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Many methods were created to try and unlock the iPhone, but the Official IMEI method is the only one with permanent results.

Read Carefully!

Before you get started, know this: this is NOT a free service. There is a fee depending on the carrier you want to unlock. Keep in mind that you need to exercise caution if you see online companies offering Official IMEI unlocks for extremely cheap (or even free).

As an active member of the Jailbreak/Unlocking community, we want to provide a safe solution for our visitors. We achieve this by investigating the services of the most popular Official IMEI Unlock provider in the world, the

Official IMEI Method for all Carriers

Old Unlocking methods (for iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs only):

Software and Hardware methods had only one advantage: they could unlock any carrier, as long as your iPhone met a few basic requirements: a specific iOS and a Baseband version.

Unfortunately, Apple does not like that their iPhones can be unlocked with these methods (mostly because they involve a jailbreak). As a result, with each new iOS/Baseband update, these unlock methods could no longer be applied. Now, Apple reached a point that where its hardware does not allow unlocking. This means that the Software and Hardware methods are unable to unlock the iPhones, from the iPhone 4 and up.

Official IMEI method (All iPhone models):

This is where Official IMEI Method comes in. It overcomes all iOS and baseband obstacles. Regardless of your iOS or baseband version, the Official IMEI Method can unlock your iPhone, because it only focuses on the carrier your iPhone is locked to.

Though the Official IMEI Method is not FREE, we do believe that it is your best option, with regards to monetary value as well as customer service support.

Official IMEI Method from

Official IMEI Unlock Test

The best way to evaluate a company is to purchase their services, in order to see if they actually do what they claim to do. Fortunately met and exceeded our expectations.

How does works?

The Ordering procedure is very easy and straightforward. Simply identify the carrier you wish to unlock, choose the model of your iPhone, and input your IMEI number (which needs to be 100% accurate!).

Next, proceed with the order. Before completing the payment, you will be notified about the price, as well as the estimated unlock time. A pricing table is available, with a list of all carriers that are able to be unlocked (Over 400 carriers – Go to Official IMEI Unlock Pricing Table).

We tested their services with some of the most popular Mobile Phone Carriers, allowing us to reach a very solid conclusion.Official IMEI Method

The tested mobile carriers were:

  • AT&T US Carrier
  • Sprint US Carrier
  • Verizon US Carrier
  • Softbank Japan Carrier
  • O2 UK Carrier
  • Claro Brazil Carrier
  • Fido Canada Carrier
  • Rogers Wireless Canada Carrier
  • KT Korea Carrier
  • Movistar Spain Carrier

Of course, these were not all our iPhones (Only AT&T and Movistar were ours). We were providing gifts to our visitors for specific carriers, and after three months, we managed to provide those iPhone IMEI Unlocks to them. But take a look at the results for yourself to find out is this method is right for you!

  1. AT&T US Carrier has 2-9 days unlocking time and we got our Unlock in only 3 days!Official IMEI Method
  2. Sprint US Carrier has a 5-15 days unlocking time and it took them 2 weeks!
  3. Verizon US Carrier has a 5 -15 days unlocking time and it was unlocked in 11 days!
  4. Softbank Japan Carrier has a 5-15 days unlocking time and it was unlock in 13 days!
  5. O2 UK Carrier has a 24-72 hours unlocking time and it got unlocked in 2 days!
  6. Claro Brazil Carrier has a 24-48 hours unlocking time and it got unlocked after 1 day!
  7. Fido Canada Carrier has a same day unlock and it was unlocked after 1 day!
  8. Rogers Wireless Canada Carrier has a 24-72 hours unlocking time and it got unlocked after 3 days!
  9. KT Korea Carrier has a 1-2 days unlocking time and it was unlocked after 2 days!
  10. Movistar Spain Carrier has a 24 hour unlocking time and it got unlocked after 1 day!

The first thing we concluded (as I am sure you have also), is that the keeps its due dates. (In some cases, you may have to verify your ownership of your credit card, which might slow your unlock for a day or so).

You can read about the most popular Mobile Carriers that can be unlocked with an Official IMEI Method from

  • Unlock US iPhone Carriers
  • Unlock UK iPhone Carriers
  • Unlock Canada iPhone Carriers

Official IMEI Method Prices

As stated above, the Official IMEI Method is NOT free. It’s the price you’ll have to pay if you want a permanently unlocked iPhone. supports many payment methods, so you are almost certain to complete the payment without any issues.

We highly recommend for Unlocking your iPhone. Not only do they provide accurate estimated unlocking times, but they have very reasonable prices and support over 400 carriers worldwide.

Click to Proceed with your Official IMEI Unlock for your iPhone

Everything you should know about Official IMEI Method
Article Name
Everything you should know about Official IMEI Method
Many methods were invented for unlocking an iPhone, but only an Official iPhone Unlock keeps you away from trouble. We will tell you exactly how you can unlock any iPhone in this post.

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