Unlock your iPhone and use any prepaid SIM Card overseas

The SIM Lock feature is the most frustrating thing about iPhones. Almost all iPhones are originally sold with simlock, which means they can only be used with a certain Wireless Network. When your iPhone is locked, it won’t work with a prepaid SIM Card overseas. But it doesn’t have to be this way! It is possible to unlock your iPhone or buy an unlocked iPhone.

How to swap to a prepaid SIM Card overseas

It is always awesome to travel abroad. Of course, there are jobs that require you to travel to other countries, like it or not. Tourist or professional, the problem remains the same. If you iPhone is SIM Locked, you have to cope with the extremely expensive roaming fees of your Carrier. On the other hand, there are international SIM Cards but you will pay too much for a few phone call minutes. It would be so much better if you could use a local SIM Card from the country you are visiting and save big! Well, the only thing that stands between you and a prepaid SIM Card overseas is the SIM Lock.

How to SIM Unlock your iPhone

iPhone Unlocking is easy when you know the right way to do it. There are only 2 ways to unlock an iPhone but only one of them can be used with all iPhones!

1. Mobile Networks’ SIM Deactivation Services

Every Carrier has its own SIM Unlock policy but all of them (with a few exceptions like Verizon) oppose great limitations and a lot of paperwork. Here are the most common requirements:

  • Account holder’s phone number, password and security number
  • You have to be or have been a customer of the Wireless Network that locked the iPhone
  • A finished contract or a certain period of time spent under contract (6 months minimum)
  • Overseas deployment papers when you serve in the military

On top of that, Carrier iPhone Unlock Services are usually too expensive (even $300) and this is why many people believe that iPhone Unlocking is not in the best interests. But this is not true because there is another iPhone Unlocking alternative.

2. Factory Unlocking

Factory Unlock Services (also known as IMEI Unlock Services) are a completely different story. In this case, there are only for requirements:

  1. The IMEI Number of your iPhone
  2. The iPhone model
  3. The Carrier that is locking your iPhone
  4. The iPhone’s Blacklist Status

In fact, these are not requirements but just pieces of info. As soon as you provide them, a certified IMEI Unlock Company will access Apple’s GSX Database, locate your iPhone and remove the SIM Lock.

  • Factory Unlock Service is permanent
  • It can be used with all iPhone models, iOS versions, Basebands and Wireless Networks
  • It is approved by Apple and all Carriers
  • You can use all Mobile Networks inside your country and worldwide.
  • It won’t spoil Apple Warranty, AppleCare+ or Insurance Plan
  • It can be used on blacklisted iPhones
That’s it! Now all prepaid SIM Cards overseas are at your disposal!

How to check before you unlock or buy an iPhone

IMEI Unlock Service is great but you must be sure that your iPhone is eligible for unlock and nothing will spoil the unlock procedure. Moreover, you may want to buy an already unlocked refurbished iPhone. But how can you be sure about both of them with so many iPhone scams out there?

An iPhone IMEI Check Service will get you covered. It requires only the iPhone’s IMEI number to expose all details about an iPhone from Apple’s GSX Database.

  • SIM Lock Status
  • Blacklist Status
  • Locking Carrier Identification
  • iCloud Activation Lock Status
  • Contact Status
  • Financial Balance Status
  • Warranty Status
  • Insurance Claims Status
  • Replaced IMEI Number Status
  • Replaced Serial Number Status
  • iPhone True Specs (model, storage, serial, color)

So, you will get a complete IMEI Check Report and on top of that, iPhone experts will advise you how to proceed!

Get an iPhone IMEI Check Report before you use a prepaid SIM Card overseas
Sample of an IMEI GSX Report

Ask us a question or get your personal 24/7 iPhone assistant by subscribing to UnFlaw! Until next time, take care iPhone Unlockers!

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