Common Issues with iPhone Performance

Even if you are an iPhone enthusiast and you swear nothing beats iPhone performance, there may be times when you get annoyed with your iPhone. You have such a high expectation from your iPhone that you can’t accept mediocre performance from it.

Well, since iPhone is known for its high-performing processor, you should really be expecting a speedy performance. However, there may be reasons why it does not perform as swiftly as it should be.

Don’t give up on your iPhone just yet.

Below are some of the common issues that may affect the speed and performance of an iPhone.

These issues are not only applicable to older iPhone generations but to new models as well. Even if you got the latest iPhone model, if you allow these issues to happen, you may experience slower performance as well.

The iPhone feels a little sluggish.

sluggish iPhone

If you feel that your iPhone has been getting slower over time, you’re probably right. New iPhones have the fastest and most powerful processor. That’s one of the biggest things about Apple, they never release a new model without boosting its processor.

You may expect your old iPhone to run slower over time. However, it should not be too slow that it’s disappointing to use.

Feels slow when you don’t have a lot of space free

slow iPhone

This is one of the reasons for a new iPhone to perform slower. You might have gotten overwhelmed in saving photos, videos, music and movie files that you were not able to notice your memory becoming full.

Like all gadgets, iPhone has a limited amount of storage capacity. You can get new iPhones in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options. Depending on how you use your iPhone, this memory storage can get full over time.

Like any computers, if you don’t have free storage left available, it can affect the software running in the background.

That’s why your iPhone feels slower when your memory is becoming full.

To check how much space is available on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About. You can see the total space you have in Capacity and the available space in Available.

To be totally safe and enjoy a smooth performance, you must keep 1GB of memory free.

Apps take longer to run or open

apps take longer to run

Another issue you may encounter when your iPhone performance is slowing down is when the Apps take longer to open or to run.

The most common speed and performance review that you will see about iPhone is by comparing its speed when opening various Apps. These reviews typically compare the iPhone with another flagship phone that claims to have incomparable speed. Most of the time, the iPhone wins these reviews. It can open and run Apps faster than most of the smartphones compared with it.

When you first used your iPhone, probably one of the speed tests you did is to open and run Apps simultaneously. The speed and fast performance of your iPhone definitely impressed you.

However, over time, bad and slow performance can result to Apps taking a long time to open and run.

Incompatible iOS Update

incompatible iOS update

Since Apple continuously enhances their Operating System, your iPhone should always be up-to-date as well. Updating the operating system to the latest iOS version available is always recommended.

However, when updating older iPhone models into the latest iOS, there may be features which are not compatible with them.

This may be another reason your iPhone has been slowing down.

The features and improvements included in the latest iOS version may not be compatible with older iPhone models due to the fact that the improvements were basically aligned to enhance the performance of the new iPhone.

Aside from incompatible features, the battery life of your old iPhone may also be affected by the latest iOS update.

While the improvements and new features are running in the background, the old iPhone battery may not be as efficient as the new iPhone models. So, it may take a toll on your battery life as well.

Learn how to fix these common iPhone performance issues by yourself!

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