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If you bought a used iPhone (pre-owned or second hand) and for whatever reason, it doesn’t work, you may already have noticed it is locked. Surely, you are wondering now what the problem is and even searching on the Internet how to unlock iPhone. Whatever the reason is, you want to have all the information about your phone, more data to reveal if there is a hidden problem about this device. Don’t worry! You can always unlock iPhone safely.



What is UnlockSpector?


unlock iphone, how to unlock my iphone, imei unlock, imei checkUnlockSpector is a unique iPhone checker and unlock service that has access to multiple data bases around the world. It is more than just an IMEI checker. They perform a full check of your iPhone remotely so there is no need to send the device anywhere. All you need to do is to get the IMEI number from your iPhone.


UnlockSpector is able to get information about your iPhone from Apple, carriers and blacklist data bases with just your IMEI code number. So, they get the information about the status of your phone and then an iPhone expert, who is assigned automatically to you, will analyze the results to give recommendations or suggestions on what you need to do to unlock iPhone.


It is possible that your iPhone may be unlocked for free but you need to know which carrier is locking the phone and the country where the lock was made. UnlockSpector makes it easy for you.


How does UnlockSpector unlock iPhone?


unlock iphone, how to unlock my iphone, imei unlock, imei check


UnlockSpector does a semi-automated check which is performed by an expert who gets the information to reveal any lock policy from a carrier and also check if that iPhone can be unlocked directly by the carrier for free. Normally, getting in contact with the carrier is a tedious task and also a waste of time but UnlockSpector does it quickly and comfortable for you.


UnlockSpector negotiates with the carrier to unlock iPhone for free. They check if there is a free carrier authorized unlocked available. If not, UnlockSpector performs a check from a pool of entrusted iPhone unlock providers to ensure the best price for you. After finding the best offer, they connect you with one of these providers so you can unlock iPhone safely.


UnlockSpector providers are guaranteed so that you won’t fail in the unlock process.


What are the benefits of UnlockSpector?

unlock iphone, how to unlock my iphone, imei unlock, imei check


If you are not 100% sure about the reason of your iPhone lock, there is a good chance that an unlock provider will deny the unlock and you may lose your money due to a wrong service. Other services don’t have refund policies. That is where UnlockSpector makes a difference. They provide a solution for sure. If not the case, they will get you a full refund.




UnlockSpector reviews all the problems that could prevent you from using your iPhone so you don’t waste your money. UnlockSpector ensures that your device is fully checked so you can make a quick and smart decision on what to do next.


unlock iphone, how to unlock my iphone, imei unlock, imei check


Also, UnlockSpector is very responsive. You will get your email report within 5-10 minutes after request giving details about the cause of the problem either if the phone is working or not. In case the phone is working well, UnlockSpector gives a certificate that the iPhone has no issues: no carrier lock, no iCloud lock, no blacklisted, not involved in any fraud.


unlock iphone, how to unlock my iphone, imei unlock, imei checkUnlockSpector customer support team has dedicated iPhone experts, available 24/7. Moreover, a support ticket system has been developed to send a quick response to customers about any doubts they may have.


Reports are a good resource because you will get a proof that the phone has no issues so that increases the value of the iPhone in case you want to sell it to get a profit of it. Because of this, people make sure to get an IMEI check before buying an iPhone nowadays.


Another benefit of UnlockSpector is that you will get a second report for free after unlocking your iPhone, that certifies that your phone is completely unlocked and without any issues.



Summarizing, these are the benefits of using UnlockSpector:

  • Easy to use.

  • Safety in the process.

  • Money saving.unlock iphone, how to unlock my iphone, imei unlock, imei check

  • Management by iPhone experts.

  • 24/7 availability.

  • Guaranteed success.

  • Full detailed reports.

  • Double free reports.

  • Refunds are available.


What is the goal of UnlockSpector?


unlock iphone, how to unlock my iphone, imei unlock, imei checkThe goal of UnlockSpector is that every customer gets a fully activated unlocked device, certificated for further actions. So, if you are looking for a reliable and trustful verified unlocking solution, UnlockSpector is the answer.


Getting a cheap, second-hand iPhone is great but having it functioning fully is even better. Try this good option we recommend and get all the experience of a new phone in your not-so-new iPhone with UnlockSpector.




Get your iPhone IMEI check now 



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  1. Kate mvo says:

    Hello, just have a query. Please I have an iPhone 5s I bought second hand and is icloud locked in Cameroon. My friend in the USA paid for the unlock two weeks ago but the phone is still icloud lock.. wish to know what we have to do to get it unlock remotely though. Thanks.

    1. Adriana ( User Karma: 10 ) says:

      I forgot to share this ebook in the previous comment. If you get trouble trying to unlock your iPhone with iCloud lock, the ebook will help you find the answer. The good thing about the ebook is that all the alternatives to unlock the iPhone are legal! So you can feel safe. Just follow the steps and you will achieve your goal easily. The thing is to get your iPhone completely unlocked, doesn’t it?
      Good luck Kate 😉

    2. Adriana ( User Karma: 10 ) says:

      Hi Kate!
      As for iCloud lock, it would be great if you could found the previous owner of that iPhone
      Can you find that person?
      – If the seller is the real owner, you can ask him/her the password from his Apple ID.
      – If he is not the owner, ask him if he can find the owner he took the iPhone from in order to get the password.

      iCloud lock is a difficult lock to undo. That is why it is recommended to fully check the IMEI number of the device with an IMEI check to avoid further problems.

      If you have more questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me. I am here to help you as much as I can.

      Best regards 🙂

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