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Official IMEI Unlock

iPhone IMEI Official Unlock

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How much does it cost to Unlock an iPhone?

The Official IMEI Unlock method does not have a steady price, because the price depends on the Mobile Network, iPhone model and Blacklist Status. For instance, AT&T USA costs less than the Softbank Japan Network, and the same goes for unlocking an iPhone 6+ (Higher Price) from unlocking an iPhone 4 (Cheaper Price). The following tutorial will inform you how the Official IMEI Unlock works, how much does it Cost to Unlock an iPhone and how you can order a secure and guaranteed iPhone Unlock. If you want to use any SIM Card in your iPhone, you can go directly to OfficialiPhoneUnlock and Order your iPhone Unlock.
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Find if my Verizon iPhone 5 is Unlocked to use AT&T Carrier

It is very important to know if your iPhone can support all USA Mobile Networks, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and more. Apart from some “hardware” requirements and some iPhone models that can only support specific Mobile Networks, the only limitation is the SIM-Lock status. Generally, all Verizon iPhone models support other USA Networks, like AT&T and T-Mobile carriers. Even if they use different Networks (GSM and CDMA), both of those models support SIM-Cards. After checking the SIM-Lock/Network and Blacklist Status, you will be able to use Unlock your Verizon iPhone (all models) and use it with AT&T/T-Mobile carriers.
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Latest Update: iPhone Factory Unlock

The iPhone Factory Unlock Method supports iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6 & 6+ and also all iOS versions, with permanent results. There are a few requirements before proceeding with an order and it is very important to meet them! The first is the SIM-Lock, Network and Blacklist Status of your iPhone. Next is the IMEI Number of your iPhone and its Model (iPhone 6/6+, 5/5c/5s, 4/4s and 3Gs/3G/2G). The last step is to find a Trusted and Verified iPhone Factory Unlock Provider.
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Unlock-Freak asked: Got a locked iPhone? How to Activate my iPhone?

Learn how to Activate a Locked iPhone and bypass the iCloud Activation Lock and Find My iPhone feature. From the moment Apple introduced the “Find My iPhone” and “iCloud Activation Lock” features, things got a bit trickier for the people that want to unlock an iPhone. Again, there are a few requirements to use the iCloud Activation Unlock feature. It is crucial to learn the Blacklist and “Find My iPhone” Status of your iPhone, before ordering an iCloud Activation Unlock service. You can bypass the iCloud Lock with or without the original owner of an iPhone. Go directly to OfficialiPhoneUnlock, Order your iCloud Activation Unlock and Activate your Locked iPhone.
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3 Methods on How to Unlock a Locked iPhone

I gathered the most trusted & legitimate 3 Methods on How to Unlock a Locked iPhone and now you can learn which method can unlock your iPhone and go for it! The three main Unlocking methods are the Software, the Hardware and the Official IMEI Method. I will explain you in details how all those methods work, what iPhone model and iOS/baseband version is supported, if the Unlock is permanent and how you will be able to use your iPhone is the future. Even though Ordering an Official IMEI Unlock is easy and quick, you first must know your iPhone’s IMEI number and its SIM-Lock/Network/Blacklist Status.
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