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Check a private conversation between a user that just found an iPhone and an iPhone expert. You will see the whole process of troubleshooting the iPhone and at the end, providing suggestions and solution for unlocking this Lost & Found iPhone.

How to Unlock a Lost & Found iPhone – Full Conversation

Peter: Hey guys.

Peter: Anyone here to help me?

Alfonse: Hey peter, am here. How you doing?

Peter: All good, thanx for asking.

Peter: I have an issue with an iPhone.

Peter: I found it to a club, in a corner. I took it home cause it appeared to be without battery power.

Peter: After I charged it, I tried to put my SIM-card in it, but nothing happened.

Alfonse: Oh man, I’m sorry 😟

Peter: any idea what the problem might be?

Peter: I have it in front of me if you want me to show you anything (Or to explain you what it shows).

Alfonse: Whoa, well buddy, maybe you can help me with some extra info?

Peter: Sure, let me know what you need

Alfonse: Okay for starters, what SIM carrier do you have?

Peter: I have an O2 UK SIM-Card that I am using to my smartphone.

Peter: This SIM-Card I tried to use to this iPhone, but nothing happened.

Alfonse: And is this the same SIM card you bought your iPhone with or did you buy it with another carrier?

Peter: I do not have an iPhone. I told you that I found it inside a club.

Peter: This is not my iPhone. I have a LG Nexus 5, but I would like to switch to an iPhone if I can start using the one that I found.

Alfonse: Well, there’s a lot you gotta factor in. If it’s an iPhone you found in the club. Maybe the owner locked it! 😟

Peter: So, can I start using this iPhone or it is useless?

Alfonse: No , it’s still useful 🙂

Peter: ok, that’s good. But, why my SIM-Card is not working with that iPhone?

Alfonse: Well, that’s a great question Peter. First of all, the owner most likely locked the phone, and also probably uses a different sim carrier

Alfonse: You’re bit in a pickle buddy, but we can sort it out 🙂

Alfonse: Do you know the IMEI?

Peter: No, I do not know that.

Peter: Tell me where it is written.

Alfonse: Try checking the back of the iPhone. is it there?

Peter: No, nothing is there

Alfonse: Wow, then it must be a newer iPhone version. What model is it?

Peter: I have no idea. I do not know anything about iPhones. I knew that it was an iPhone from the Apple logo.

Alfonse: Haha that’s funny bro 🙂

Alfonse: Well, okay, the IMEI is sort of like a number that Apple uses to register the iPhone in their database

Alfonse: So that they can tell where that unit was bought, sold, shipped, SIM carrier…etc…you get me?

Peter: OK. So how can I| find the iPhone model, the IMEI number and all those information?

Alfonse: Well, you’ll need to check your IMEI first….I had a similar problem way back with my iPhone 6 when I was trying to switch SIM carriers

Peter: So, I am still a bit confused. What should I do? I need to find the IMEI number right?

Alfonse: Yeah, that’s the first thing you need to do….you can check the phone’s IMEI at UnlockSpector. What else do you have about the iPhone?

Alfonse: Because you said it wasn’t accessing your SIM card right?

Peter: I just saw to my screen that it says “Invalid SIM” when I am using my own O2 UK SIM-Card.

Peter: What does that mean?

Alfonse: Well, here’s what you can do…since the phone is unlocked, you’ll have to unlock it. Can you access other parts of the phone such as the apps and the settings?

Peter: I cannot do anything else, since the “Invalid SIM” message appears.

Peter: So, I went to Unlockspector that you told me. It asks me for the IMEI number, which I do not know, and I used a random one to check the next steps. It asks me for money though. Can I find all those information without paying?

Alfonse: Well, you can dial *#06# to find the IMEI. Well, there are other ways, but they are lowkey dangerous such as manual unlock. You might even end up wrecking the phone!

Peter: Actually, I just connect it with iTunes, and there I found it!

Peter: So, what Unlockspector will provide me exactly? What Am I paying for?

Alfonse: Yeah iTunes is a great idea. Well, UnlockSpector is a great online company that helps you find the IMEI of a given iPhone then let’s you know why the iPhone was unlocked. So in your case, maybe it’s locked because the owner is using a different SIM carrier

Alfonse: Now you need to know why the phone is Locked so that you can unlock it :0

Peter: So, they will tell me why this iPhone is Locked? And how this will help me?

Alfonse: Yes they will…this will help you in knowing how to unlock the iPhone. Because for example, if it’s a SIM carrier problem, you can just contact the given carrier and ask for an unlock request…so that you can now access your SIM card 🙂

Peter: ok thanx for that. I will order this check from them, and hopefully they will help me out with their information. Thanx a lot.

Alfonse: Your welcome Peter. If anything else comes up. Just let me know!

Alfonse: Cheers!!

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