Top 3 unlocked iPhone benefits and how to perform the unlock easily.

If you are planning to buy an iPhone, it may be attractive to get it from a carrier due to the financial aid offered by them. Some of you may be considering this option for not having a credit card. Or maybe you already got a locked iPhone. Regardless of the case, there are some benefits you must know about having an unlocked iPhone and if you already have one, then I will teach you how to unlock it safely.


Locked vs. unlocked iPhone.

unlocked iphone, imei unlock, iphoneA locked iPhone is usually found in carriers or network companies. It is set up to work with a specific SIM card from a unique carrier. Normally, carriers offer financial aid along with a contract of one or two years that binds the user to that company for that period avoiding the change to another carrier.


On the other side, an unlocked iPhone can be purchased almost anywhere. It can be used with any carrier worldwide and you don’t have to get a contract with the purchase. This gives you the freedom to choose the carrier according to your needs.



Top 3 unlocked iPhone benefits

1. Network freedom:

unlocked iphone, imei unlock, iphone

An unlocked iPhone allows you to choose any carrier you want. Whether you have a favorite company or not, the decision is completely yours. You have the freedom to use the carrier of your choice regardless of the country to use it with a SIM card on any GSM network.


Even if you are planning to travel, this gives you the ease of inserting a new SIM card in your device wherever you go to have instant service. This eliminates the charges for roaming services. Roaming fees are those billed when using the service abroad which happens to be quite expensive.



2. Money saving:

unlocked iphone, imei unlock, iphoneAn unlocked iPhone may seem expensive due to there is no financial aid and you need to pay for it in a single display. But, it results cheaper in the long run. A carrier locked iPhone ties you to a contract in which the network fixes a monthly fee to be paid. Usually, these rates are the most expensive among the ones available so you are forced to pay them during the time the contract is active.



3. Higher resale value:

unlocked iphone, imei unlock, iphoneUnlocked iPhones are more attractive to the public when it comes to selling the device. Also, the value of the phone is increased due to all the functionalities available in comparison with a locked iPhone. In case you want to sell the iPhone, you will have more opportunities to do so as it becomes more marketable.





If you have a locked iPhone, you may want to:

  • Change the carrier to another with better coverage.

  • Change the rate plan to a cheaper one.

  • Quit paying high fees for roaming if you travel a lot.

  • Sell your iPhone.


If you fit in one of the previous cases, you need to unlock your iPhone.




How to unlock any iPhone easily?

unlocked iphone, imei unlock, iphoneIf you want to enjoy all the benefits of an unlocked iPhone, I highly recommend UnlockSpector. This is a reliable iPhone checker which checks your device for an affordable price, not only for carrier locks but for iCloud locks or blacklists. They validate all the info with Apple’s GSX server to give an accurate and detailed report about the status of the iPhone anytime.


After getting your report, an iPhone expert from UnlockSpector will contact you to offer the best options available for unlocking the device. This will be done in a few hours. The unlock process will keep valid your Apple warranty, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


UnlockSpector is your best option due to:

  • Quick response.

  • Very detailed report validated from Apple’s server.

  • Finds out carrier, iCloud, Blacklist and Apple warranty status.

  • iPhone experts guidance.

  • Verified and 100% guaranteed unlock options available.

  • Affordable.


Check and unlock your iPhone now with UnlockSpector

unlocked iphone, imei unlock, iphone

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