How to Unlock Stolen iPhone 7

Unlock stolen iPhone 7I recently found myself looking for tips on how to unlock stolen iPhone 7. Wanting to buy an iPhone, I discovered that many people still deal with locked and stolen iPhones problems.

That is how I ended up looking into the topic of unlocking stolen iPhones. Why, because one of my fears is that I may end up duped and buy a stolen iPhone. I have been able to compile all the information I gathered about how to unlock stolen iPhone 7. I would like it to share it with you because who knows; it might help someone out there. Afterall, not everyone who has a stolen iPhone went out and mugged someone.

First of all, I recommend doing what I did; I decided to find out everything I could before buying any phone with an iPhone status check. Keep reading, and you will see how I ended up saving my money with the status checks done.

How I Almost Bought a Stolen iPhone 7

Unlock stolen iPhone 7So, I wanted to buy an iPhone 7, and yes I always wait for the price to drop. I started my search online, going through eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist hoping to find an affordable iPhone 7 for sale.

After just a few hours of looking I settled for three near mint iPhones, priced just right. However, I knew better and decided to ask the sellers for the IMEI information. I understood the importance of an iPhone IMEI check. It would help me to figure out if the iPhones were worth my money.

To sum it all up, one of the sellers would not give me the IMEI information, and one of the others turned out to have an iCloud lock (Learn more on how to remove an iCloud Lock). The seller had failed to mention this crucial information on their listing.

The third iPhone that cleared seemed promising, and I kept in contact with the seller for a week or so. I decided to go for a second status check done before committing to buy the iPhone, just in case, you never know. It turns out it was the best thing I ever did because the iPhone status check certificate revealed that it had been reported as stolen and had since gotten blacklisted.

How to Unlock Stolen iPhone 7

Unlock stolen iPhone 7I dodged a bullet, but started thinking, what about all the people who end up buying stolen and locked iPhones unknowingly? They must be stuck trying to find ways to unlock a stolen iPhone.

A massive number of websites exist claiming that they can unlock stolen iPhones. Some of these sites offer legitimate iPhone unlock services, but unfortunately, most just want to make a quick buck from you. As someone who almost spent $400 on a pre-owned iPhone 7, I imagine that anyone who ends up buying a stolen iPhone might end up trying a couple of these sites.

As someone who almost spent $400 on a pre-owned iPhone 7, I imagine that anyone who ends up buying a stolen iPhone might end up trying a couple of these sites. The fact that these iPhone unlock services do not come cheap; it becomes very disappointing to keep wasting your money on them.

So, now let me share everything I found out about stolen iPhones and how to unlock them. Also, a disclaimer, I won’t even mention any of the shorthanded methods, and I’ll only focus on the legal ways to unlock a stolen iPhone.

What Does the Law Say About Stolen iPhones?

Unlock stolen iPhone 7It does not matter how you end up with a stolen iPhone; the law looks a stolen device a something taken away from its rightful owner. Therefore, iPhone owners who have their iPhones stolen often report it. The police might not offer much help, and they won’t launch a search inquiry to find your lost iPhone. However, other relevant authorities like mobile service providers can help in this case.

So, most iPhone users call up their cell service providers when they lose their iPhones to have the stolen iPhone blacklisted. Before that, most would have gone to the iCloud website and placed the device in Lost Mode.

Stolen or lost iPhones usually have an iCloud lock and the blacklist as well. It does help to know the iPhone’s particular lock state to help with the unlock process. Find the details with an iPhone IMEI status check.

Unlock Stolen iPhone 7 Bought from an E-Market

Perpahs you started out like I did and ended up buying that stolen iPhone from eBay, Amazon, or Craiglist. You paid for the iPhone and now have it in your hands, only that it is too late. It is an iPhone with an iCloud lock and might also be blacklisted. What can you do to unlock such an iPhone?

In every case, you need the original iPhone owner involved to help you unlock the iPhone.

Unlock stolen iPhone 7It is never that easy because often, the person who sold you the iPhone was not the original owner. Perhaps it was the original owner who sold you the iPhone, and they might have initiated an insurance claim which ended up blacklisting the iPhone.

First things first, try to contact the seller or look into refund options. It might be a long shot, but one of the two options could work out. Sites like Amazon and eBay have buyer protection options and depending on their sales/cash refund policy, you could ask for a refund.

If it all fails, you should reach out to Apple support and explain your situation. It works well as a way of giving a full disclosure about how you ended up with the stolen iPhone, and who knows, they might just help you out and unlock the iPhone (in the case of iCloud locked iPhones).

This post more or less summarizes how to unlock stolen iPhone 7. You can find more in-depth and useful information about unlocking iPhones from the How to Legally Unlock iCloud Ebook. I got much of this information from the Ebook, but it outlines a step by step guide on how to get the original owner’s contact details with templates on how to contact Apple and the carrier unlocking the iPhone for further help.

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