Checking iPhone IMEI Status: 3 Reasons Why It’s Necessary

If you are into buying second-hand iPhones, you should be very familiar with an iPhone IMEI status. Checking iPhone IMEI status is necessary when buying pre-owned iPhone to protect yourself from defective and stolen iPhones.

Aside from this, there are 3 major reasons why it is a must to have an iPhone IMEI status check. In this article, you will learn what an iPhone IMEI is all about, who checks an IMEI and the reasons why it is necessary.

What is an iPhone IMEI?iPhone IMEI checker

Even mobile devices have an identification number to separate each one from the rest. IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is not just another serial number of a mobile device.

It is a 14 to 16-digit numbers that uniquely identifies a mobile device. With only the IMEI number, one can discover the iPhone details, model, carrier, iCloud status, blacklist status, warranty and contract status.

IMEI number can be determined by simply typing *#06# on the Phone app. It will automatically display your iPhone IMEI number.

Other ways to find out your iPhone’s IMEI number is by going to Settings > General > About. Then, scroll down and look for the IMEI portion. That is your phone’s IMEI number.

Another obvious way is to flip your iPhone and look for the IMEI number at the bottom part at the back. It is written in tiny font, along with “Designed by Apple in….” phrases.

When do You Check iPhone IMEI status?

when to have IMEI checkIdeally, before buying a pre-owned iPhone, you have to first, check the iPhone IMEI status. You can just simply ask for the IMEI number from the seller.

If the iPhone is presumably clean, the seller should not have any problem giving the IMEI number to you. However, if the seller declines your request, the iPhone probably has hidden issues they don’t want to reveal to you.

Another scenario when you should check iPhone IMEI status is when you want to sell your iPhone. Second-hand iPhone buyers would want to know everything about the iPhone you are selling.

To give the buyers concrete information, checking the iPhone IMEI status is necessary. The IMEI report that you can get from the IMEI checker will be a reliable source of information about your iPhone. With this report, you can even sell your iPhone for a much higher price than any other pre-owned iPhone.

UnlockSpector: Quick & Easy IMEI Check

Because there is a lot of iPhone IMEI checker out there that claims to be reliable, it can get time-consuming choosing one. We’ve got that covered for you!

One of the most reliable and recommended iPhone IMEI checker that you can find is UnlockSpector.

UnlockSpector review

UnlockSpector review

UnlockSpector review

UnlockSpector checking system uses private and public databases from over 10 reliable sources to check iPhone IMEI status. IMEI checking includes the following:

  • SIM Lock Status Check – Check in real-time if your iPhone is currently locked or unlocked.
  • Global Blacklist & Stolen Check – Check if your iPhone is blacklisted, reported as lost or stolen.
  • Apple Replacement Check – Check if your iPhone was refurbished and has a replaced IMEI.
  • Initial Lock Network Check – Find out which Network / Carrier is locking your iPhone.
  • iCloud Activation Lock Check – Check if your iPhone is locked through iCloud’s “Find my iPhone”.
  • Warranty Status Check – Check if your iPhone is eligible for AppleCare support.

3 Reasons Checking iPhone IMEI Status is a Must

  1. Check iPhone IMEI Status to Get to Know Your iPhone Better iPhone IMEI status

For you to know your iPhone better, you should know its IMEI status. You won’t be able to do this just by checking all the features of your iPhone.

An iPhone IMEI checker has access to Apple global database of IMEI. All the details related to the iPhone can be discovered by looking into these databases.

The most common thing that you should know about an iPhone is whether it is locked to a network. If the iPhone is locked, this means that you can only use the iPhone with one network carrier only.

Another thing to check is if the Find My iPhone is ON or OFF. This pertains to the iCloud lock. If you are buying a second-hand iPhone, this is very crucial. Even if the iPhone is working, you’ll never know if it is still linked to an iCloud account. If this is the case, the previous owner can block you anytime from accessing the iPhone.

Get to know your iPhone better and check iPhone IMEI status. This will keep you out of trouble later on.

  1. Discover Hidden Issues by Checking iPhone IMEI Status

IMEI checkOne of the hidden issues the iPhone might have is being blacklisted. An iPhone is blacklisted when it is found in the global blacklist database of network carriers. When an iPhone is blacklisted, it prevents anyone from activating the iPhone with any network carrier until it has been removed from the list.

Blacklisting an iPhone may occur after you have purchased it. Network carriers may become aware of the stolen iPhone or in-contract iPhone after it was subsequently sold. So, it’s not a guarantee that if an iPhone is working at the time you check it, it’s not blacklisted.

Blacklisting an iPhone can be caused by the iPhone being reported as stolen. Another reason is that the iPhone has delinquent balances from the network carrier.

Avoid these hidden issues by checking the iPhone IMEI status before even making the purchase.

  1. Check iPhone IMEI Status to Make your iPhone More Valuable

    valuable iPhone

As discussed earlier, if you readily have the iPhone IMEI status when you’re trying to sell an iPhone, you can sell it at a higher price.

If your iPhone is unlocked, it is more valuable to the buyers. iPhone users prefer using an unlocked iPhone because it is readily usable with any network carriers.

Aside from selling an unlocked iPhone, if you can give the information about the iCloud lock status and blacklist clean status, it will be more valuable.

Get your iPhone IMEI status now to sell it for a higher price.

Check Your iPhone IMEI Status Now!

Whatever your purpose may be, even if it’s buying a second-hand iPhone. Or, selling your old iPhone. Having your iPhone IMEI status checked is necessary. Get to know your iPhone better. Discover hidden issues the iPhone might have, and make your iPhone more valuable.

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