPhone owner has not wiped the iPhone’s contents, then it is still linked to their iCloud account.

You can only find out if your iPhone is activation locked by performing an IMEI check with.

How Did Your iPhone End Up Activation Locked?

Let’s go back to how you got your iPhone; you probably bought it from a commercial or charity auction house, an online marketplace, off the streets, or it was at hand down or gift from a friend/family member. Also, you might have bought the iPhone yourself, and along its use, it ended up activation locked.

The reason why where you got your iPhone is important is that it establishes the first approach you will use to try and get it unlocked.

Commercial Or Charity Auction Purchase

iPhone activation lock hack - iPhone auctionFirstly, if you bought it from a commercial or charity auction, then it must have been a donation or one of those iPhones that get left at the airport.

The auction house may issue an IMEI check certificate that shows that the iPhone is fully functioning. However, when you get home and try to activate it or even after activating it and using it for a few weeks, you will realize that it is locked.

When you get back to the commercial or charity auction house, it will turn out that the iPhone had indeed gotten cleared as an unlocked device at the time they acquired it. However, by the time you bought it, the original owner might have placed it on Lost Mode or even remotely erased its contents through the iCloud website.

Online Marketplace Purchase

Chances are you either bought the iPhone from eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist. In the case of eBay and Amazon, you might have communicated with the seller through email and had the iPhone shipped out to you.

iPhone activation lock hack - online marketplacesThe seller might have knowingly failed to disclose the fact that the iPhone is activation locked or they might have initiated the lock status after you receive the iPhone and the return period lapses. The reason why they would go ahead and do it is to place an insurance claim which will get them a replacement iPhone, and they also get to keep the money you paid them for their old iPhone.

Sometimes, it all just comes down to human error, and when 50% of pre-owned iPhone sellers sell their old iPhones, they forget to unlink it from their iCloud account.

If you bought your iPhone from Craiglist and met with the seller, you might have caught on to the activation lock issue and sorted it on the spot, or they might have also initiated the lock remotely after selling the iPhone to you.

Gift From A Friend Or Family

iPhone activation lock hack - iPhone giftThe last thing anyone who gives a gift wants is to give a gift that cannot be used. For a valuable and expensive gift such as an iPhone, no one expects that there are chances that it won’t work.

Similarly, your friend or family member who gifted the iPhone to you might have gotten it from an auction or online marketplace. Sometimes, there have been cases of people gifting others iPhones that have been “found.”

It ends up presenting an embarrassing situation and obviously, both parties, the gift giver and the person who received the gift, would want to do anything to get the iPhone unlocked.

You Forgot Your Password

iPhone activation lock hack - forgotten iCloud passwordYes, it does happen, and people just forget passwords and end up getting locked out of their iPhones. It happens more than you would think, particularly to individuals who have several devices with different passwords to remember.

Also, could be that you had an Apple device in the past and might have switched to using another smartphone brand, and when you get back to using iPhones, you can’t recall your Apple credentials.

The same situation sometimes happens to someone who wants to sell their old iPhone that they no longer use or a family or friend who decides to gift you their old iPhone.

What iPhone Activation Lock Hack Can Unlock Your iPhone

You are reading all this because you just want to bypass Activation Lock and get back the full use of your iPhone. Most likely, you have already initiated a few attempts to unlock your iPhone, and they were unsuccessful. The tried and tested iPhone activation lock hack that will work is always a legal method.

iPhone activation lock hack - Contact AppleThere are two ways to legally remove an iPhone activation lock and gain back full use of the device. You will either have to contact the original iPhone owner or contact Apple to help out with the situation.

You can initiate communication with the original iPhone owner and explain to them about the activation lock situation. They might just be helpful enough and remove the iPhone from their list of Find My iPhone devices. However, more than often, this does not work, and you will then need to contact Apple.

In as much as only the original iPhone owner’s Apple credentials can bypass an iCloud activation lock, depending on the particular lock state, Apple might be able to offer some form of assistance.

The password reset issue is the easiest to solve to give you full access back to your iPhone. You can go to the iCloud website and request for a password reset. It will only work if you are the original iPhone owner and know the Apple ID email linked to the iCloud account.

Find out more about contacting the original iPhone owner or Apple support to help unlock your iPhone from our eBook How To Legally Unlock iCloud.

What Can You Do With An iPhone That Can’t Get Activated?

Worst case scenario, you have tried everything we have recommended, including having tried an iPhone activation lock hack from the numerous online sites that offer them, and you still have an activation locked iPhone on your hands. Next, you will have to figure out what options you have to try and get some use out of the iCloud locked iPhone.

Unfortunately, unlike a disabled iPhone that allows you to use the different features of an iPhone, you cannot access any iPhone feature at all with an activation locked iPhone. Therefore, you only have two options that might just help you recoup some of the money you spent on it. You can either sell it for parts or sell it with full disclosure that it is an iCloud locked iPhone.

Selling Your iCloud Locked iPhone For Spares

Just like with any other tech gadget out there, iPhone owners end up needing spares at one point or another.

iPhone activation lock hack - iPhone sparesNot every iPhone user takes up insurance for their iPhones, particularly the pre-owned iPhone owner. Therefore, when such an iPhone owner has to fix a cracked screen or replace any of its internal components, they will naturally look for a cost-effective way to fix their iPhone.

Don’t expect to get nearly anything close to what you spent buying the iPhone, but whatever you get out of selling your iCloud locked iPhone for spares is better than nothing.

Find out more about how to sell your locked iPhone.

Selling Your iCloud Locked iPhone With Full Disclosure

iPhone activation lock hack - locked iPhone for saleYou might also want to list your iCloud locked iPhone on online marketplaces for sale. As long as you give full disclosure about its locked state, you might just end up finding a willing buyer.

You will be surprised that there are some hopeful iPhone owners ready to buy an iCloud locked iPhone and try their luck at unlocking it. Obviously, you will have to significantly price down the iPhone and once again just be happy if you can find a willing buyer altogether.

Another option is to try to sell it through the numerous buyback services available online. Again, you won’t get much out of it, but it will help you recover some money back.

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