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Unlock My Phone” is one of the most popular searches online. The Locked Phones are everywhere. You can even buy them from Samsung, Apple or a Mobile Network store.

In those cases, things are very simple. You just need to ask or read the product description and you will instantly know if a phone is locked or not.

The issue is when a phone is being purchased by a third party (Like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc…) or from a random store. There is no way to know if a Phone is locked, and of course, we do not recommend believing whatever the seller claims (For instance, if he claims that a Phone is Unlocked).


Do I need to Unlock My iPhone? Check before taking action!

Unlock my phone iPhone AndroidThe first step is to be 100% sure of the Lock status of your phone. This can be easily done by switching a few SIM-Cards to your phone and see if you can normally make phonecalls (Or have at least network signal) – You can read more on to our “How to check if an iPhone is Unlocked” article.

The best would be to perform a SIM-Lock / Network / Carrier check before purchasing a phone, so you can determine upfront if it worths buying it or not.

As a rule of thumb, you can follow the next tips after doing a SIM-Lock / Network / Carrier Check:

  • Locked Phone: If the results show that this phone is SIM-locked:
    • If you are planning to use this phone with that Carrier, then you can go ahead and purchase it
    • If you want to use this device with a different carrier, avoid purchasing it (Unless you want to Unlock this Phone)
  • Unlocked Phone: If the results show that this is a SIM-Lock FREE phone
    • This phone is ready to accept ANY SIM-Card and operate without any problems
    • Make sure that there are not any other hidden issues (Like Blacklisted or iCloud locks [for iPhones])


Unlock My iPhone – What you should pay attention to?

Unlock my phone full imei reportEven though the SIM / Network / Carrier lock is a very important value, there are other things that you NEED to know, in order to determine if a phone can be fully used by any mobile network.

There are a couple of things you also need to check (All those are included to an IMEI Phone Check):

  1. Is the Phone Under Contract?
  2. Is the Phone reported as Lost or Stolen by a Carrier?
  3. Does the Phone has a Warranty?
  4. Are there any other locks, such as Activation Lock or iCloud Lock?


Under Contract Phone:

When a Phone is under contract the owner of that phone has the option to report it as Lost or Stolen to its Lock Carrier (Or to the carrier in which this device got activated). This is very dangerous, especially when you purchased this phone from a non-legitimate online store. In a large number of cases, the Under Contract phones also have Unpaid Contract bills, which is also a large issue!

Is the Phone Reported as Lost/Stolen?

When a Phone is reported as Lost or Stolen (Even with Fraud activities), it is not allowed to operate inside the country (And on some cases to countries near the Blacklist country) that it got blacklisted. The Blacklist status can only get removed by the Original Owner of that phone (And some networks from some specific Unblacklist services). Avoid purchasing Blacklisted Phones at all costs!

Is the phone under warranty?

Most people believe that if a phone is under warranty is a good thing, but this is not always true. There are some “special” warranty packages, which allow you to report your phone as Lost/Stolen and then request a new device from your carrier. This is a very common scam to online stores, so checking the warranty of a phone is also a very crucial thing!

Other “weird” locks there?

Unfortunately yes! For Apple devices, there are some locks, which are called iCloud Locks and for Android devices the Activation locks. Those locks can only be removed by the Original Owner of that device, there are no services that can do that (Hacks, Software or other tools). A full IMEI Check will show you if there are any other weird locks to your phone.


How to Unlock My Phone

Below you can see our suggestion for Unlocking your phone legally:

  1. Do a full Phone IMEI Check
  2. Identify in which Mobile Network your phone is locked to
  3. Verify that this phone is not Blacklisted, not Under contract, not under warranty, does not have Unpaid Bills and it does not have an iCloud or other Activation Lock
  4. Prepare a document with all those reports and create an Official/Formal SIM-Lock removal request
  5. Send to the appropriate department your SIM-Lock removal request and wait for their response

Unfortunately, all those steps need to be followed.

Let us know in which network your phone is locked to and what process you followed in order to unlock your Phone.

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