iPhone 7 Unlocking: How to unlock any iPhone

We are counting days for the official release of iOS 10 and iPhone 7. But many of you are more worried about iPhone 7 Unlocking and you will be able to unlock your brand new iPhone. An unlocked iPhone 7 can use any SIM card worldwide and this is only one of the great benefits of iPhone 7 Unlocking. In this article, I will show you why, when and how to use an Official IMEI Unlock Method for iPhone 7 Unlocking. Are you ready? Let’s go!

What do I get with iPhone 7 Unlocking?

Only benefits and nothing more comes out with iPhone 7 Unlocking. For starters:

  • You can use any local SIM card when you travel abroad
  • You can use any SIM card and any GSM Carrier inside your country
  • You can find a better contract with another Carrier
  • If you decide to sell your iPhone 7, you will get the most money out of it because unlocked used iPhones are sold way more expensive than locked ones

Because we are still talking about iPhone 7 early days, the only problem you are going to have will be SIM Lock!

SIM Lock and iPhone 7 Unlocking?

SIM Lock (also known as Network Lock or Carrier Lock) is the most common feature among GSM phones, like iPhones. Mobile Networks use the simlock to make sure:

  • That you can only use SIM cards of a specific Mobile Network (the one you signed the contract with) and only in your country
  • That you won’t be able to search for another Carrier as long as you have an active contract

But why to stay a SIM Locked prisoner when iPhone 7 Unlocking exists?

What method to use for iPhone 7 Unlocking?

A couple of years ago there were three different methods to choose and unlock an iPhone. But now only one remains and it the only one you can use for iPhone 7 Unlocking. Let’s see why!

  • Software Method was alright and free but the latest iOS version it can unlock is iOS 6.1.6 so iPhone 7 Unlocking is impossible with Software method
  • Hardware method was problematic and dangerous from the start. With only 30% rate of successful unlocking, bigger chances to damage your iPhone and certainly losing Apple Warranty I couldn’t really tell why people used it. The last iPhone model that could be unlocked with this method was iPhone 4s, so iPhone 7 Unlocking is impossible with Hardware Method
  • ”Free” iPhone 7 Unlocking is FAKE. When you see sites claiming they offer free unlock services, be sure that they are either scammers or money will be needed eventually

  • Official IMEI Unlock Method is the only way for iPhone 7 Unlocking! Apple and all Carriers worldwide recognize IMEI unlock method and this is the reason this unlock method can find an iPhone’s IMEI number inside their servers and alter the Lock Status of the iPhone to UNLOCKED from locked

For iPhone 7 Unlocking with an Official IMEI unlock method you will need:

  1. The IMEI number (How to find an iPhone’s IMEI number)
  2. The model (iPhone 7)
  3. The Mobile Network that locked the iPhone 7
  4. The Blacklists status of the iPhone 7

As long as the iPhone 7 is bought new (and not used) and all your previous bills with the Carrier are paid (so it won’t get blacklisted), SIM lock is your only problem and IMEI Unlock method will solve it!

iPhone 7 Unlocking-button

What is changing for used iPhone 7 Unlocking?

IMEI Unlock method will also unlock a used iPhone 7 but now you need to be more careful

  • The used iPhone 7 can be SIM locked and IMEI Unlock method will unlock it but now you have to know the Mobile Network that locked it. But maybe there is more to it!

  • The used iPhone 7 can be iCloud Locked. iCloud Activation Lock can only be removed by the iPhone’s original owner. If there is no message with original owner’s contact info on the iCLoud Activation Lock Screen, you will need an iCloud Contact Information Service, to find the original owner and ask to deactivate the iCloud Lock. In the case of refusal or not respondingiPhone 7 Unlocking-question you can also send a Formal Request to Apple for iCloud Lock Removal.

  • The used iPhone 7 can be Blacklisted for
    – reported as Lost or Stolen
    – unpaid contract bills
    – beings involved in illegal and fraud activities
    IMEI Unlock method will work its magic in this case also, but you are going to need a Premium IMEI Unlock Service!
  • The used iPhone 7 can have hidden issues like active Apple Warranty, Insurance Claims and more. You can imagine how many scammers rely on these to deceive you!

Always check before used iPhone 7 Unlocking

A simple IMEI Check service will help you:

  • Using an Official IMEI Unlock Service
  • Protect yourself from getting a needless unlock service
  • Protect yourself from buying a Stolen or Locked used iPhone (Check here what to do BEFORE buying a used iPhone)

The iPhone 7’s IMEI number will get you instantly an IMEI Check report with all the info below:

iPhone 7 Unlocking-Check iPhone IMEISummary of iPhone 7 Unlocking

After researching iPhone Unlock Companies our recommendation for IMEI Unlock Services of any kind is iPhoneUnlock.Zone! Their customer reviews on SiteJabber were not a surprise for us!

The correct order for iPhone 7 unlocking and of course for any iPhone unlocking is always this:

  1. Check iPhone 7 because you never know what is really going on without an IMEI Check service
  2. Unlock iPhone 7 using an Official IMEI Unlock Method for any kind of locking problem

Me and the rest of Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU Team is waiting to help with your questions or experiences with iPhone Unlocking or any other iPhone issue. All you have to do is leave a comment below and we will aid to the rescue ASAP. Take care!

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