CRASH TEST: Which iPhone IMEI Check Company should I trust


The fact that you landed on this page, means that you know how important an IMEI Check service is, but see an overview of why:

  • IMEI Check report problem solvingGives you the current status of your iPhone
  • Helps you to understand if this iPhone is ready for use
  • Reveals you any issues an iPhone might have
  • Informs you about which solution is the best for fixing your iPhone

We have been active on iPhone Unlocking and Checking for almost 9 years, so we have tons of experience working with IMEI Check and iPhone Unlock companies.

All those years, we have tested over 100 IMEI Check companies and we know which of them get the job done and which doesn’t.

Criteria of our IMEI Check Company Crash Tests:

What matters?
IMEI Check service criteriaWe know that when it comes to an IMEI Check report, the following criteria should be met:
  1. Accuracy
  2. Source of information
  3. Response Time
  4. Proper explanation of the report
  5. Easy to understand recommendations/solutions

3 IMEI Check Companies thrown to our pit

We narrowed down our test to 3 IMEI Check companies which met the above criteria.

  1. IMEI.Report

IMEI.Report Quick Overview:


The IMEI.Report company is all about information.

They will find ALL available information about your device, important and unimportant (Unimportant to non tech-savvy ones).

They have a beautiful user interface, very straightforward ordering procedure and step by step questions, that will help you to understand what information you need to know and how they will help you.

Why: Ideal for users that want to receive a detailed report of an iPhone either for purchasing it OR for selling it (As a proof of CLEAN and Ready to Use status).

Special Feature: Their strong card is their detailed User Dashboard and their chat platform.

Full Package Price: $11.16 (USD) Quick Overview:’s audience is a little more “sophisticated”.
By that, I mean that you need to know what information to request in order to identify the issue of your device.
They also have a full package, which includes all available information about your device and their famous “Call Back Service“.

Why: Ideal for users that want to unlock their iPhone. UnlockSpector’s full IMEI Check report, will locate the key values that can affect an iPhone Unlock service, point them out, explain them and suggest you the best possible way of making your iPhone usable again.

Special Feature: Their strong card is the “Call back Service” (You get to talk with an iPhone expert)

Customer Reviews: 4/5 stars

Full Package Price: $29.95 (USD) Quick Overview: is a simpler company.
They have 4 basic IMEI checks which are crucial if you want to get all available information of your device.
They also offer a full package which includes all 4 IMEI Checks and a PDF report.

Why:  Ideal for selling your iPhone and also have a Certificate that it is ready for use.

Special Feature: Their strong card is the PDF IMEI Check report document.

Customer Reviews: 4/5 stars

Full Package Price: $14.95 (USD)

Price Overview of all IMEI Check Companies:

Based on the full packages and single services prices, below you can see an overview chart which shows you the winner.

Price Overview IMEI Check Companies

IMEI.Report Prices:
Best price IMEI.reportIMEI.Report has the best full package and single service prices. Prices:
IMEI Check has a very decent price for their full package and within this price you will also get a very detailed PDF report. Prices:
IMEI Check has the highest price of the full package, but within this price you will be able to request a call from one of their agent, to explain you every single value of your report and what your next options are.

Accuracy Overview of IMEI Check Companies:

Accuracy-Guarantee-IMEI CheckFor this test, there is not much we can say.

All of the above companies provided us similar information even when we tried to change some values to our iPhones.

All of them, have GSX access, which is the only place that you can find accurate and up to date information for an IMEI number.

Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) is a tool capable of single service, repair and order management. Apple partners use GSX to pull together various service business with Apple worldwide. In simple words, all IMEI numbers can be found inside this database, with all their details.

So, this is a tie for all 3 IMEI Check companies.

Response Time Overview of IMEI Check Companies:

Normally, this varies, since sometimes Apple’s GSX database might be OFFLINE due to maintenance.

Those services work to their best during midday weekdays and this is when we run our tests.

We provided 10 IMEI number to each IMEI Check company and we received the IMEI Check reports within the following average response time.

Response Time Overview IMEI Check Companies Response Time:
IMEI Check Response time was the faster IMEI Check company, with an average of 3 minutes and 27 seconds. To their response, they included both their phonenumber and requested ours. We tested their Call Back Service and they call us back within 1 minute from the moment we send them our contact details.
IMEI.Report Response Time:
IMEI Check Response time IMEI.reportIMEI.Report took a bit longer (4 minutes and 26 seconds), but their information include much more details. They do not send you a report, but they have a very beautiful user interface to browse all information about your iPhone. Response Time:
IMEI Check Response time was the slowest one with 5 minutes and 31 seconds. To their reply, not only they had the full IMEI Check report as a text, but also as a PDF.
If you look those response times again, the difference is very low. If you compare them with other IMEI Check services (Which some of them might take over 24 hours) you can clearly understand that 1-2 minutes difference is nothing!
So, we believe that all three IMEI Check companies have a great response time (During middays and weekdays), so it is a tie again!

Explanation of the Report Quick Overview:

All three IMEI Check companies have a different way to present their IMEI Check reports.

All of them are very easy to understand, but I guess it is up to you to decide which method suits you best!

IMEI.Report Dashboard:
The User Dashboard, is basically the IMEI Check report. It is divided to small blocks that provide specific information for your iPhone. Each block is a seperate IMEI Check service. As you can see, you can choose to order only a single check.
It is very easy to read and if for any reason you feel confused, you can initiate a chat with the agent that was responsible for checking your iPhone!
Click Here to See IMEI.Report Sample IMEI Check Report:
The report of is an e-mail (Through their Customer Support Platform), which shows you the report that was received by Apple’s GSX databases, and also explains you in detail what this report means.
It breaks the report to small pieces, which include the SIM-Lock, Network Identification, Blacklist Status, Warrant & Contract Status, Financial Status and iCloud status.

Based on all the above information, they explain you what is the best solution for your device.

Again, a very straightforward procedure which is easy to comprehend.

Click Here to See Sample IMEI Check Report:
The IMEI check report from is also an e-mail but it also contains the PDF format of this report.
They also make a very good explanation of all the values and if there is an issue, the best possible way of fixing it!
Click Here to See Sample

How to order an IMEI Check Report

Although the procedure is easy to understand a lot of our users requested from us to create a quick “How to Order” tutorial for the top 3 IMEI Check companies and here it is!

You only need to know the IMEI number of your device in order to purchase an iPhone IMEI Check report (All 3 IMEI Check companies show you how to find your iPhone’s IMEI number)

IMEI.Report Ordering Procedure:

1 – Go to their Website (IMEI.Report)

2 – Type your IMEI number (Instructions can be found below the IMEI Number field)

3 – Click on the “Check IMEI’ button

IMEI.Report Step 1

4 – Answer 3 simple questions about your iPhone if you know them (If you are Not Sure, you can click on the “Check” button at the bottom and immediately order an IMEI Check)

IMEI.Report Step 2
IMEI.Report Step 3
IMEI.Report Step 4

5 – Type the e-mail address that you want to receive updates about the status of your order

IMEI.Report Step e-mail

6 – Pick any IMEI Check service you want (By picking them all, you receive a 30% discount)

IMEI.Report Step 6

7 – Complete the payment through PayPal and wait a few minutes to receive an e-mail that your order is now completed

8 – Open the e-mail that you received, click on the “HERE” link and get redirected to your Dashboard, which will be updated with all available information (Based on the order that you made)

IMEI.Report Step 7

9 – You can contact them anytime you want, through their chat at the bottom Ordering Procedure:

1 – Go to their Website (

2 – Type your IMEI number and E-mail address to their Ordering form

3 – Click on the “Get IMEI Check” button Step 1

3 – To their checkout page, you can pick any IMEI Check service you want (Picking them all, will provide you a 30% discount) Step 2

4 – Complete the payment through PayPal

5 – You will immediately receive an e-mail which will inform you that your IMEI number is being processed

6 – After a few minutes you will recieve to your e-mail address the full IMEI Check report

UnlockSpector IMEI check report

7 – By replying to the message which contains the report you can initiate a conversation with the agent that processed your order

Unlockspector review Find previous lock provider

Unlockspector review detailed iPhone IMEI Check report

Unlockspector review quick IMEI Check results

Unlockspector review Guaranteed unlock service Ordering Procedure:

1 – Go to their Website (

2 – Type the IMEI number and your e-mail address

3 – Click on the “Check My iPhone!” button Step 1

4 – Proceed to the checkout page, where you can pick any IMEI check service you want (Picking the “Full IMEI Check” package, will provide you a 40% discount) Step 2

5 – Complete the payment through PayPal

6 – Receive instantly an e-mail which will inform you that your payment was verified and that your IMEI number is being processed

7 – Receive the full IMEI Check report to your e-mail address and the PDF report as an attachment

Which IMEI Check Company should I choose?

Each company has its extra features, which means that you need to take your pick based on your needs.

  • if you want to learn an extremely large number of your iPhone’s details, such as Phone Age or the frequency your iPhone’s network users, then IMEI.Report is the right company for you.
  • If you want to unlock your iPhone and you need to be 100% confident that you will purchase the correct iPhone Unlock service, then is the ideal company for you.
  • If you want to prove the status of your iPhone (For selling it, etc..) then company will send you their PDF Certificate

IMEI Check services conclusion

CONCLUSION: IMEI Check Companies Crash Test

  • All of the above IMEI Check companies will provide you an accurate and up to date IMEI Check Report
  • All of them will recommend you ways to fix any issues your iPhone might have
  • All of them have an almost instant Response Time
  • All of them were tested repeatedly and worked 100% everytime
  • Each of these companies has its Special feature. Pick wisely!


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