Blacklisted iPhone: Here’s Why You Need to Check Your iPhone

Blacklisted iPhoneSmartphones are a necessity in modern day life. The iPhone is the most powerful handy cellular device built to handle complex tasks whilst keeping users entertained. The reasons for making an iPhone purchase may vary from one individual to the next. However, the most common reasons range from the swift iOS interface to the neat features on their devices. It just so happens that most people are not aware of what an IMEI number is, what a blacklisted iPhone device is, and the ways you can do an iPhone check. This article will help bring you up to speed on all these plus add in a little extra information for your best interests.

What is an IMEI?

IMEI CheckAn IMEI is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is usually 14 to 16 digits long. It can be considered as a fingerprint due to its uniqueness or a social security number due to its application. In essence, an IMEI has a security purpose it serves. There are a number of various ways in which you can be able to check your IMEI on your iPhone. This is necessary in order to check the blacklist status of your device.

What is an ESN?

ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number. It is assigned as a unique identifier for each CDMA mobile carrier device.

Causes of Bad ESN

A bad ESN can be caused by a number of things:

  1. This situation happens when you try to activate a device locked to a particular carrier. The carrier may have placed restrictions on that particular iPhone for a number of reasons.
  2. If you purchased a second hand iPhone, a bad ESN can be caused if the original iPhone owner had attempted to or had been successful in switching carriers.
  3. The previous/original iPhone owner had an account in arrears but canceled the account before clearing the bill. This can cause that particular iPhone to be assigned a bad ESN.
  4. The previous iPhone owner may not have had any account in arrears. However, it may be that they were still under a contract. Canceling a contract whilst it’s still active before the due date can lead to enforcement of an early termination fee. You may be obligated to first make this payment before proceeding.
  5. The original iPhone owner may have reported the iPhone as lost or stolen. The one who handled the selling of the iPhone may not have communicated this or was not aware.

What is a Blacklisted IMEI?

Essentially, a blacklisted IMEI is almost like a Bad ESN but, it is for devices that work on CDMA networks. Devices with blacklisted IMEI are set up in such a way that you as the owner or someone else handling the sale of iPhone cannot activate it on any carrier. Even if it’s activating it in the original one. This ensures that you cannot sell or steal the iPhone.

How to check Blacklist Status of your iPhone

In order to do an iPhone check, you will need to have the iPhone’s IMEI. This can then enable you to feed the values online for verification purposes.

Verifying if your iPhone is Blacklisted

UnlockspectorUnlockspector is a handy online utility that you can get to verify your iPhone’s unlock and blacklist status. The reason we have picked Unlockspector as your one stop blacklist checker solution is due to a host of factors. Their services are reliable, they handle their operations quickly and their interface is pretty much straightforward and very user-friendly. They also seem to receive rave reviews from users who used their services.

The whole process entails providing your iPhone’s IMEI plus an active email from which they can reach out to you.


Alternative Option

You could always find out you iPhones blacklist status by contacting the carrier from which the iPhone was initially sold from. How do you find this out? Easy, you should be on the lookout for logos. The logo may be on the iPhone box, on the back case or even on the iPhone screen during boot up process. You should then find out who the original carrier was and then initiate contact.

Uses for a Blacklisted iPhone

1.    Ask for a refund: Blacklisted iPhone

Contacting the seller may not always go down smoothly, but, it’s a good starting point. Making a purchase from online shops like Amazon or eBay is a good idea since they offer return or refunds on purchased devices. If you bought your iPhone from an anonymous individual or on Craigslist, this may not be possible. Always try to ensure you make iPhone purchases from verifiable sources in order to avoid this.

If you happen to be unable to get a refund, you should try out the Unlockspector iPhone check service. This will allow you to restore your device to full functionality.

2.   Use it as an iPod or Gaming Console: Blacklisted iPhone

Smartphones have really become high-end devices in recent times. You can decide to make utility of their graphics capability and system RAM to run games. Alternatively, you could load it up with music videos and music files and use the iTunes app to access a catalog of songs.

By doing an iPhone check on your device, you could achieve all these functionalities together with the option to make and take calls.

3.   Swap the Logic Board: Blacklisted iPhone

This is a bit technical but, it works. A blacklisted iPhone is restricted to operate in a particular country. By having your iPhone unlocked, it could function in any other country other than the one its locked to. If you are skilled in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and have full faith in your skills, you should try this. Swapping the chips on the iPhone could prove to be the difference. However, much care should be taken in order to avoid turning your iPhone into a brick.

4.    Sell it after Unlock: Blacklisted iPhone

After doing an iPhone check and unlocking your iPhone, you can then sell it to foreigners. Since we’ve learned that blacklisted iPhones are only impossible to use in a particular country, foreign users will have full functionality. You could put the iPhone on offer as a sure way to attract possible buyers.

Click HERE to Perform an iPhone Check

So there you have it, a guide on what to do to check the blacklist status of your iPhone. We’ve also mentioned a reputable website, Unlockspector that can provide iPhone checking solutions in case you are stuck. If you follow through on the listed steps, you should have your iPhone up and running in no time 😉

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