How to Unlock Softbank iPhone (Japan) on iOS 9


Now that Apple is preparing their new and powerful 9 iOS version, many people are worried to upgrade their iPhones, because they do not know what its unlocking status would be (and the jailbreaking status of course!).

The latest existing news were the Jailbreak of 8.4 iOS version, but what about iOS 9?

This article is not only for Japanese people of course. It can be applied to an iPhone that is locked on Softbank Japan Network (Many people buy their iPhones through online shops, like eBay, Amazon or Craigslist.

Unlock your Softbank Japan iPhone Now:

  • Permanent Unlock
  • Supports iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5C, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, SE, 7 & 7+
  • Supports all iOS versions (And future ones)
  • Allows the use of ANY SIM-Card Worldwide (Including Japan)
  • Uses NO Hacks – It is an Official method

Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone UnlockThere is a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock solution and it can support the following iPhone models:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5/5s/5c
  • iPhone 6/6+
  • iPhone 6s/6s+
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7/7+

Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock – Jailbreak vs Unlock

Jailbreak and Unlock are two completely different things. Many people confuse those terms, so I believe that I should explain them to you. In case you already know what Jailbreaking and Unlocking terms are, you can go ahead and “jump” to the available unlocking methods paragraph.

Jailbreak: It basically gives you root access to your iPhone, which allows you to do basically anything you want. This is not the main reason people jailbreak their iPhone. The main reason is that you gain access to a different AppStore, which contains all the applications that are not allowed by Apple. This “new” AppStore is called Cydia and this is what you have access to after a jailbreak.

Unlock: On the other hand, Unlocking has nothing to do with “secret” applications or root access. A new iPhone that was purchased with a contract to a specific company, is a locked iPhone. The reason that it is called locked, is because your iPhone will be able to operate only to that carrier. If you try to use a different SIM-Card to your iPhone, it will just inform you that this SIM-Card is not valid. By Unlocking an iPhone (in this case an Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock), you are now able to use any mobile network you want worldwide!

Available Methods for a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock

Official IMEI Fido Canada iOS 8.4 iPhone UnlockThree methods exist, and they the Software, Hardware and Official IMEI Methods. Do not expect all of them to support a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock, but it is important to know which of them do, how those work and which of them will be your best option.

  1. Software Method (Does not support a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock)
  2. Hardware Method (Also does not support a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock)
  3. Official IMEI Method (Full support of a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock)

Software and Hardware Methods don’t support a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock

Software Unlock:

The oldest of the unlocking methods. It was invented from the moment iPhone 2G was released and it was the only free unlocking method that existed. It requires you to jailbreak the iPhone you want to unlock, and this is the reason that jailbreak and unlock terms came some close to the minds of people. First you need to jailbreak your iPhone and then download and install Ultrasn0w (You can find it inside Cydia). Ultrasn0w could unlock up to iPhone 3Gs and up to 6.1.6 iOS version. So, if you want to get a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock with the Software method, I am afraid that you will not be able to do it!

Hardware Method:

There was a period that this method was very popular (Many people advertise it). All you had to do was to order a specially designed SIM-Card that could trick the mobile network you wanted to use that you are a subscriber. The disadvantages of that method was the price (around $80), the unlocking failure rate (over 70%) and its implementation method. You had to place it WITH the SIM-Card you want to use in your SIM-tray (possible damage).For the moment it does not support a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock.

Official IMEI Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock

The Official IMEI Method (IMEI Unlock or Factory Unlock) doesn’t have any restrictions. The advantages of this method are many, but you can check the list below to see why thousands of people use it daily.

  • Softbank Japan iPhone Unlock iOS 9
    Unlock your Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone
    Only method that Apple and Carriers worldwide approves
  • It can unlock all iPhone models (from iPhone 2G/3G to iPhone 6s/6s+/SE)
  • It can unlock all iOS/baseband versions
  • It is a permanent iPhone unlock (always unlocked)
  • Your iPhone will support all future iOS/Baseband versions
Prepare a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock

There are a few things you will have to learn about your iPhone before proceeding with a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock.

How Official IMEI Method works?

The Factory method, is able to track down your iPhone in Apple’s GSX databases. From there, it can change its status, from locked to unlocked. This is the reason why this method has permanent results. It is happening inside Apple’s and Carriers’ databases!

So, if you want to order a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock, you will have to know the following information:

  1. The model of the iPhone you want to unlock (4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+ or SE)

  2. The IMEI Number of the iPhone (Find your IMEI Number)

  3. Verify that your iPhone is locked on Softbank Japan Carrier (Do a Network Identification Check)

  4. If that iPhone is reported as Lost or Stolen (aka IMEI Blacklist Status Check)

How to order an Official IMEI Softbank Japan iOS 8.4 iPhone Unlock

The companies that have the Official IMEI Unlock services are called IMEI Unlock providers. Only that kind of companies will be capable for a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock. You need to make a good research and find a safe, trusted and legitimate IMEI Unlock Provider that will deliver you a Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock. We recommend the following IMEI Unlock provider which is already tested tested and verified not only from us, but also from thousands of our users.

Order an Official IMEI Softbank Japan iOS 9 iPhone Unlock via iPhoneUnlock.Zone

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  1. Prerna Joshi says:

    Can the official IMEI method also unlock, “softbank japan iphone 5s” with the software “ios 10.2.1”? The softbank network has been cancelled 7 months ago, but the phone is still unlocked and hence, any other carrier sim can not be used with it.

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