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How to Contact iPhone owner from iCloud ID?

Apple has some tools and methods you can use to find the Apple ID of an iPhone, BUT they can only be helpful for the original owner (Find the Apple ID of my Device).

The only method that can help you to find the iCloud ID/Apple ID of the original owner, which most of the times is the original owner’s e-mail address, is with the iCloud Contact Information Service. Not only it will provide you the Apple ID, but also all available contact information of him/her.
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What is the Apple ID of my iPhone?

Have you lost your Apple ID or you simply forgot it? You can relax, because I will propose you a few ways to Find it, so if one method cannot help you, I am very sure that one of the other methods will!

With a few words, let me explain what the Apple ID is: Your Apple ID is the account you use to sign in to all Apple services. In most cases your Apple ID will be your e-mail address but as I said, “in most cases!”.
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Contact iPhone Original owner – How to find him?

With the implementation of the Find My iPhone feature, Apple now requires every iPhone to get linked/bound with an iCloud account, which means with 1 individual (or iUser as I call us!).

This feature has its goods and bads, but from security perspective this is an excellent addition!

One of the obvious good “side-effects” is that every iPhone has an original owner and it is possible to find all available contact information and get in touch with him/her.
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How to get iCloud Unlock Codes – Is it possible?

Shorting out our visitors questions, I found out that many people were asking about their iCloud Locked iPhones. Their main question was, “How to get iCloud Unlock Codes? My iPhone is iCloud Locked!”. The almost same question that we also received, is the iPhone Unlock Codes.

It seems that many people are confused about both iPhone and iCloud Unlock Codes, so let me short it out for you.
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How to Unlock a Locked iPhone?

Unlocking a Locked iPhone is not how it used to be. Now the unlocking methods are paid services, so it is crucial to first CHECK your iPhone before proceding to an iPhone Unlock Order. Learn the Network of your iPhone, its Blacklist status and its Find My iPhone/iCloud status before buying an iPhone or before ordering an iPhone Unlock service.
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