Unlock iPhone 6+, 6s, 7, & 7+ – Why You Need a Check IMEI Service

check IMEI serviceAre you wondering why you need a check IMEI service, and how it helps get your iPhone unlocked?

Keep reading and you will be convinced that a Check IMEI service is a MUST!

iPhone 6 and 7 still sell at steep prices, but let’s not even talk about the price of the newly launched iPhone 8 and the upcoming iPhone X.

Getting an iPhone from a cell service provider offers the perfect solution to affordable iPhone ownership. Many iPhone owners ended up owning their devices this way. It still comes at a price to pay, because you end up locked onto that particular carrier’s network.

It gets to that time when you want to switch carriers or sell your iPhone and trade up to the new iPhone 8/X. Getting an IMEI unlock works as the recommended safe and sure bet to unlock iPhone 6+, 6s, 7, & 7+.

If you want to skip right on to the unlock process; get our comprehensive iPhone unlock guide on How to Solve iPhone Carrier Lock Issues.

Why Get a Carrier-Locked iPhone 6+, 6s, 7, & 7+ and a Check IMEI Service?

check IMEI service is essential for a Carrier Locked iPhoneEveryone knows that Apple products, the iPhone to be precise, are amongst the most coveted tech devices. Most iPhone users end up opting for network locked iPhones, which essentially means that they can only use the device with service from a particular carrier.

The main reasons why anyone would go for the carrier-locked iPhone is affordable iPhone ownership. Under network provider plans, you pay for the iPhone in installments throughout the contract term. Contract term usually 18 months to two years.

The contract stays in place to ensure that the carrier recoups back the device cost. A monthly payment made by the iPhone owners caters for the device payment. It works as a comfortable solution for most people because it means getting an iPhone affordably.

The carrier places a SIM lock to the device, to make sure that the iPhone owner upholds the contract terms. It means that the iPhone user can only use the iPhone with a SIM card issued by that particular network provider.

Some come with a cell service plan with talk time and data included.

The Caveats of Owning a Carrier Locked iPhone – Stay ahead with a Check IMEI service

check IMEI service for Warranty, Contract and Blacklist statusSubstandard cell service comes with such packages if it does come with the plan. Some carriers do not include cell service costs, and the iPhone owner has to pay additional fees for these services.

Most iPhone users with carrier-locked devices complain about poor network reception and frustrating experiences with the provider’s support staff. Frequent travelers also have qualms about the ridiculously high roaming charges some of these providers impose.

The network provider can choose to change costs at will and deliver poor service. The network locked iPhone user always ends up on the losing end of the deal.

It doesn’t have to be the case, and unlocking your iPhone 6+, 6s, 7, or 7+ is the solution.

Why you Want to Carrier Unlock an iPhone

Carrier Unlock your iPhone after a check IMEI serviceUnlocking a carrier locked iPhone just means removing the network restriction from it. An unlocked iPhone gives the freedom to use it with your preferred cell service provider and essentially restores the freedom of use back in your hands.

Frequent travelers always complain about accessing decent cell service from some network providers. The problem can happen even within the same geographical location. An unlocked iPhone solves the problem giving you the ability to own multiple SIMs and switch between them as desired.

 An unlocked iPhone also helps to reduce and even forego roaming costs. You can use local SIMs with unlocked iPhones when traveling to international destinations.

Lastly, SIM unlocked iPhones hold a higher resale value compared to carrier locked devices. When you are ready to make the sale, you can sell your unlocked iPhone online to users in virtually any part of the globe. Find out more about why you need an unlocked iPhone.

How Can You Get your iPhone 6+, 6s, 7, & 7+ Unlocked?

There are four typical iPhone unlock methods, and you undoubtedly you want to use only the best method.

Method #1 iPhone Software Unlock Process

The software unlock process is amongst the oldest iPhone unlock process used since people started unlocking the 2G. The process involves jailbreaking the iPhone to gain root access to the iOS and change its configurations. It is often a popular method for unlocking older iPhone models including the 2G all the way up to the 4 (With up to iOS 4 version).

It’s a dangerous process for regular iPhone users to attempt. Unfortunately, the software messes up with the iOS and also voids the iPhone’s warranty. Also, you end up paying upwards of $200 for something that does not work. It is better to check the IMEI number of your old iPhone, find the network that locked it and then proceed with the iPhone unlock guide from the How to Solve iPhone Carrier Lock Issues Ebook.

Method #2 iPhone Hardware Unlock Process

check IMEI service instead of a hardware unlock methodOn the plus side, the iPhone hardware unlock process does not use jailbreaking procedures. The process makes use of a special card made for the particular purpose. The card goes into the iPhone alongside a carrier SIM. iPhone hardware unlock processes contribute to the highest rate of iPhone SIM tray damage. The process could end up with both cards stuck inside the iPhone.

Hardware carrier unlock methods have a high rate of failure, and they can mess up the iPhone’s hardware in the process. You also end up paying as much as $300 for the process.

Method #3 iPhone Carrier Unlock Process (Check IMEI Service needed)

Asking for help from the carrier is the natural choice to unlock a SIM-locked iPhone. However, you can only access the carrier unlock services if the iPhone is paid up and if you are the original iPhone owner. If the iPhone is still under contract, you may have to pay an Early Termination Fee for the services.

Use a check IMEI service - Not a Software or Hardware methodThe carrier unlock process starts with placing an official unlock request with the carrier through email or as outlined on their website. Apple needs to receive the unlock request and add the iPhone’s IMEI to their unlock database. The process uses iTunes to unlock an iPhone after getting approval from the carrier.

Method #4 iPhone IMEI Unlock Process (Check IMEI Service needed)

The IMEI unlock process is the only efficient and foolproof way to unlock your iPhone. It works in hand with Apple’s GSX servers to safely remove the iPhone’s IMEI from the locked list and transfer it to the unlocked list. The process is safe, legal, and the most permanent way to get your iPhone unlocked.

To get the ball rolling and unlock your iPhone, start with an iPhone IMEI check service.

What is an IMEI Check

An IMEI check process analyses your iPhone’s complete status. It looks into the iPhone’s network lock, iCloud lock, blacklist status, insurance, and warranty status. If it is carrier locked, the report also reveals the carrier that has locked the iPhone.

check IMEI service through UnlockSpector
Check IMEI Service Report

In the case of blacklisted iPhones, the check also shows the carrier that placed the iPhone on a blacklist status. Some of the other relevant information that an IMEI check reveals include the iPhone’s serial number and whether or not it is the original serial number. The IMEI check report also indicates whether the iPhone is eligible for carrier unlock services.

Why You Need a Check IMEI Service

The reason why you want to get an IMEI check for your iPhone is to know its full status. In addition to the carrier lock, an iPhone may feature other lock states that you need to know. Even if the iPhone does not have any other lock situations, the check can reveal the iPhone’s future blacklist potential.

For instance, you buy a network locked iPhone online and do not mind using it with that particular service provider. What you do not know is that the iPhone might still be under contract and if the original iPhone owner doesn’t keep making its payments, it could end up blacklisted.

An iPhone under insurance also comes with the risk of getting blacklisted. It can happen if the original iPhone owner successfully initiates an insurance claim.

The IMEI Unlock Process Using a Check IMEI Service

You want to get an IMEI check from a reputable and reliable Check IMEI service such as UnlockSpector. The reason why the service has high sitejabber ratings is that they offer guidance through the unlock process and do not hide any information from you.

IMEI check service full status report
UnlockSpector.com – Check IMEI Service

To get your iPhone carrier unlocked the IMEI way, you will need the following:

  • Full details with regards to the particular iPhone lock status. You can start with a status check through a site like UnlockSpector.
  • Details about the network service provider that locked the iPhone.
  • Information about the iPhone’s blacklist, lost and stolen status. Also, if the iPhone is still under contract or it is fully paid up.
  • The iPhone’s IMEI number or if the IMEI has got replaced its Serial Replacement number.
  • iCloud Lock Status
  • Warranty Check – if the iPhone is still under warranty

You receive a full PDF report with recommendations on the best IMEI unlock provider that can get your iPhone carrier unlocked.

If you want to understand more about IMEI check services and get your iPhone carrier unlocked, get our Ebook How to Solve iPhone Carrier Lock Issues.

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