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Only Guaranteed and Permanent Solutions are included

  • Receive a full iPhone IMEI Check report, which will tell you if your iPhone is Locked/Unlocked, is Lost/Stolen, has Unpaid Bills, is In/Out of Contract, has a Replaced IMEI/Serial number and much more. An iPhone Unlock Service Suggestion is included!
  • Dial *#06# in the phone app or go to Settings -> General -> About
  • We will send you an email with the report after your IMEI got checked.
  • Price: $1.00

It’s highly recommended that you check if your iPhone can be unlocked first with an instant IMEI Network & Blacklist Check

Benefits of having an unlocked iPhone:

  • Use your iPhone with any provider & SIM Card
  • Increase the resale value of your second-hand iPhone
  • Use cheap prepaid providers when you travel abroad

How to unlock iCloud Locked iPhone-Initial owner’s contact info is the key

Everyone is going crazy about How to unlock iCloud Locked iPhone! I understand why so many of you are confused with what to do with an iCloud Locked iPhone. With this article, you will learn everything about iCloud Lock and Find my iPhone features, why there is no service that can bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen and finally How to unlock iCloud Locked iPhone by finding the iPhone’s original owner.
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iPhone Unlock Companies: Which IMEI Unlock Service provider to choose?

Let’s dive into the rabbit hole of iPhone Unlock Companies! I spend so much time of my life in searching and testing iPhone Unlock Methods and iPhone Check Services. In the end, I learned about the right unlocking and checking tools: The IMEI Unlock Method and the IMEI Check Service! But these powerful methods can go to hell if you don’t choose one of the best iPhone Unlock Companies. Of course, there are scammers among them and some of the will try to take your money without unlocking your iPhone in the end. So I made an extensive research about iPhone Unlock Companies and her
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I found an iPhone 6. This is how to check & unlock a found iPhone

Last year I found an iPhone 6. I already had a used iPhone 5s that I have bought by an online market and I was scammed twice. I bought it locked, without knowing it of course and when I tried to unlock it I chose a bad unlock provider and my iPhone remained locked. I learn my lessons the hard way and this why I knew what I had to do with the iPhone 6 I found.
So what can I do if I found an iPhone 6 or any other iPhone? I will show you how to check and finally unlock a found iPhone permanently! With IMEI Check and Unlock Methods and services!
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Check iPhone IMEI before buying or unlocking your iPhone

Check iPhone IMEI number is the most important thing in the iPhone Unlocking procedure and before someone decides to buy a used iPhone. This article explains why checking an iPhone’s IMEI number is crucial, in which ways an iPhone can be locked and which are all the iPhone’s secret issues that you won’t be able to find out if you don’t Check iPhone IMEI number.
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Unlock a blacklisted iPhone: IMEI Check & Unlock Method is the key

You bought a second hand iPhone and you can’t use it because it is blacklisted? Here you will find everything you need in order to Unlock a blacklisted iPhone for once and for all. I will show you what is going on with blacklist status, how an iPhone gets inside the blacklist, how to check a blacklisted iPhone and finally how to unlock a blacklisted iPhone!
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Activate Stolen iPhone & unlock with IMEI unlock Method

There is a major scam in second hand iPhones market that become a pandemic: Stolen iPhones! You are buying a used iPhone as unlocked from an online market (like Amazon, Craigslist, eBay, etc.) or a local store and when you get it, you discover that the iPhone was stolen! How? Because of the iCloud lock! And in most cases, this isn’t the only problem. Let’s find out how to Activate Stolen iPhone and when you are done with it how to check your stolen iPhone and unlock it permanently.

Intro: Activate Stolen iPhone

Needless to say that this article is not for the ones who steal iPhones but for people who were scammed into buying a stolen iPhone. So what can you do from now on?

A stolen iPhone can be as locked as a usual second hand iPhone:

  1. It can be SIM-Locked
  2. It can be iCloud Locked
  3. It can be Blacklisted

The SIM lock and the Blacklist status of a stolen iPhone can be easily handled with an IMEI Unlock Service! But the iCloud Lock might be tricky. So how can you activate stolen iPhone?

iCloud Lock and Activate Stolen iPhone

iCloud Lock and Find My iPhone features were introduced by Apple back in 2013 and with the release of iOS 7. When the original owner of the iPhone enables iCloud Lock, the iPhone needs his/her:

  • Apple ID
  • Password

in order to get activated. If the original owner also turns on the Find My iPhone feature, he/she can even locate his/her iPhone if the iPhone is lost or stolen.

My point is that you need the original owner’s Apple ID and password to activate stolen iPhone.

Can I Activate Stolen iPhone without the original owner?

NO! And that’s the usefulness of iCloud Lock and Find My iPhone features: Only the original owner can Activate Stolen iPhone!

Many sites claim that they have a way to bypass the iCloud Lock. Every day I talk with many visitors who want to Activate Stolen iPhone and ALL of them agree in one thing: You can’t bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen!

So the only way to Activate Stolen iPhone is to find the original owner!

Info of iCloud Activation Screen

Activate stolen iPhone-iCloud Activation Screen

iCloud Activation Screen

In the iCloud Activation screen, you will see that the iPhone was STOLEN and maybe a message is placed there by the original owner with his/her contact info (phone number or email). If a message like this exists, then these are good news! You can reach the original owner, explain how you got his/her stolen iPhone and ask him for the iCloud Lock removal.

”Only the original owner can deactivate the iCloud Lock”

But what happens when you can’t find such a message? Who can tell you where to find the original owner?

  • Contacting Apple won’t do you any good because the iPhone is STOLEN and they never share their customers’ personal data
  • The Store didn’t know that the iPhone was stolen and the person who sold it through it is NOT the original owner

Find the original owner & activate the stolen iPhone

You can still find the original owner with the right original owner’s contact information service.

This IMEI service needs:

Team Unlock.Ultrasnow.EU prefers iPhoneUnlock.Zone for IMEI Unlock services. You can check their customer reviews on Sitejabber.

Now that you found the original owner you can:

  • Ask him/her to Activate your stolen iPhone
  • Send a formal iCloud removal request to Apple with this info to Apple
  • Arrange a price and sell the iPhone back to the original owner

How to Unlock a Stolen iPhone

As I said from the beginning the stolen iPhone can be also simlocked, blacklisted or both and they can both be treated with an IMEI Unlock Method. So now that you Activate the Stolen iPhone you can use this to unlock it permanently. The IMEI Unlock method needs:

  • iPhone’s IMEI numberActivate Stolen iPhone-IMEI Unlock button
  • iPhone’s model
  • iPhone’s Blacklist status
  • The Mobile Network that locks the iPhone

to find the iPhone inside Carriers’ and Apple’s servers and change its lock status from locked to UNLOCKED.

How can I find all the info to unlock the stolen iPhone?

An IMEI Check service can uncover ALL hidden issues of an iPhone!activate stolen iPhone-IMEI check service

As you see on your right an IMEI Check report is useful:

  • BEFORE you buy an iPhone
  • BEFORE you unlock an iPhone

In fact, it is the only way to buy a fully unlocked iPhone and to unlock an iPhone successfully!

Summary: Activate stolen iPhone & Unlock it

There is no reason to panic when you buy a stolen iPhone. The damage is done. 3 steps separate you from unlocking it:

  1. Find the original owner and ask him/her to remove the iCloud Lock
  2. Check the stolen iPhone with an IMEI Check service for ALL other problems and gather the necessary info to finally
  3. Unlock the stolen iPhone with an IMEI Unlock Method

I am always here for you to answer any questions about iPhone unlocking and to talk to me about your iPhone unlocking experience. Leave a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!


Check if my iPhone is unlocked: All the info you need to unlock an iPhone

Every morning I start my day by reading your comments. One of the most frequent questions I get is this: Can you please check if my iPhone is unlocked? I was one of them until I found the way to check an iPhone instantly and in detail! Do you want to find out how I do that? With an IMEI Check Service.
Are you ready for the ultimate answer to the ”check if my iPhone is unlocked” question? Read this article and uncover any hidden issue of your iPhone!
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Can you activate a stolen iPhone? Learn how to unlock a stolen iPhone!

One of the most difficult situations you might get in when you buy a used iPhone without checking it first is to buy a stolen iPhone without knowing it. Many of our visitors are asking us every day ”Can you activate a stolen iPhone?” because they were scammed and bought a stolen iPhone. There are unlocking solutions to your problem and we will show you the legal way to unlock a stolen iPhone.
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4 Things BEFORE you unlock your iPhone and you won’t get scammed again

Every day we answer to dozens of questions about iPhone unlocking. Unfortunately, most of these questions are asked after someone was scammed by an Unlock Services Provider. This is why I decided to write this article with the 4 Things BEFORE you unlock your iPhone. Actually, these 4 things are also crucial BEFORE you buy a used iPhone. Read this post carefully and you won’t get scammed again or pay more than you need to unlock your iPhone and of course you will learn how to unlock your iPhone with success!
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Unlock a simlocked iPhone with a Factory Official Unlock Service

Every day our visitors looking to us (and we thank you for that) for answers to several questions. Some of the most frequent questions are about the following issues:
Why my SIM card is not accepted by my iPhone?
How can I find the best provider to Unlock a Simlocked iPhone?
All of the above is connected to the SIM lock state of your iDevice and if you want to Unlock a Simlocked iPhone, you must first find out why it is SIM locked. After that, you’ll have to search for a legal and trustworthy provider that will unlock your iPhone (any model or iOS version) for once and for all. For those reasons, we made a full research to give you the best answers there are.
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