Unlock reported stolen iPhone or lost iPhone

Your problem is how to unlock reported stolen iPhone PERMANENTLY and FAST!

The problem started when you bought a second hand iPhone from an online or local store or even from some guy in the streets (a really bad choice) or somebody gave you a pre-owned iPhone as a present or you just found an iPhone but you can’t use it because it is blacklisted for being stolen.

I will show you the only way to Unlock reported stolen iPhone (or lost iPhone) and tell you everything about an iPhone’s Blacklist Status and what changes to iPhone Unlocking for Blacklisted iDevices!

The way to Unlock reported stolen iPhone

If you think that when an iPhone was reported as lost or stolen to a Mobile Network, it becomes useless and without iPhone unlocking options then you are wrong!

Because a Premium IMEI Unlock Service will Unlock reported stolen iPhone in an instance!

There is a good chance that you still won’t be able to use this iPhone inside your country (and I’ll explain why) but nothing and no one stops you from selling this ”now unlocked iPhone” to another country and make even 200 USD more (and of course cover the loss of your bad iPhone purchase)

But let’s see why the Premium IMEI Unlock Services manages to Unlock reported stolen iPhone!

Premium IMEI Unlock Method and Unlock reported stolen iPhone

Premium IMEI Unlock Service is a most sophisticated version Official IMEI Unlock Service. This is how it works:

You will need:

  1. The reported stolen iPhone’s IMEI number
  2. The reported stolen iPhone model
  3. The reported stolen iPhone’s Blacklist Status
  4. The Carrier that locked your iPhone

Then the Premium IMEI Unlock Service will track down your iPhone inside Apple’s GSX Databases and all Mobile Networks servers and instantly UNLOCK it.

Finally, you will sync your iPhone with iTunes and that’s it! ”Unlock reported stolen iPhone” process is complete

Your iPhone is unlocked permanently and now you can use any Carrier’s SIM cards worldwide (GSM Carriers), you can update or downgrade to any iOS version and use iTunes properly!

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Blacklist Status & unlock reported stolen iPhone

Now let me tell you why you might not be able to use your unlocked reported stolen iPhone inside your country!

A blacklisted iPhone can be unlocked but this doesn’t mean it will be unblacklisted. It can’t be unblacklisted!

The only service I know to unblacklist a blacklisted iPhone is for the T-Mobile USA Network. Visit iPhoneUnlock.Zone to get it. This service works 100% guaranteed

An iPhone gets blacklisted for various reasons and each one leads to a different iPhone Unlocking result:

  1. unlock reported stolen iphone-BlacklistAn iPhone gets Blacklisted when it is reported as Stolen or Lost to a Mobile Network:
    This is your situation but check this out! This iPhone cannot be used with any Carrier inside the country it was blacklisted and sometimes countries share their blacklists and this means that the iPhone will be also blacklisted to them. When you unlock reported stolen iPhone you will be able to use permanently any Carrier worldwide but the nothing can be done for the Carriers inside the country it was blacklisted (or even 1-2 countries more if this country’s blacklist is shared with them)
  2. An iPhone gets blacklisted when there are unpaid contract bills by the original owner:
    This case is also known as ”Greylisted” because when you unlock such an iPhone you will be able to use all Carriers worldwide, except the one that blacklisted the iPhone (unless the bills are paid)
  3. An iPhone gets blacklisted when it is involved in fraud activities: The outcome is the same like when you unlock reported stolen iPhone. The iPhone is unlocked to all GSM Mobile Networks worldwide, except the ones from the country it was blacklisted.
  4. An iPhone gets Worldwide Blacklisted when it is involved in a major crime or fraud: This iPhone is a lost cause. Nothing can be done with it!

So are you sure about the reason, your iPhone got blacklisted?

The safest iPhone Unlock provider to unlock reported stolen iPhone

UnlockUltrasnow is not selling services but always looks for the best iPhone Unlock Methods and iPhone Unlock providers to ensure that when a visitor chooses to follow our pieces of advice, the iPhone unlocking will be guaranteed!

This is why, I and the rest of the team, singled out and recommend iPhoneUnlock.Zone!

  • Their customer support is awesome. They will explain the exact situation you are in
  • If you are not sure about the four info requirements they will get you an IMEI Check Service (I believe the cost is 10 USD)
  • Most iPhones are unlocked in 1 or 2 days
  • You will pay with PayPal. So your Credit/Debit card accounts are safe
  • If they fail to unlock your iPhone, you will get a full refund (as long as you provided correct info and this is another reason why IMEI Check Service is so important)

The best thing about them is that you will know from the start, what is locking your iPhone, who is locking your iPhone and what your iPhone unlocking will get you. Simple, safe and fast!

You can also check out their 97% satisfied customer reviews on Sitejabber

Summary of ”Unlock reported stolen iPhone”

You must be sure about the exact condition of your iPhone. It might be blacklisted for a different reason than stolen or lost or even have other hidden issues that will make the iPhone unlock to fail.

So when you want to Unlock reported stolen iPhone this is the best way to do it:

Use a Premium IMEI Unlock Service from legitimate and trusted iPhone Unlock providers like iPhoneUnlock.Zone!

Their IMEI Check before they unlock your iPhone will uncover EVERYTHING about your iPhone’s condition and will also ensure that you will get your money back if they fail to unlock it (but I bet they won’t)

I am always waiting to help you with your iPhone Unlocking problems and questions. Just leave a comment below and I will take a look at your problem ASAP. Take care!

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