Full iPhone IMEI Check: What is it and Why Do You Need it?

Are you familiar with what a full iPhone IMEI check is all about? Let’s discover everything about an IMEI and IMEI check and the reasons why you need it for your iPhone.

What is a Full iPhone IMEI Check?

A full iPhone IMEI check can be compared to a background check of an iPhone using only its IMEI number. It will reveal the iPhone details such as the iPhone model, serial number, Find My iPhone status, Carrier information as well as the blacklist status.

        full iPhone IMEI check  What is an IMEI?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. From the words itself, it identifies a mobile device which distinguishes it from others. IMEI number is a 14 to 16-digit numbers which serve as your smartphone’s identification.

One importance of having to know your iPhone’s IMEI number is in the case of loss. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can contact your network provider and request to block your iPhone from using their network. That way, if someone tries to use it, they won’t be able to do so. Your service provider will need your iPhone’s IMEI number to do this. In this situation, your device is no longer with you so it is important that you have saved your IMEI number somewhere safe.

          Where to Find my iPhone IMEI number?

IMEI number

The easiest way to determine your iPhone’s IMEI number is to simply type *#06# on the Phone app. It will automatically display your iPhone’s IMEI number. It works on most mobile devices.

Other ways to find out your iPhone’s IMEI number is by going to Settings > General > About. Then, scroll down and look for the IMEI portion. That is your phone’s IMEI number.

Another obvious way is to flip your iPhone and look for the IMEI number at the bottom part at the back. It is written in tiny font, along with “Designed by Apple in….” phrases.

Once you identify it, make sure you save it in your journal or somewhere safe for future reference. Or in case, you would need it when your iPhone gets lost or stolen.

Why Do You Need a Full iPhone IMEI Check?

A full iPhone IMEI check is necessary if you are considering buying a second-hand iPhone. Or, if you have found a lost iPhone and want to know if it’s clean. Or maybe you want to sell your iPhone and would want to check its IMEI status.

Below are the top three reasons why you should have a full iPhone IMEI check:

       locked iPhone   To Know your iPhone Carrier/ Sim Lock Status

By default, Apple is selling factory unlocked iPhones. However, network providers have introduced offering iPhones on a contract basis. People can now get their latest iPhone model by only paying a monthly fee for 2 to 3 years.

What’s the catch?

The iPhone is locked to their network. It means that SIM Cards from different carrier won’t work on a locked iPhone.

Initially, consumers do not mind having a locked iPhone. However, in a certain situation where you need to use another SIM Card, you can’t do it. Maybe when the network is down or under maintenance. Or, maybe you are traveling abroad and would want to use the same iPhone there. You won’t be able to do it.

If you’ve just got an iPhone from a friend or as a gift, the first thing you need to check is if it is locked or unlocked. A full iPhone IMEI check will not only reveal if your iPhone is carrier locked but will also provide the Carrier or Network to which it is locked with.

          To Discover your iPhone iCloud Statusfind my iPhone

Buying a second-hand iPhone can be quite risky. An iCloud locked iPhone means that the previous owner’s Apple ID and Password are still associated with your iPhone. If the iPhone shows an Activation Lock screen, the only way to unlock it is by entering the Apple ID and Password used to lock it.

In certain cases, an iPhone is usable and is not showing an Activation Lock screen but can still be an iCloud locked iPhone. We’ll never know if the owner has just delayed turning on Activation Lock on iCloud.

When he turns on the Lost Mode, you will be locked out of the iPhone and will be asked for the Apple ID and Password.

To avoid this dilemma, a full iPhone IMEI check is really necessary.

When buying a second-hand iPhone, one of the most important things to check is the iCloud status. If it is iCloud locked and the seller cannot provide the Apple ID and Password to unlock it, the iPhone is probably a stolen one.

        blacklisted iPhone  To Reveal if your iPhone is Blacklisted

Since iPhone is an expensive mobile device, it is prone to theft.

When you are considering buying a pre-owned iPhone, you might not know whether is it being sold by its legal owner, or it was stolen. Since there have been an increasing number of reported thefts related to mobile devices, mobile network providers in North America came up with the idea of blacklisting. They developed a shared global database of lost or stolen devices and blacklisted these devices.

A reported lost or stolen iPhone will result in blacklisting the device thru its IMEI number. Through IMEI checking, consumers will have the opportunity to know whether a pre-owned device is reported as lost or stolen before making the purchase.

Blacklisting an iPhone makes it nearly impossible for criminals to resell a stolen iPhone. If a stolen iPhone was immediately reported and blacklisted, mobile networks will lock the device making it unavailable to activate the iPhone on any carrier.

Having an IMEI check for a cheap price before making the purchase will save you the trouble of losing much more money in buying a blacklisted iPhone.

Get a Full iPhone IMEI check now!

Don’t be deceived by anyone. Get your full iPhone IMEI check now to discover your iPhone’s carrier or SIM lock status, unveil its iCloud status and reveal if it is a blacklisted iPhone.

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