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If you are reading this post, I bet you are dealing with a SIM not supported iPhone message. I’ll share my experience with an iPhone 6 I recently bought from eBay. The seller had been helpful enough to even pay for an IMEI check. He shared the IMEI status check certificate and everything had cleared out.  I was soon a proud owner of the iPhone 6 I had wanted for long.

It wasn’t long before the seller shipped it out to me, and I could not wait to start using it and show it off as well. iPhone in hand, I toggled open the SIM tray using the nifty pin the seller had thoughtfully sent over with the phone. I quickly put in my SIM card and powered on the iPhone. What greeted me was a SIM not supported iPhone message.

I was livid at the thought that I had just spent $450, yes a bargain for an iPhone 6, but it was locked. The next thing I did was to recheck the seller’s listing, and he had said that the iPhone was not network locked. I blamed myself in part because I had trusted the seller, but he had pulled a fast one on me.

Regardless, I was stuck with a SIM locked iPhone that I desperately needed to get unlocked and here is what I did to try and unlock it.

First Things First, Contacting The Original iPhone Owner

SIM not supported iPhone lock statusNaturally, I got in touch with the seller who was also the original iPhone owner. I explained to him that I needed help to carrier unlock my iPhone 6. I sent the seller an email because up until then that was how we kept in touch. My first email went unanswered, and I sent another one after five days later which also never got a response.

I knew that the seller had knowingly duped me, but yet again I still shouldered part of the blame for not doing my due diligence. I decided to cut my losses after two weeks went by with no response from him. That was two weeks that I had the iPhone 6 stuffed up in a drawer. With the iPhone SIM not supported issue, I couldn’t get much use out of it.

I was frustrated, and all throughout I had been researching online different methods to get my iPhone unlocked.

Verify The Reason Behind The SIM Not Supported iPhone Message

SIM not supported iPhone - settings checkNow, I had allowed the seller to perform an IMEI check and share the findings with me. I did what we all do and went online to find out how to tell if my iPhone is unlocked.

Settings Check

The first method I came across was to check the settings app for the Mobile Data Network option. I had read that if I saw the option, then it would mean that the iPhone was unlocked.

If I could see “Mobile or Cell Data Network” option on my iPhone, it would mean that the iPhone was unlocked. If I saw the option, it would additionally imply that I was dealing with was a hardware or software issue instead. However, I did not see this option meaning that I had a network locked iPhone.

SIM Check

SIM not supported iPhone - check if iPhone is unlockedNext, I went back on forums and saw a lot of people suggesting trying out a SIM check to solve the SIM not supported iPhone issue. Luckily, I had two SIM cards from different carriers, but unfortunately, none of them worked.

I was now more than sure that I had an iPhone that was carrier locked. However, I did not know what network carrier had locked the iPhone. It led me to the iTunes restore option.

iTunes Check

Since both the SIM cards I had did not work with the iPhone, I considered the iTunes restore option to unlock my iPhone. I connected my iPhone to my computer and accessed iTunes.

However, I just got the same SIM not supported iPhone message on iTunes. It meant that I could not back up and delete the iPhone as a way of unlocking it. Now, I knew that I needed help unlocking my iPhone. I still did not know what carrier had locked the iPhone, which led me to the IMEI check.

IMEI Check

SIM not supported iPhone - UnlockSpector I went back online and did a thorough search on reliable iPhone IMEI check sites. That is how I came across UnlockSpector, and they had great reviews.

Naturally, the sensible thing involved performing another IMEI check to verify phone is unlocked. The process was quick, and in under an hour, I had the IMEI check certificate. It revealed that I had a network locked and blacklisted iPhone. Obviously, this was more than I had bargained for but I had to find a way to get the SIM not supported iPhone issue sorted out.

Contacting The Network Carrier

I had to then get in touch with the carrier that had blacklisted my iPhone to find out if they could help with my issue. They explained to me that the original iPhone owner had not met the unlocking requirements. It meant that I still had a locked iPhone in my hands.

The only way they could unlock the iPhone was if the original iPhone owner met the contractual obligations. I became more frustrated because that option would not work. I  still had the SIM not supported iPhone issue and an iPhone I could not use entirely.

Check iPhone Network Status

Now, after troubleshooting different methods to unlock SIM-locked iPhone with the help of the UnlockSpector team, I decided to cut my losses and sell it for parts. The team was helpful in assisting with my situation, and I only wished that I had used them initially to check the iPhone’s IMEI before buying it.

It was a tough lesson learned, but I was able to buy another pre-owned iPhone after I did a full iPhone status check with the help of the company.

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