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Unlock UK iPhone Carrier

Do you want to use ANY carrier you want worldwide? Do you want to avoid the expensive roaming fees while travelling abroad? If the answer is YES, then Unlock UK iPhone Carrier with Official (Factory) IMEI method you will get a solution to both of those problems!

How to Unlock UK iPhone Provider

Unlocking your iPhone is basically a SIM-Lock removal, that will enable to use ANY SIM-Card you want, whenever you want! Isn’t that great to switch between local mobile carriers, depending on the location you are living/travelling? iPhones are built to operate only with one specific carrier, the one that you made your first contract with. in that way, which means if you have an iPhone with a mobile carrier contract, then it is bound to it! You will not be able to use other SIM Cards, which leads to very frustrating situations.

Unlock for iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s on USA SIM CardsiPhone models Unlock UK iPhone Carrier

Depending on the iPhone model you own, different unlocking methods can be used, but it is important to know that ALL iPhone models that are locked on USA carriers can be unlocked!

The following iPhone models on USA Carriers are supported:

  1. iPhone 2G/3G
  2. iPhone 3Gs
  3. iPhone 4/4s
  4. iPhone 5/5c/5s

Click on the above links, to learn specifically how to unlock your iPhone model.

Supported Mobile Carriers – Unlock UK iPhone Carrier

The following UK iPhone Carriers are supported:

  • EE UK CarrierUnlock UK iPhone Carrier

  • O2 UK Carrier

  • Orange UK Carrier

  • T-Mobile UK Carrier

  • Tesco UK Carrier

  • Three UK Carrier

  • Vodafone UK Carrier

Unlocking your iPhone is not only for using a carrier from a different country, but you can choose a different carrier from UK. As you know, from time to time, many mobile carriers provide limited specific offers with lower prices or more services.You must be able to get those offers whenever you want, and a locked iPhone will not allow you to do that!

In UK, you do not have a compatibility issue with CDMA and GSM networks. From the moment you get your iPhone unlocked, you will be able to use it with ANY carrier you want (All use GSM). As a general tip, some CDMA carriers can be unlocked, and then you can use them in a GSM network, but you need to run it through us first. This means that you can Unlock O2 carrier with Official IMEI method and switch to Vodafone carrier without any conflicts.

Having an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile carrier, will give you the liberty to switch to ANY carrier you want inside UK. So, if you see a mobile package that suits you better than the one you have, the only you think you have to do is to remove the T-Mobile SIM-Card and place the card you bought from Orange carrier (this is just an example).

Other from that, the Official IMEI method, can unlock both CDMA and GSM PERMANENTLY.

Why to Unlock UK iPhone Carrier with Official IMEI Method?

All available Unlocking Methods are three, the software, the hardware and the official (Factory) IMEI method. The Software/Hardware methods cannot unlock all iPhone models, only the Official (Factory) IMEI Unlock is able to accomplish that!

Software/Hardware methods:Unlock UK iPhone Carrier

  1. Only available for old iPhones (2G/3G/3Gs)
  2. Not permanent results, because it depends on the iOS/Baseband versions
  3. It requires a Jailbreak
  4. Hardware method does not always work 100%

Official IMEI method:

  1. Permanent Unlock
  2. Guaranteed Unlock
  3. Supports ANY future iOS/Baseband version
  4. Approved by Apple
  5. iTunes verification for Unlock
  6. Does not require a Jailbreak

Steps to Order your Official IMEI Unlock for UK iPhone Carrier:

  1. Click on at the “Unlock UK iPhone Carrier” link at the bottom
  2. Type your IMEI number (Double Check it)
  3. Choose the iPhone model you want to Unlock
  4. Choose the UK iPhone Carrier you want to Unlock
  5. Proceed with the Order

Before making the actual purchase, you will see the price and the estimated unlocking time for the carrier and iPhone model you have chosen!

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