4 Reasons Why You Should Unlock iPhone 7

Everyone with a locked iPhone considers unlocking it at some point. Several myths float around online about why you should unlock iPhone 7 or not. To sum it up, you benefit from using your iPhone as you please when you have its SIM lock removed.

The Different Types Of iPhone Locks

why you should unlock iPhone 7

First, you should understand that unlocking an iPhone is different from unblocking it. Unlocking just means that you get rid of an iPhone’s SIM/network lock preventing you from using it with other carrier’s SIM cards.

Unblocking refers to the process of having a carrier unlist an iPhone’s IMEI from the blacklist. Blacklisted iPhones cannot make calls or receive texts under any network. It happens when an iPhone owner reports the phone stolen or if they have unpaid contract dues.

However, iPhone users can usually encounter the following types of iPhone locks:

  • The iCloud Activation Lock that prevents you from using the iPhone entirely if you do not enter the Apple ID and password linked to the device. An original iPhone owner enables it by activating ‘Find My iPhone,” and when they lose their iPhone, they can put it on Lost Mode remotely. It works as a security measure so that anyone who does not have the Apple details
  • A SIM/network lock restricts you to use SIM cards from the particular carrier who issued the iPhone. It is a temporary iPhone lock which the network carrier can remove after you complete contract payments.
  • The Blacklisted status still works as a lock that does not allow you to use your iPhone as a phone. It means that you cannot make calls or send texts using the iPhone with any network. Only the original iPhone owner can request and get the carrier to remove the iPhone from the blacklist database.

Why You Should Unlock iPhone 7

Locked and Unlocked comparison - Why you should unlock iPhone 7Having an unlocked iPhone comes with several benefits. Most importantly,  it brings you back the freedom of using your iPhone how you want. Some of the reasons why you should unlock iPhone 7 include:

#1 Use your Preferred Mobile Provider

When you buy an iPhone from a cell service provider, often, you have to deal with the service package they give you. Some come with high data and talk-time costs. With an unlocked iPhone, you can use your preferred mobile provider and take advantage of favorable cell service packages.

#2 Solve Signal Issues

Everyone deals with signal issues now and then, but some network carriers do not have decent signals in several areas. An unlocked iPhone allows you to swap between SIMs from different carriers to solve signal problems.

#3 Skip the Roaming Charges

If you travel regularly, you can use local SIM cards to forego roaming charges. Roaming charges can run up your cell service costs, but you can skip these costs with an unlocked iPhone.

#4 A Better Resale Value

Most iPhone users eventually sell their older phones to buy new ones. Unlocked iPhones have a better resale value compared to locked iPhones. Also, you can sell an unlocked iPhone to anyone across the globe.

You have the right to unlock an iPhone 7 still on contract, as long as you make the payments on it as agreed.

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