Use IMEI Check Service & Check to see if iPhone is unlocked

How can someone check to see if iPhone is unlocked?

If you are interested in buying a refurbished iPhone, there are many iPhone Scams, besides the obvious SIM Lock problem. On top of that, there are secret iPhone issues that can make the iPhone useless or make iPhone Unlocking impossible.

If you already bought a used iPhone and you can’t use your SIM Card even though the iPhone seller or the online description informed you that the iPhone is unlocked, don’t rush into any kind of iPhone SIM unlocking attempt because first, you need to be 100% sure about the overall status of the iPhone.

How can you check to see if iPhone is unlocked?

Nowadays, we google everything we get before we buy it, product or service. This is how you found this article after all! Leaving an iPhone unchecked before you buy it or try to unlock it almost never leads to happy endings.

The superb way of iPhone Checking is the iPhone IMEI Check Service. This service is offered by official partners of Apple with authorized access to Apple’s GSX Database. The only thing you need to use an iPhone IMEI Check service is the iPhone’s IMEI number and you can click on this link if you don’t know how to find it!

What will I get with the IMEI Check report?

Take a look at the info an iPhone IMEI Check Service will get you in a few hours (or a couple of days)!

1. SIM Lock Status

Now you will know if the iPhone is unlocked or not. If the IMEI Check report tells you that the iPhone is unlocked but you still can’t use your SIM card, then there is a hardware or software issue. Or maybe your SIM Card is broken and you need a new one!

2. Blacklist Status

The blacklist status of an iPhone is a must know when you want to unlock it because it changes the worldwide SIM Unlocking of Factory Official Unlock Service. Needless to say that when an iPhone is blacklisted, it means that it was lost or stolen, involved in fraud activities or there are pending contract bills by the previous owner.

3. Locking Carrier Identification

Knowing that an iPhone is locked is one thing but which Mobile Network Locked it? you won’t be able to use an Official IMEI Unlock Service or the Wireless Network’s SIM Lock Deactivation Services if you don’t know the blocking Carrier.

4. iCloud Activation Lock Status

Buying an iCloud Locked iPhone is extremely frustrating. Keep in mind that iCloud Hacking is no longer possible and only the original owner can disable iCloud Activation Lock and deactivate Find My iPhone feature. If there is no message on the iCloud Activation Lock Screen with original owner’s personal info then you will need an iCloud Contact Information Service. Don’t make the huge mistake to SIM unlock a second hand iPhone before iCloud Lock is removed.

5. Contract Status

Maybe the pre-owned iPhone you think about buying or already bought is still under contract with the previous owner and the means that he/she remains the original owner of the iPhone. As long as the previous contract is active, you won’t be able to use your SIM card (unless you are lucky and use the same Mobile Network) but even if you successfully network unlock the iPhone it can get relocked at any time.

6. Financial Balance Status

If there are previous contract bills left unpaid, the iPhone can become blacklisted at any time

7. Apple Warranty Status

If you believe that buying a used iPhone which is still protected by Apple Warranty, AppleCare+ or Insurance Plan, is a good thing, you are horribly wrong. This is another indicator of iPhone’s original ownership.

8. Insurance Claims Status

If the iPhone is still protected by an insurance plan, the original owner can report the iPhone as stolen and get a new one as a replacement. The other iPhone will be completely useless unless the original owner reports that it was found and return the replacement. DON’T buy this iPhone!

9. Replaced IMEI number Status

Official partners of Apple can use Apple GSX Database to change an iPhone’s IMEI number for various reasons. If the iPhone you bought is locked but has a replaced IMEI number, the Factory Unlock Service must be applied to the original IMEI number of the iPhone or else it will fail. And iPhone IMEI Check Service will get it got you.

10. Replaced Serial Number Status

If the iPhone was replaced by Apple due to hardware or software issues it will have a replaced serial number. Mobile Networks refuse to unlock or operate with replaced iPhones

11. True iPhone Specs

Be 100% sure about the iPhone’s model, color, storage and serial number.

12. iPhone’s True Market Value

Prices on refurbished iPhones vary. Find out how much you should spend on a second handed iPhone and avoid getting ripped off!

Check to see if iPhone is unlocked with an iPhone IMEI Check Service is the smartest move before you buy or unlock a used iPhone. Leave a comment below and tell us what you think!

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